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INXS is looking for a new lead singer, and they have 15 rockers who just might do the trick.

Recaps by Chico Alexander & Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Brooke Burke & Dave Navarro
Judges: Andrew Farriss, Kirk Pengilly, Jon Farriss, Tim Farris, Garry Beers
Creators: Mark Burnett, David Goffin
EP: Mark Burnett, David Goffin, Lisa Hennessy, David Edwards, Michael Murchison
Packager: Mark Burnett Productions
Airs: Mondays at 9:30p and Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 9pm ET on CBS

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"Week Three": July 25-27, 2005

Last week, the rockers got a taste of style, and Neal got a taste of failure. And JD got more than his fair share of back biting once his comments went to air. What'll happen this week?

Heather calls Neal the heart of the group, saying that he will be missed. Ty also mourns his loss "To see a true rocker go, it's like anyone can go." Jessica, who was also teetering on danger's edge, finds it unfair that he's gone. Meanwhile, we relive JD's comment. Brandon says that they have to live with it, telling JD that he will not be belittled.

That night, the phone rings. It's MiG's phone... It's MiG's girlfriend from London. "If anything were to happen the Cindy while I was here, I don't know how I could live with that." Awww...

Next day, next clinic. Today's lesson: stagecraft. Tim and Jon play a couple of performances from last week. Brandon is in a musical safe zone, but on stage, he's an animal. Tara watches herself go from country queen to sex diva. Tim would encourage talking to the audience, as Jon points out that INXS never rehearsed. JD's advice: not be cocky. Ty's advice: be more normal. I mean, if you ever saw Ty on stage, you know he's a freak. Not natural. Ty believes he can show them what they're missing.

Then comes song selection. JD points out that he's only had knowledge of that fact that the cabinet was open for half an hour and that he has no idea what songs are going to be posted. The songs that JD didn't know about include "We Are The Champions", "Lola", and "Tempted" (a beautiful song, Brandon says). JD picks the huge song, "We Are the Champions". "The whole essence of what we're doing here."

Jordis gets pulled aside by JD, who tells her what he told us. She basically says "Whatever". "On the other hand, to do an upbeat song would be something out of the box for me," Jordis says. If you remember, she did Hoobastank last week

Meanwhile, JD practices... and practices.... and practices... and throws in the towel. To Jordis: "Wanna switch?" She tries to convince him that he has it. Although he's still got second thoughts ("It might be slitting my own throat.")

Practice session, and Brandon wails on "Tempted" (Squeeze). I can't believe he doesn't know the words for it. "It was rough." Paul Murkovich (the house band leader) is worried that he's not singing melody. HE eventually gets it less nasal, but I don't think it's enough to bail his butt out of the fire.

Ty sings "Everybody Hurts" (REM), which is more melody driven than what he's used to. "I feel like I've got to step up my game. Some people will take more risks."

Mig tools around with "Lola" (The Kinks) with a mouth drum. Suzie gets "Superstition" (Stevie Wonder). Jordis gives us "Gimme Some Lovin'" (Spencer Davis Group) with a call-response. Jessica goes with "Because the Night" (Patti Smith & Bruce Springsteen). JD... is stuck with "We Are the Champions" (Queen), but he'll make it work for him. He's determined to. Unfortunately, the band isn't having it. Paul calls JD's arrangement "awful." "He doesn't think he can sing it like the original. He could be out this week."

But will he be? Only one way to find out. It's SHOWTIME!


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