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Strangers compete as teammates as they go for untold, unlimited riches, but if they want the money... they have to beat the List!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Fred Roggin
Creator Jim Cannon
Andy Culpin
Sam Pollard
David Young
(based upon "The Rich List/Who Dares Wins")
EP David Young
Mike Beale
Andy Culpin
Packager 12-yard for GSN
Origins London, England
Airs 8p Sat, GSN

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Entry 8
August 8

Last time, Alisha Zucker and Courtney Welch knocked out returning champs Bentley Kalu and Lisa Vickers, sending them home with $15,000. But they couldn't convert that into a win in the Money List round, so they're back to try again.
Autumn Jenkins
cruise ship entertainer

Christopher Slaughter
political analyst

Courtney Welch
production director & runner of a roller derby league

Alisha Zucker
freelance editor


Round 1: EDDIE MURPHY MOVIES according to the IMDB as of July 2008. Standard actor spiel applies.

Christopher has been in the Army in Iraq. Autumn has been performing since the age of 2, and met her husband at her work. They open the bid at 10. They bump it up to 12. Christopher & Autumn go to 13. Courtney & Alisha say... it's time to play!

1) Shrek - CORRECT
2) Shrek 2 - CORRECT
3) Shrek 3 - CORRECT (C-Note: released in the US as "Shrek the 3rd")
4) Beverly Hills Cop - CORRECT
5) The Nutty Professor - CORRECT
6) Beverly Hills Cop II - CORRECT
7) Meet Dave - CORRECT
8) 48 Hrs. - CORRECT
9) Another 48 Hrs. - CORRECT
10) The Nutty Professor II - CORRECT
11) Norbit - CORRECT
12) Daddy Day Care - CORRECT
13) Beverly Hills Cop III - For the win.... CORRECT! (Autumn & Christopher lead, 1-0)

Round 2: WINNERS OF THE NFL SUPER BOWL 1967-2008 according to They're looking for the full name of the teams as they were when they hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy in victory.

The champs start the bidding at 13. The challengers go with 14. Alisha & Courtney up it to 15. The challengers say.... go for it.

1) Green Bay Packers - CORRECT
2) New England Patriots - CORRECT
3) Chicago Bears - CORRECT
4) Miami Dolphins - CORRECT
5) New York Giants - CORRECT
6) Denver Broncos - CORRECT
7) San Francisco 49ers - CORRECT
8) Washington Redskins - CORRECT
9) Indianapolis Colts - CORRECT
10) Dallas Cowboys - CORRECT
11) New Orleans Saints - ... INCORRECT! (Autumn & Christopher win, 2-0)

So Alisha & Courtney are going back home with whatever they came with and little else. Meanwhile Christopher & Autumn are headed to...

The Money List: THE 50 HIGHEST-PAID CELEBRITIES IN THE WORLD according to Forbes Magazine's Celebrity 100 from June 2008.

1) Oprah Winfrey - CORRECT
2) Madonna - CORRECT
3) Alex Rodriguez - for $5000... CORRECT

1) David Beckham - CORRECT
2) Simon Cowell - CORRECT
3) Kanye West - For $10,000.... CORRECT!

1) JK Rowling - CORRECT
2) Albert Pujols - ... INCORRECT.

So they lose the $10,000, but they're still champs and they still defend against...

Karen Steinbach
energy scheduler

David Vest
planner & scheduler

Autumn Jenkins
cruise ship entertainer

Christopher Slaughter
political analyst


Round 1: CURRENCIES OF THE WORLD currently in use according to the 2008 Encyclopedia Britannica. .

David was chased down the street in Singapore because they thought he was a WWE wrestler. He's tall... Karen has a goal of visiting 100 countries. As of this typing, she's up to 27. They go with nine. Christopher & Autumn go to 10....  Karen & David... say it's time to play the first list!

1) Dollar - CORRECT
2) Euro - CORRECT
3) Pound - CORRECT
4) Lira - CORRECT
5) Yen - CORRECT
6) Riyal - CORRECT
7) Dinar - CORRECT
8) Peso - CORRECT
9) Franc - CORRECT
10) Dirham - For the round... CORRECT! (Christopher & Autumn lead, 1-0)

Round 2: CHARACTERS, CREATURES & DROIDS FROM STAR WARS, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK AND RETURN OF THE JEDI. Named characters only and original trilogy only, please. This from the official database at

Autumn & Christopher start with seven. David & Karen... go to 11! The champs wuss out.

1) Han Solo - CORRECT
2) Luke Skywalker - CORRECT
3) Princess Leia - CORRECT
4) Chewbacca - CORRECT
5) Lando Calrissian - CORRECT
7) Yoda - CORRECT
8) Wicket - ACCEPTABLE (Wicket W. Warrick)
9) R2-D2 - CORRECT
10) Boba Fett - CORRECT
11) Darth Vader - This is to tie the match.... CORRECT! (Tie game, 1-1)

Round 3: THE 20 MOST COMMON SURNAMES IN THE US according to the 2000 Census.

David & Karen: Smith - CORRECT
Christopher & Autumn: Jones - CORRECT
David & Karen: Johnson - CORRECT
Christopher & Autumn: Brown - CORRECT
David & Karen: Jackson - CORRECT
Christopher & Autumn: Thomas - CORRECT
David & Karen: Thompson - CORRECT
Christopher & Autumn: Adams - ... INCORRECT! (David & Karen win, 2-1)

Christopher & Autumn, like the champs before them, leave with nothing. David & Karen go to...


1) Reba McEntire - CORRECT
2) Martina McBride - ... INCORRECT.

"Damn it!" is right. So no money this time, but they'll return to wrap up the season next time!

An unfinished list is unfinished business. To view the lists on today's show in their entirety, go to