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Strangers compete as teammates as they go for untold, unlimited riches, but if they want the money... they have to beat the List!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Fred Roggin
Creator Jim Cannon, Andy Culpin, Sam Pollard, David Young (based upon "The Rich List/Who Dares Wins")
EP David Young, Mike Beale, Andy Culpin
Packager 12-yard for GSN
Origins London, England
Airs 9:30p Sat, GSN

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Entry 1
June 13

Rewind some three years ago as Fox commissioned a British format so new, it didn't air in the UK yet before its premiere stateside. "The Rich List" was to be its Deal or No Deal killer, combining a fierce competition with a tension-filled end game where someone could go for a top prize so big... there wasn't any.

It lasted ONE episode.

Since then, it seems that 12 yard, the creators of "The Rich List", have had time to do their homework on how to make it more compelling as a show and a game. This is the end result...

Welcome... to THE MONEY LIST!

The object of the show is the same... There's no limit to how much you can win, and there's no limit to how many games you can play, because on "The Money List", as long as you keep winning, you keep earning, up to $50,000 every game.

But first, you have to earn the right to play the Money List, so let's meet our first two teams...

Spencer McKinney
MBA student

Judith Flanagan

Scott Seidler
graduate student

Harriett Davies
deli owner

Gameplay has not changed. The teams will bid against each other as to how many items they can name off of a list of a given subject. Once a team challenges their opponents to meet their bid, the bidding ends and the game begins. If a team meets their bid, or if their opponents cannot meet their bid, they win the game, and it takes two games to win a match and play for the money.

Round 1: JULIA ROBERTS MOVIES. These are theatrically-released feature-length motion pictures featuring Julia Roberts in an on-screen role, as a voice characterization, or as a voiceover, according to the Internet Movie Database as of July 2008.

Judith & Spencer won the toss, so they begin the bidding. Judith always wants to be right. She wants five. Harriett likes to fight, while Scott likes to bluff. They fight their way to seven. Spencer & Judith decide to up their bid to nine. Scott & Harriett... let them have it. So the count is nine. Anything less, and the round goes to Scott & Harriett.

1) Pretty Woman - CORRECT
2) Ocean's Eleven - CORRECT
3) Ocean's Twelve - CORRECT
4) Ocean's Thirteen - ... WRONG! (Scott & Harriett lead, 1-0)

Round 2: COUNTRIES OF ASIA. These are officially recognized countries in Asia according to the CIA's world database as of August 2008.

Scott & Harriett think they can do 14. Spencer & Judith think they have 15. Scott & Harriett think they don't, so the bidding ends. This is to stay in the game. Anything less than 15, and Scott & Harriett are going to the Money List.

1) China - CORRECT
2) India - CORRECT
3) North Korea - CORRECT
4) South Korea - CORRECT
5) Thailand - CORRECT
6) Vietnam - CORRECT
7) Laos - CORRECT
8) Mongolia - CORRECT
9) Cambodia - CORRECT
10) Singapore - CORRECT
11) Sri Lanka - CORRECT
12) Nepal  - CORRECT
13) Pakistan - CORRECT
14) Iraq - CORRECT
15) Iran - ... CORRECT! (Tie game, 1-1)

So we to a tiebreaking rubber round of... Sudden Death! There is no bidding, you are simply naming items until you can't. If you give an incorrect response, your opponents need to give a correct response in order to win.

Round 3: SCRABBLE LETTERS WORTH MORE THAN ONE POINT. This is according to the official Scrabble North American rules.

Spencer & Judith won the toss, so they will go first.

Spencer & Judith: Z - CORRECT
Scott & Harriett: Q - CORRECT
Spencer & Judith: X - CORRECT
Scott & Harriett: J - CORRECT
Spencer & Judith: W - CORRECT
Scott & Harriett: K - CORRECT
Spencer & Judith: V - CORRECT
Scott & Harriett: B - CORRECT
Spencer & Judith: Y - CORRECT
Scott & Harriett: H - CORRECT
Spencer & Judith: P - CORRECT
Scott & Harriett: C - CORRECT
Spencer & Judith: U - INCORRECT

Scott & Harriett can win with a correct letter... D.... is CORRECT! (Scott & Harriett win, 2-1)

Now to the Money List... One more category in this game, and Scott & Harriett only need to come up with 15 to win $50,000.

Three items: $5000
Six items: $10,000
Nine items: $15,000
Twelve items: $25,000
Fifteen items: $50,000

They can stop at any completed milestone, and that's important because if they give an incorrect response, then the game ends and Scott & Harriett lose EVERYTHING.

The Money List: DR. SEUSS BOOKS. These are all of the books written by Theodor Geisel under his famous pseudonym according to

1) "The Cat in the Hat" - CORRECT
2) "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back" - CORRECT
3) "Horton Hears a Who!" - For $5000.... CORRECT!

4) "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" - CORRECT
5) "The Grinch That Stole Christmas" - ... unacceptable. The official title was "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

The bad news is that Scott & Harriett don't win any money on this game. The GOOD news.. they are still champions, and they will play again against a new team...

Michael Holtz

Jim Nicholson
fourth grade teacher

Scott Seidler
graduate student

Harriett Davies
deli owner
CHALLENGERS $0, one game

Round 1: AMERICA'S TOP 50 RESTAURANT CHAINS. These are restaurant chains that are the most popular according to 2007 sales documented by Restaurants & Institutions magazine.

Jim & Michael are the challengers. They will bid first. Jim is competitive. Michael wanted to be with a team player. Together, they open with 12. Scott & Harriet think 16. Scott & Harriett get the challenge. They need 16, or else Michael & Jim take the round.

1) McDonald's - CORRECT
2) Burger King - CORRECT
3) Wendy's - CORRECT
4) Taco Bell - CORRECT
5) Pizza Hut - CORRECT
6) Jack in the Box - CORRECT
7) Dairy Queen - CORRECT
8) Olive Garden - CORRECT
9) Subway - CORRECT
10) TGI Friday's - CORRECT
11) Red Robin Gourmet Burgers - CORRECT
13) Outback Steakhouse - CORRECT
14) Hooters - CORRECT
15) Red Lobster - CORRECT
16) Cracker Barrel - To win the list... CORRECT! (Scott & Harriett lead, 1-0)


Scott & Harriet start the bidding at 5. Michael & Jim continue at 6... and Scott & Harriett stop the bidding and give it to them. Again, they need six to stay in the game.

1) Jennifer Lopez - CORRECT
2) Janet Jackson - CORRECT
3) Madonna - ... INCORRECT. She was on the show, but she played Karen's roommate Liz. (Scott & Harriett win, 2-0).

Scott & Harriett are headed back to...

The Money List: THE BEATLES BILLBOARD US TOP 40 HITS. This is according to Billboard's website and it includes collaborations, but NOT B-sides.

1) "I Want to Hold Your Hand" - CORRECT
2) "She Loves You" - CORRECT
3) "Yesterday" - For $5000.... CORRECT!

And rather than risk their money, in a case of once bitten, twice shy, Scott & Harriett decide to stop with the money they've made, so they will play a third game with $5000.

By the way, their next answer... "Michelle"... NOT on the list, so they made a great choice.

Scott & Harriett will face their next challengers NEXT TIME on "The Money List".

An unfinished list is unfinished business. To view the lists on today's show in their entirety, go to