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Eighteen new castaways brave the African jungle to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other for
$1 million. Eighteen castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Eric Pierce, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons, Doug McCallie
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Origin: Wonga-Wongue Presidential Reserve, Estuaire, Gabon, Africa
Airs: Thursdays at 8pm ET on CBS

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This Camp Is Cursed!
October 16

Last time in Gabon, the tribes were both attacked and ON the attack.... against each other. Fang returned to its losing ways shortly before a tribal switch, sending Sugar back into exile. Fang lost the immunity challenge, and voted out one of their strongest, Jacquie.

Night 12: You ARE the Weakest Link... Hello.

The tribe knows that Sugar will be here soon to replace Jacquie. Ace is sitting a little high and dry after Jacquie's ouster, as he hopes with Sugar's support to pull off a coup de grace with the assistance of her Idol.

Meanwhile, Sugar returns to camp to see Ace... and Kelly. Awkward. She calls exile "The Sugar Shack" now. Crystal notes that she had plenty of time to look for the Idol, and there is no doubt in her mind that she's got it.

Day 13: Food!

Kota starts the day off with the breakfast of champions... Electric fish. That is thoroughly electric. Dan, Randy, and Susie call the new Kota tribe unbelievable, with fish, beans, and corn. They are wary, though, because they believe that if they had to vote someone off right now, it would be the old Fangs.

Speaking of the old Fangs... the tribe stumbles upon a wayward elephant. Said elephant can be seen feasting on its staple diet of green leaves and branches. Ace thinks he's lifting up stuff so he can throw it, but really and truly all he wants is a bite to eat. Surely you guys can relate.

Meanwhile, a few Fang head out into the kayak for a better look at their new elephant overlords. And like anyone else put into that sort of situation, Mr. Elephant lets his feelings known with a loud blare. The folks are appreciative to get out of the game for a moment and experience their surround.

R-CHALLENGE: A Challenge From a Show on Another Station (for an herb garden, salt, and oil)

Each tribe will toss fruit through holes in two walls. Members of the other tribe will whack that fruit out of the air, or at least attempt to while the tribe attempts to catch it. The tribe that collects the most fruit in the end of five minutes by weight will win reward.

As a bonus, the winning team keep whatever fruit they can catch.

Fang puts Crystal and Ace on D, while Kota counters with Bob and Charlie.

Lots of rejections on the front wall as Ace helps Fang to an early lead by denying Kota anything. Their strategy, smaller is better, seems to be working. Kota is making a comeback by tossing two at once, but which one will seal the deal?

Fang weighs in at 16 pounds of fruit. Kota has... 18! Kota wins! They send Sugar back for a THIRD time. "Purely comedy. If she has the Idol, she has to play it by the merge."

Meanwhile, it's a party at Kota, aka the Evil Empire, as the rich gets richer. Dan thinks about the merge and about votes. In order to survive, votes have to be unanimous. The next immunity challenge has to be the most important of the game. Marcus notes that no one is buying Dan's newfound loyalty. On the other hand, Susie lays low and keeps quiet.

And Randy takes a dive off the pier. His plan: keep winning and not worry about votes just yet.

Over at Exile, Sugar takes some more sugar (a pineapple, a mango, and a banana) over the chance at maybe finding ANOTHER idol. Talk about comedy.

And it seems that Fang may have the last laugh, as once they finish with plain white rice, GC can't stop whining about how annoying his tribemates are. Is he truly annoyed? Does he want to go home? Ace calls this "brilliant." "These people are going to implode. I'm just going to sit back and watch." GC says that this game is changing time, and not for the better.

Day 15: MAIL!

"The gravity of the situation
is you really need to score.
At least prevent the other tribe,
Or tonight, you'll lose one more."

Matty says this tribe is floating all over the place. Meanwhile, GC takes a boat out to the water, not to appease to the elephant overlords, but to escape his team. The tribe has to leave without him, while Ace and Crystal note that the tribe is using valuable energy they could be using at the challenge to look for GC.

Ultimately, GC arrives in time for...

I-CHALLENGE: Survivor Plinko

Throw a ball down a cliff while a blindfolded member of the other tribe tries to block it with the aid of a caller. Goals represent different point values. So in that respect, it's like a Survivor version of Plinko. Tribe with the most points at the end of five rounds wins.

Ace & Sugar defend for Fang. Dan & Randy defend for Kota.

Round 1: Kota scores 2. Fang scores 5.

Round 2: Kota scores 2. Fang is stopped. Ace is embarrassed. Sugar is... umm.. stumped.

Round 3: Fang scores 2. Dan stops his own ball.

Round 4: Kota scores 2 to bring it within one. Ace takes a shield to his face. Fang leads, 7-6.

Round 5: Dan stops Fang! Randy does his best Sugar impersonation and makes Ace look like a deuce. Fang wins, 8-7.

Back at camp, the elephants are not pleased. It'll be the fourth Tribal for the Fang. GC says he's ready to leave the game. Matty says he's going to regret making such a decision. "You ask to leave the game, and people pounce on that." Crystal is hearing none of it. "If you want to go, go." Crystal has no respect for quitters. He wants to go home, let it be.

The word spreads across camp as Ace and Sugar just watch the camp go to a shambles. Meanwhile, Matty brings up what happens if Sugar DOES have the Idol. Crystal's keen eye takes a look and... Boom. Found it. Tonight is the only night to blindside her into using the Idol. No one wants to keep GC here longer, BUT everyone is scared of that Idol.

What to do, what to do, what to do...

Night 15: Tribal...

Ace notices the wear and tear on the tribal beltloops after 18 days (namely GC). GC is wondering what's more important to you. Sugar hears GC talk about a home and thinks that he wants to go home soon. Like tonight. Like now. "I'm kinda done suffering. I definitely feel like it's hard." Sugar says that we all feel this way. Matty says that there's no quitting. You can't give yourself that option. Sugar doesn't have a chance to know anyone, due to her being in exile more than anyone. Kenny's sure that Sugar might have found something out there. Sugar isn't asked if she has the Idol. She doesn't know if her belongings have been messed with, a move Crystal calls crazy.

Sugar: "G-SEE (with love)" - "I'm only voting for you because you want to go home, and I'm really sorry, because I think you're a cool person."

GC: KELLY - "I have to vote for somebody."

And the tally is...

Crystal: GC
Ken: GC
Matty: GC
Ace: GC
Kelly: GC

... and the foregone conclusion... With a vote of 6-1, GC, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.