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June 13

Strangers compete as teammates as they go for untold, unlimited riches, but if they want the money... they have to beat the List!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Fred Roggin
Creator Jim Cannon, Andy Culpin, Sam Pollard, David Young (based upon "The Rich List/Who Dares Wins")
EP David Young, Mike Beale, Andy Culpin
Packager 12-yard for GSN
Origins London, England
Airs 9:30p Sat, GSN

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Entry 2
June 20

Last time on "The Money List", Scott Seidler & Harriett Davies managed to dispatch two teams in two games. They're standing on $5000 with the right to compete in a third game for even more money.
Charysse Harper
graduate student

Mike Wending
radio journalist

Scott Seidler
graduate student

Harriett Davies
deli owner
CHALLENGERS $5000, two games

Round 1: ELVIS PRESLEY'S BILLBOARD US TOP 40 HITS. This includes Hot 100 hits according to Billboard's website as of July 2008.

Because Charysse & Mike are the challengers, they earn the right to bid first. Mike is a self-confessed geek, while Charysse doesn't want to be paired with a control freak. Mike & Charysse open the bid at four. Scott & Harriett go with five. Charysse & Mike take it up to seven, and the bidding ends there, and the list goes to the challengers.

1) That's All Right - ... INCORRECT! The song was released in 1954, a year before Billboard started compiling their famous charts (Scott & Harriett lead, 1-0).

Round 2: HOTELS WITH CASINOS ON THE LAS VEGAS STRIP. We're looking for properties on the strip between 2000 and 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South. This is according to the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority

Scott & Harriett will begin the bidding this round. Scott & Harriett start with seven. Charysse (who's been to Vegas more times than she can count) & Mike go to 9. Scott & Harriett say... go for it. So nine list items from the challengers, otherwise, it's game and match for Scott & Harriett.

1) Caesars Palace - CORRECT
2) Bellagio - CORRECT
3) Venetian - CORRECT
4) MGM Grand - CORRECT
5) New York New York - CORRECT
6) Excalibur - CORRECT
7) Luxor - CORRECT
8) Mandalay Bay - CORRECT
9) Monte Carlo - ... to stay in the game... CORRECT! (Tie game, 1-1).

Time for a shootout list, and the subject is..

Round 3: LOONEY TUNES "LOONEY STARS" CARTOON CHARACTERS". These are Looney Tunes characters designated as "Looney Stars" with their own biographies on the Looney Tunes website.

Because they are the challengers, Charysse & Mike will go first...

Charysse & Mike: Bugs Bunny - CORRECT.
Scott & Harriett: Elmer Fudd - CORRECT.
Charysse & Mike: Daffy Duck - CORRECT.
Scott & Harriett: Yosemite Sam - ... Supporting character. INCORRECT. Charysse & Mike win!

Scott & Harriett will leave with the $5000 they made on the previous Money List, $2500 each.

As for Charysse & Mike, they're headed to...

The Money List: PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES BEFORE 1900. This is according to Encyclopedia Britannica's 2008 Almanac.

1) Ulysses S. Grant - CORRECT, continue...
2) George Washington - CORRECT.
3) John Adams - For $5000....  CORRECT! Charysse & Mike decide to play on.

4) Thomas Jefferson - CORRECT. Keep going...
5) John Quincy Adams - CORRECT.
6) Abraham Lincoln - For $10,000.... CORRECT! Again, we're playing on to $15,000...

7) Andrew Johnson - CORRECT.
8) Andrew Jackson - CORRECT
9) James K. Polk - For $15,000... CORRECT! Will they play on for $25,000? Yep.

10) Martin Van Buren - CORRECT
11) James Madison - CORRECT
12) Benjamin Harrison - For $25,000.... CORRECT!

Will they play on for the sweep of $50,000? Not today. If they had, they would've played Millard Fillmore, James Buchanan, and Rutherford B. Hayes.... and they would've been right on all three counts. But the thing that matters is that they have $25,000 to share between them AND they get to play again against new challengers.

Mindy Quigley
mom & secretary

Rachel Seftel
study-abroad manager at university

Charysse Harper
graduate student

Mike Wending
radio journalist

CHALLENGERS $25,000, one game

Round 1: ADAM SANDLER MOVIES. These are theatrically-released feature-length motion pictures featuring Adam Sandler in an on-screen role, as a voice characterization, or as a voiceover, according to the Internet Movie Database as of July 2008.

Remember, challengers get the honor to start. That's Mindy & Rachel. Mindy likes middle-aged men. Rachel likes older men. Both have a thing for older men. Mindy & Rachel start the bidding at four. Charysse & Mike go with eight. Mindy & Rachel... let'em have it.

1) "Happy Gilmore" - CORRECT
2) "The Waterboy" - CORRECT
3) "Billy Madison" - CORRECT
4) "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" - CORRECT
5) "The Longest Yard" - CORRECT
6) "50 First Dates" - CORRECT
7) "Eight Crazy Nights" - CORRECT
8) "Mr. Deeds"- This is to take round 1... CORRECT! (Charysse & Mike lead, 1-0)

Round 2: 100 MOST POPULATED CITIES IN THE WORLD. These are defined as cities with geographically defined borders, incorporated areas, legally-defined status, and their own local governments according to

Charysse & Mike get to start the bid. They start with seven to fish out information. Rachel & Mindy think 17. The champs go with lucky 21. The challengers counter with 25. The fierce bidding gets even fiercer as Charysse & Mike go to 30. Mindy & Rachel... shut it down. It's 30 or nothing.

1) New York City - CORRECT
2) Los Angeles - CORRECT
3) Beijing - CORRECT
4) Tokyo - CORRECT
5) New Delhi - ... INCORRECT. Delhi would've been correct, but New Delhi has some 300,000 people. (Tie game, 1-1)

We're going to a Sudden Death shootout.

Round 3: COUNTRIES THAT HAVE HELD THE MISS UNIVERSE TITLE 1952-2008. This is according to

Mindy & Rachel go first...

Mindy & Rachel: Puerto Rico - CORRECT
Charysse & Mike: Trinidad & Tobago - CORRECT
Mindy & Rachel: Venezuela - CORRECT
Charysse & Mike: USA - CORRECT
Mindy & Rachel: Colombia - CORRECT
Charysse & Mike: Brazil - CORRECT
Mindy & Rachel: Mexico - CORRECT
Charysse & Mike: India - CORRECT
Mindy & Rachel: Sweden - CORRECT
Charysse & Mike: Argentina - CORRECT
Mindy & Rachel: Italy - ... INCORRECT

Charysse & Mike need to get one more to take Mindy & Rachel out. Otherwise, we continue.

Charysse & Mike: Spain - ... CORRECT! Charysse & Mike win again, and they're headed back to...

The Money List: WINNERS OF THE TONY AWARD FOR BEST MUSICAL 1949-2008. This is according to the official Tony Award website.

1) West Side Story - ... INCORRECT.

So no more money, but they will defend their title on next week's show. Hope you'll put it on your list of things to do next Saturday!

An unfinished list is unfinished business. To view the lists on today's show in their entirety, go to