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Strangers compete as teammates as they go for untold, unlimited riches, but if they want the money... they have to beat the List!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Fred Roggin
Creator Jim Cannon, Andy Culpin, Sam Pollard, David Young (based upon "The Rich List/Who Dares Wins")
EP David Young, Mike Beale, Andy Culpin
Packager 12-yard for GSN
Origins London, England
Airs 9:30p Sat, GSN

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Entry 3
June 27

Last week on the List, Mike Wending & Charysse Harper defeated the reigning champions and won $25,000 in two games. Will they push the streak to three?
Darren Heyman

Barbara Stcherbatchef
radio journalist

Charysse Harper
graduate student

Mike Wending
radio journalist

CHALLENGERS $25,000, two games

Round 1: OSCAR-WINNING ACTRESSES 1927-2008. This includes any winner of the Best Actress Oscar. This does NOT include special awards. This is according to

Darren tends to judge people on their looks. Barbara eloped with someone you only knew for four months. That didn't last long. They can go 10. Charysse & Mike... let'em have it.

1) Merryl Streep - CORRECT
2) Katharine Hepburn - CORRECT
3) Gwyneth Paltrow - CORRECT
4) Cher - CORRECT
5) Jodie Foster - CORRECT
6) Susan Sarandon - CORRECT
7) Barbra Streisand - CORRECT
8) Bette Davis - CORRECT
9) Hilary Swank - CORRECT
10) Elizabeth Taylor - This is for the round.... CORRECT! (Darren & Barbara lead, 1-0)

Round 2: PROPERTIES FOR SALE ON A MONOPOLY BOARD. This is the original US Monopoly board based on Atlantic City according to the official rules including stations and utilities.

(C-Note: being an avid Monopoly player, I can name them all. Apparently so can Fred).

Charysse can name them all as well. She & Mike start the bid at 22. Darren & Barbara... don't think so. The list goes to the champions...

1) Short Line Railroad - CORRECT
2) Pennsylvania Railroad - CORRECT
3) Reading Railroad - CORRECT
4) B&O Railroad - CORRECT
5) Boardwalk - CORRECT
6) Park Place - CORRECT
7) Pennsylvania Avenue - CORRECT
8) Pacific Avenue - CORRECT
9) Marvin Gardens - CORRECT
10) Illinois Avenue - CORRECT
11) Indiana Avenue - CORRECT
12) New York Avenue - CORRECT
13) Tennessee Avenue - CORRECT
14) St. James Place - CORRECT
15) St. Charles Place - CORRECT
16) States Avenue - CORRECT
17) Water Works - CORRECT
18) Baltic Avenue - CORRECT
19) Vermont Avenue - CORRECT
20) Oriental Avenue - CORRECT
21) Connecticut Avenue - CORRECT
22) Mediterranean Avenue - For the match... CORRECT! (Tie match, 1-1)

We're going to a Shootout! The subject...

Round 3: MEN WHO HAVE WALKED ON THE MOON. These are astronauts who have walked on the moon according to NASA.

The challengers are up first.

Darren & Barbara: Neil Armstrong - CORRECT
Charysse & Mike: Buzz Aldrin - CORRECT
Darren & Barbara: Alan Shepard - CORRECT
Charysse & Mike: John Glenn - ... INCORRECT!

Darren & Barbara are playing for the money, while Charysse & Mike leave with $25,000, $12,500 each.

Next for Darren & Barbara, they're walking on the moon to play...

The Money List: THE CHARACTERS AND FAMILY IN THE TV SERIES "FRIENDS". These are parents, siblings, and children of the six characters (and the six characters themselves) on the NBC series "Friends", including any children conceived naturally, conceived through surrogacy, or adopted, all according to IMDb. First and last names, please.

1) Monica Geller - CORRECT...
2) Ross Geller - CORRECT...
3) Joey Tribbiani - ... CORRECT for $5000!

4) Rachel Green - CORRECT...
5) Phoebe Buffay - CORRECT...
6) Chandler Bing - To double... CORRECT!

And thank you very much, but they'll take $10,000 and the challenge of...

Young Dawkins
university administrator

Shannon Dardashti
banker & student

Darren Heyman

Barbara Stcherbatchef
radio journalist



Young wanted to be partnered with "a bubbly young woman". Shannon can't sleep anywhere without a cuddly toy. They start with 12. Darren & Barbara go 13. The men in the other pod... give it to them. Thirteen songs.

1) "Rocket Man" - CORRECT
2) "Tiny Dancer" - ....INCORRECT (Young & Shannon lead, 1-0)

Round 2: HOST CITIES OF THE SUMMER OLYMPICS 1896-2008, according to the International Olympic Committee.

Darren & Barbara need to win this list to stay in the game. They start with 13. Young & Shannon think that if it happened once, it'll happen again. So the champs control their own fate.

1) Los Angeles - CORRECT
2) Atlanta - CORRECT
3) London - CORRECT
4) Barcelona - CORRECT
5) Paris - CORRECT
6) Athens - CORRECT
7) Berlin - CORRECT
8) Sydney - CORRECT
9) Seoul - CORRECT
10) Beijing - CORRECT
11) Moscow - CORRECT
12) Madrid - ... INCORRECT! (Young & Shannon win, 2-0)

They almost had it with Helsinki, Melbourne, Tokyo and Montreal... but Darren & Barbara leave with $10,000, $5000 each. While Shannon & Young are headed to...

The Money List: DUSTIN HOFFMAN MOVIES according to IMDb. Standard actor list rules apply.

1) "The Graduate" - CORRECT
2) "Meet the Fockers" - CORRECT
3) "Midnight Cowboy" - For $5000... CORRECT!

1) "Rain Man" - CORRECT
2) "Little Big Man" - CORRECT...
3) "Hook" - For $10,000... CORRECT!

And rather than risk the $10,000, they'll play another team of challengers next time.

An unfinished list is unfinished business. To view the lists on today's show in their entirety, go to