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Strangers compete as teammates as they go for untold, unlimited riches, but if they want the money... they have to beat the List!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Fred Roggin
Creator Jim Cannon
Andy Culpin
Sam Pollard
David Young
(based upon "The Rich List/Who Dares Wins")
EP David Young
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Andy Culpin
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Entry 9
August 15

Last time on the Money List, we had two shutouts, one by outgoing champs Alisha & Courtney, and another by dethroned champs Autum & Christopher. Now David Vest and Karen Steinbach have to redeem themselves and avoid being the THIRD team in a row to leave with nothing in this, the season 1 finale.
Ben Luster
retired US Marine

Lorelle Brownlee
college graduate, hopes to go to med school

Karen Steinbach
energy scheduler

David Vest
planner & scheduler


Round 1: WHITNEY HOUSTON'S BILLBOARD US TOP 40 HITS - INCLUDING COLLABORATIONS; as of June 2008. Standard musical artist spiel applies. We're also looking for an exact title.

Ben loves game shows and hopes his partner has common sense. Lorelle is in a heavy metal band who wrote a song about ninjas. They go with seven first. Karen & David go one more with eight. Ben & Lorelle... go to nine. The champs say... take it.

1) I Will Always Love You - CORRECT
2) I Have Nothing If I Don't Have You- NOT ACCEPTABLE! The correct title was "I Have Nothing" (David & Karen lead, 1-0).

Round 2: COMMERCIAL AIRLINES THAT FLY IN AND OUT OF CHICAGO'S O'HARE AIRPORT according to the airport's official website,, as of June 2008.

David & Karen start the bid at five. Ben & Lorelle bump it up to 12. David & Karen... say it's time to play the list.

1) American Airlines - CORRECT
2) Northwest Airlines - CORRECT
3) Continental Airlines - CORRECT
4) Delta Air Lines - CORRECT
5) Aer Lingus - CORRECT
6) Korean Air - CORRECT
7) All Nippon - CORRECT
8) Japan Airlines - CORRECT
9) China Airlines - ... INCORRECT! (David & Karen win, 2-0)

The Money List: TIME MAGAZINE'S "PERSON OF THE YEAR" RECIPIENTS, 1927-2007 according to Time Magazine's website.

1) Osama bin Laden - ... YOU BIG SUCKJOB.

But they have two games under their belt at least and they face another team...

Gary McCullers

Debbie Bernfield

Karen Steinbach
energy scheduler

David Vest
planner & scheduler

CHALLENGERS $0, two games

Round 1: AMERICAN IDOL FINALISTS 2002-2008; we're looking for anyone who made it to the finals of the first seven seasons, according to

Gary's motto: "I'll try anything once and the fun things twice." Debbie has run the New York Marathon... five times. They start the bidding at eight. The champs counter with nine. The challengers... give them the list.David & Karen have got to name nine of the "Idol" alumni.

1) Jordin Sparks - CORRECT
2) Carrie Underwood - CORRECT
3) Kelly Clarkson - CORRECT
4) Fantasia - CORRECT
5) Ruben Studdard - CORRECT
6) Bo Bice - CORRECT
7) Clay Aiken - CORRECT
8) Justin Guarini - CORRECT
9) David Archuleta - This is for round 1.... CORRECT! (David & Karen lead, 1-0)

(C-Note: I'm surprised no one said Sanjaya!)

Round 2: STATES OF THE USA WITH AN OCEAN COASTLINE according to the Encyclopedia Britannica Online.

David & Karen start the bid at eight. Gary & Debbie... "Is that all?" They go with 20. The champs think that there are only 20... maybe 21. They go with... 21. Gary & Debbie... go to 23. Theirs.

1) Hawaii - CORRECT
2) Alaska - CORRECT
3) Washington - CORRECT
4) Oregon - CORRECT
5) California - CORRECT
6) Texas - CORRECT
7) Louisiana - CORRECT
8) Mississippi - CORRECT
9) Alabama - CORRECT
10) Florida - CORRECT
11) Georgia - CORRECT
12) South Carolina - CORRECT
13) North Carolina - CORRECT
14) Virginia - CORRECT
15) Delaware - CORRECT
16) Maryland - CORRECT
17) New Jersey - CORRECT
18) New York - CORRECT
19) Connecticut - CORRECT
20) Rhode Island - CORRECT
21) Massachusetts - CORRECT
22) New Hampshire - CORRECT
23) Maine - This should be all of them.... SWEEP! (Tie game!)

Round 3: MUSICALS COMPOSED BY ANDREW LLOYD-WEBBER according to Andrew Lloyd Webber's official website as of July 2008. Remember, we're looking for written works, not just directed ones.

Gary & Debbie: Cats - CORRECT
David & Karen: Phantom of the Opera - CORRECT
Gary & Debbie: Evita - CORRECT
David & Karen: Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - CORRECT
Gary & Debbie: Starlight Express - CORRECT
David & Karen: Sunset Boulevard - CORRECT
Gary & Debbie: The Lion King - INCORRECT
David & Karen: Jesus Christ Superstar - CORRECT! (David & Karen win, 2-1)

And David & Karen will hope that third time's a charm as we play, for the last time this season...

The Money List: WILL SMITH MOVIES according to IMDB as of July 2008. Standard actor spiel applies.

1) Hitch - CORRECT
2) Independence Day - CORRECT
3) I Am Legend - For $5000.... CORRECT!

1) Men In Black - CORRECT
2) Ali - CORRECT
3) Wild Wild West - For $10,000... CORRECT!

And they're not going to chance it. They take the $10,000! Will they face new challengers? That's for GSN to decide. All I will say is stranger things have happened.

Thanks for watching and thanks for reading!

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