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A million dollars can be yours if you have a minute...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

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Not Just a Pretty Face Off
February 16

(written by guest correspondent Ryan Vickers)

Tonight, according to our voice over artist, is the BIGGEST EVENT EVER.  We’re playing head to head, without the clock.  Kind of nullifying the title of the show, but I digress.

Krista Lowary is 23 and is from Pendelton, Oregon. 

Heather Deaton is 30 and from Columbus, Ohio.

Krista works in a hospital.

Heather’s a hairdresser.

It’s sugar versus spice.

The ladies are playing a best of 7 showdown.  First to win four games automatically locks in $50,000 and jumps to the level six blueprint.

Our first game is Candelier.  You must stack layers of pop cans, separated by paper plates.  First level is one can, second is two, so it is inverted, all the way up to five cans.

They’re even through the four can stage, but then Krista takes a slight advantage and is declared the winner by a couple of seconds.  Krista one, Heather nil.

Second game is Whack Attack.  Using two wooden spoons, you must hit markers bobbing in water bottles until they are all submerged.  Following the commercial when we actually start the game, Krista takes an early lead.  By the time that Krista gets to her last marker, Heather still has seven of ten bobbing.  Krista two, Heather nil.

Game number three is Tear It Up.  The ladies have to shoot rubber bands as if they were a bow and arrow, and the target is toilet paper.  There is a soda can at the end of the toilet paper.  Once the can drops, they’ve won.  And it’s over before it’s begun.  Heather gets it on her first shot!  Krista two, Heather one.

The fourth game is Stack Attack (nice variety in wording, production company).  As this humble correspondent is a Canadian Sport Stacking champion, I am curious to see how well it goes.  They must stack 36 plastic cups in an eight level pyramid, then stack them back down.  Krista is doing well and then Heather realizes she stacked a double cup on the first level.  But it’s too late.  Krista picks up another win, and she’s up three to one.

Game five is Layin’ Track.  Using bunches of inverted staples and preset erasers, make a track that a marble can travel down and fall into a glass on the other side of a table.  Krista’s hands are very much shaking which puts her further and further behind, allowing Heather to be cool calm and collected and get the track to work on the first try.

Two games to go – possibly.  Game six is A Bit Dicey.  Using a popsicle stick held in your mouth, stack six dice on it and have it not move for three seconds.  Dicey, indeed.  They both easily get to five, but getting to six is the problem.  Both ladies’ stacks fall when they get to six.  Kirsta is at five, six, but they fall.  Heather is back to five, she’s at six but it can’t hold.  Guy feels like an auctioneer.  Krista gets to six and holds it for the requisite three seconds.  She’s our winner of $50,000 and advances to the level six blueprint.  Heather gets $1,000 consolation cash.

Krista now moves onto the main game.  Her level six blueprint is Speed Eraser.  You have to bounce pencils off of a table into a glass.  Get 12 in a minute and you win it.  She starts by trying to “finesse” them in but at 40 seconds she’s only got one.  She’s got to pick up the pace.  She gets to nine but to no avail.  She fails Level Six and loses her first of three lives.  She says she’s nervous, but she’s ready to try again.

On her second try, things go better.  The first one takes a bit, but then things really roll along, she’s at five by thirty seconds, ten with ten seconds to go, and she gets the last one at six seconds and goes off to hug her significant other.  She decides to stay and play for $125,000. 

Her game is Caddy Stack.  You need to stack three golf balls, on top of each other, and have them stay for three seconds.  Personally this seems like a brutally hard game.  You have to have nerves of steel.  She’s got the two stacked within ten seconds.  She tries to pace herself, but it’s to no avail.  Level seven failed.  They then get her dad on the phone to give her a pep talk.  She feels that it was very helpful.  She attempts the game again and miraculously, she gets it done, something she never got done during her practice runs!  She’s got $125,000.

And with that, and only one life left, she takes the money and runs.

For more information on the games, to see this episode in its entirety, and to find out how to become a contestant, go to nbc.com/minutetowinit.