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Strangers compete as teammates as they go for untold, unlimited riches, but if they want the money... they have to beat the List!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Fred Roggin
Creator Jim Cannon
Andy Culpin
Sam Pollard
David Young
(based upon "The Rich List/Who Dares Wins")
EP David Young
Mike Beale
Andy Culpin
Packager 12-yard for GSN
Origins London, England
Airs 8p Sat, GSN

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Entry 6
July 25

Last time, Robert Checkoway & Anastasia Travers boosted their winnings to $55,000 until they were knocked off by new champs Brad Serton & Megan Niedermeyer. The new champs won $10,000 before calling it a night. Now they return for more money...
Jeffry Kaplow
art dealer

Valerie Pate

Brad Serton
baseball coach

Megan Niedermeyer


Round 1: JOHN TRAVOLTA MOVIES according to as of July 2008. Standard actor spiel applies.

Challengers get the bid first. Jeff has a bachelors, masters, and PhD in history. Valerie has been married 9 years and met her husband online. Movies are her strength, so she will start with eight. Champions think they can go with nine... Jeff & Valerie say, go for it.

1) Saturday Night Fever - CORRECT
2) Look Who's Talking - CORRECT
3) Urban Cowboy - CORRECT
4) Hairspray - CORRECT
5) Pulp Fiction - CORRECT
6) Broken Arrow - CORRECT
7) Face/Off - CORRECT
8) Phenomenon - CORRECT
9) Michael - ... For round 1... CORRECT! (Brad & Megan lead, 1-0)

Round 2: COUNTRIES THAT USE SPANISH AS AN OFFICIAL LANGUAGE according to Whitaker's Almanac 2008.

Brad & Megan start low with eight. Jeffry & Valerie counter with 13. Brad & Megan think Jeff may have it in them. They raise up to 18. Jeffry & Valerie are going for blackjack. Can they name 21? The champs... want to see them try.

1) Mexico - CORRECT
2) Guatemala - CORRECT
3) Nicaragua - CORRECT
4) Costa Rica - CORRECT
5) El Salvador - CORRECT
6) Panama - CORRECT
7) Cuba - CORRECT
8) Dominican Republic - CORRECT
9) Venezuela - CORRECT
10) Columbia - CORRECT
11) Ecuador - CORRECT
12) Peru - CORRECT
13) Paraguay - CORRECT
14) Chile - CORRECT
15) Argentina - CORRECT
16) Uruguay - CORRECT
17) Spain - CORRECT
18) Equatorial Guinea - CORRECT
19) Belize - ... INCORRECT! (Brad & Megan win, 2-0)

Belize's official language is English. It was a crown colony. That sends Jeffry & Valerie home, and it sends Brad & Megan to...

The Money List: US VICE PRESIDENTS according to Encyclopedia Britannica Online,, as of July 2008.

1) Dick Cheney - CORRECT
2) Al Gore - CORRECT
3) George Bush - For $5000...  CORRECT!

4) Dan Quayle - CORRECT
5) Spiro Agnew - CORRECT
6) Lyndon Johnson - For $10,000... CORRECT!

7) Andrew Johnson - CORRECT
8) Richard Nixon - CORRECT
9) Gerald Ford - For $15,000.... CORRECT!

But that's where they stop there. Brad & Megan would've gone with Aaron Burr, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. They were all on the list for $25,000, but that's okay, because they're up to $25,000 and that's their money to keep no matter what.

AND they take on new challengers...

Bryan Murphy

Jason Klein
computer fraud investigator

Brad Serton
baseball coach

Megan Niedermeyer

CHALLENGERS $25,000, two games

Round 1: MADONNA'S BILLBOARD US TOP 40 HITS (INCLUDING COLLABORATIONS) according to as of June 2008. Standard musical acts spiel applies.

Bryan works in comedy clubs. He does... anything for money. Jason's mantra: "Go big or go home." They start with eight. Brad & Megan counter with nine. Bryan & Jason ... up it by one. Brad & Megan... pass the list.

1) Like a Virgin - CORRECT
2) Vogue - CORRECT
3) Like a Prayer - CORRECT
4) Who's That Girl - CORRECT
5) Holiday - CORRECT
6) 4 Minutes - CORRECT (collabo with Justin Timberlake)
7) Dress You Up - CORRECT
8) La Isla Bonita - CORRECT
9) Borderline - CORRECT
10) Lucky Star - ... CORRECT! (Bryan & Jason lead, 1-0)

Round 2: GOLFERS WHO HAVE WON A MAJOR TITLE, 1960-2008. We're looking for any male golfer who has won the British Open, the US Open, the US Masters, or the PGA Championships according to the website of each major tournament up to September 2008.

Brad's the sports guy. He's a baseball coach with a 14 handicap, bidding seven. Challengers go with eight. Then comes nine... And the champs get the list.

1) Tiger Woods - CORRECT
2) Padrig Harrington - CORRECT
3) Jack Nicklaus - CORRECT
4) Gary Player - CORRECT
5) Tom Watson - CORRECT (almost had one last week)
6) Greg Norman - CORRECT
7) Tom Lehman - CORRECT
8) Payne Stewart - CORRECT
9) Phil Mickelson - ... To tie the match... CORRECT! (Tie game!)

Round 3: THE 10 TOP-EARNING DECEASED CELEBRITIES according to Forbes Magazine evaluated between October 2006 and October 2007.

Bryan & Jason: Elvis Presley - CORRECT
Brad & Megan: Marilyn Monroe - CORRECT
Bryan & Jason: Frank Sinatra - .... INCORRECT
Brad & Megan: John Lennon - For the win.... CORRECT!

It's the third time in a row for Brad & Megan at...

The Money List: PRIMETIME EMMY AWARD-WINNING TV COMEDY SERIES, 1966-2007 according to NATAS's website,

1) Everybody Loves Raymond - CORRECT
2) Seinfeld - CORRECT
3) Cheers - For $5000...  CORRECT!

4) Frasier - CORRECT
5) The Cosby Show - CORRECT
6) The Golden Girls - For $10,000... CORRECT!

8) All in the Family - CORRECT
9) Roseanne - For $15,000.... INCORRECT.

They tossed around "Mary Tyler Moore" and "Friends". Friends... was there. Mary Tyler Moore... was also there. But they still have $25,000 and they will meet a new team NEXT WEEK!

An unfinished list is unfinished business. To view the lists on today's show in their entirety, go to