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A million dollars can be yours if you have a minute...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Guy Fieri
Announcer Tom Kane
Creator Mattias Olsson
Jock Millgårdh
EP Craig Plestis
Tim Puntillo
Mattias Olsson
Jock Millgårdh
Estelle Bodėn
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Million Dollar BFFs
January 5

We hope you enjoyed the Minute to Win It holiday... because it's a new year... a new season... with new challenges... and the same rule... "Failure to complete this task in 60 seconds may result in ELIMINATION."

Playing in the Circle today.. ALIA URBANSKI (Coon Rapids, MN) and her BFF CHELSEA LEWIS (San Carlos, CA). They want to help their parents out. Chelsea's has a salon. Alia's has a dream to be in CA.

LEVEL 1: BABY RATTLE. Using the shake, rattle, or roll technique, a contestant must transport all of the marbles and gumballs from one plastic soda bottle to another.

And as always... "Failure to complete this task in 60 seconds may result in ELIMINATION."

Attempt 1 (Alia)... COMPLETE (:33, $1000)

MILESTONE LEVEL 2: CHOCOLATE UNICORN. Each contestant must create a horn of six chocolate snack cakes which must be held for a three-count.

Attempt 1... FAIL (TIME OUT, TWO lives remaining)

Attempt 2.... COMPLETE (:08, $2500)

LEVEL 3: A BIT DICEY. One player must balance six dice on a popsicle stick using only their mouths. The stack must be held for a three-count.

Attempt 1 (Chelsea) ... COMPLETE (:32, $5000)

LEVEL 4: ON THE REBOUND. A contestant must shoot a ping-pong ball off of a clipboard attached to their partner and into a wastebasket. This must be done THREE times.

Attempt 1... COMPLETE (:39, $10,000)

MILESTONE LEVEL 5: ON THE HOOK. The contestant must use a chopstick in their mouth as a rod and a paper clip as a hook to catch FOUR keys.

Attempt 1 (Alia)...  COMPLETE (:20, $50,000)

LEVEL 6: IRON BOARD MAN. Using an ironing board, the players must navigate a marble to one of three designated holes. The marble must be held for a three-count

Attempt 1.... COMPLETE! (:21, $75,000)

LEVEL 7: CYCLONE. The contestant must spin marbles inside of three soda bottles at a time. The spins must be simultaneously held for a three-count.

Attempt 1 (Chelsea)... COMPLETE! (:38, $125,000)

And because we have 20 minutes to kill, let's bring out Alia's mom.

MILESTONE LEVEL 8: HORSEPLAY. The contestant must blow colored ping-pong balls along an inclined table to land them on corresponding horseshoes.

Attempt 1 (Alia)... FAIL (TIME OUT, ONE LIFE remaining)

Final attempt (Alia)... FAIL (TIME OUT, GAME OVER). But they do leave with $50,000.

More minutes next time. Don't be late!

For more information on the games, and to see this episode in its entirety, go to nbc.com/minutetowinit.