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INXS is looking for a new lead singer, and they have 15 rockers who just might do the trick.

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Brooke Burke & Dave Navarro
Judges: Andrew Farriss, Kirk Pengilly, Jon Farriss, Tim Farris, Garry Beers
Creators: Mark Burnett, David Goffin
EP: Mark Burnett, David Goffin, Lisa Hennessy, David Edwards, Michael Murchison
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions
Airs: Mondays at 9:30p and Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 9pm ET on CBS

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"Week Four": August 1-3, 2005

It's down to ten, as we continue the search for the next lead singer of INXS. And as you can tell by the drum beat in the background, we're getting started right away with "We Will Rock You". Here's Mig Ayesa!

What they say: Dave felt like he saw a rock show as Mig interacted with house guitarist Rafael Moreira. Tim says that after what JD did last week with "We Are The Champions," this was welcome by Brian May and the rest of the mates in Queen.

What we say: A good start to the show. Mig was right on.

Last week, the band asked the next singer to just trust her voice. But after a bad vocal coaching, can she trust it enough to carry her this week? Singing "I'm The Only One", here's Deanna Johnston with her sister here.

What they say: Dave finally saw Deanna. Garry said "Welcome back to the party." Andrew was blown away, as she chose a moment and nailed it. Kirk warns her to watch her timing.

What we say: Breathing problems and pitch problems. It just plagued an otherwise alright performance. And with obvious overcomp issues, I don't think Deanna's that safe this week.

Last week, the next singer got an encore and a visit from his sister. This week, he slows things down with "With Arms Wide Open". Here's Marty Casey.

What they say: Dave calls it the best he's ever heard that song done. Tim calls him blossoming. Jon watches him grow from strength to strength.

What we say: I thought that I never liked this song. Well, it turns out that I just never liked Creed. I did like what Marty did with the song, but I think it could've been better. Or maybe it's just his voice.

Last week, a great singer meets a great song. Can we have a fifth-straight knockout performance? We'll see as Ty Taylor is back in the spiked Mohawk with "Everlong".

What they say: Dave thought pitch was a little off. Kirk wanted to take the key up a notch. Garry thought it was incredible.

What we say: This is the first time I saw Ty off-kilter. I mean, he was off pitch on the chorus. And it seemed like at times he was screeching the song rather than singing it. Not one of Ty's best. But still manageable.

Next singer was in the crosshairs ever since she started, but she's hoping with a killer outfit and an even killer song in "Blister in the Sun" that she may yet endure. Let's hope. Here's Jessica Robinson.

What they say: Dave think she did a really good job at working the crowd. "In the future, I'd like to see a little more Jessica." Jessica's response: "That was kinda it." Garry calls it pretty good. Tim hopes she won't sing an INXS song tomorrow night.

What we say: This is more in Jessica's range than previous attempts. You can tell that she's actually enjoying it for once. I say "Jessica... welcome back."

Brandon Calhoon was also in the danger zone last week, and Kirk was hoping that the vocals clinic helped him out. We're treated to "If You Could Only See".

What they say: Dave thought the performance was great. Kirk says that he got something from the vocal clinic. Garry thought he was right in the pocket with the band.

What we say: Slight pitch problem to start, and what's up with the instant death? That's showmanship right there. I think Brandon really benefited, but not enough to avoid the bottom, as he ends on a pitchy note... literally.

If there anything that Jordis Unga can't sing? She goes after Bowie tonight with "The Man Who Sold the World", the song she says reminded her of her friend.

What they say: Dave thought it was one of the best vocals he ever saw. Tim called it powerful. Garry's goosebumps have goosebumps. Andrew thought, "Truly moving."

What we say: Pure emotion. I can tell she wanted to cry up there, and you know what, that's her. And that works.

From a solid performer to a rollercoaster ride. We've got "The Letter" from JD Fortune.

What they say: Dave calls it his best performance yet. "I'd watch you for two hours." Kirk would've paid to see that performance. Garry agrees.

What we say: I think JD bounced back from last week's debacle. That was a spot-on performance.  And the seizures on stage? Perfect. Only on this show are seizures perfect. Heh.

After a shaky start, Tara Sloan now has something to prove, and she hopes to do it with "Message in a Bottle".

What they say: Dave thought it was a much better song to her voice. Garry asks if Tara likes doing covers. "I feel like it's a home for me," she says.

What we say: Not... suited... to ... her... voice.

One more, and then you vote. Here's "Get Back" with someone who hasn't just yet, Suzie McNeil!

What they say: Dave simply says "What a great show tonight." Dave thought it was pretty cool to let the band do their thing, and is pleased to see that she didn't destroy it. Tim called it a joy to watch, while Kirk said she looked relaxed. Jon called it really cool.

What we say: It seemed like she was holding back a little to start, but as she progressed, but she let loose into one of her better interactions with the house band, and it made the performance that much more of a pleasure to watch. But that's what we think. Here's a brief synop...

ROCK STARS: Mig, Jordis, JD, Suzie
ROCK SOLID: Marty, Ty, Jessica
ROCK BOTTOM: Deanna, Brandon, Tara

That's what we think, but what do the viewers think? Here... are the results.


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