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A million dollars can be yours if you have a minute...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

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Kids Rule
February 2

On a special two-hour episode, a team of five kids get to play in the 60-Second Circle for a shot at $1 million.

The kids are... Aimee, Drew, Holly, Cullen, and Brad, collectively known as TEAM BISHOP (ages 10-19, San Jose).

LEVEL 1: MAD DOG: One contestant must hold a ruler with two boxes of breath mints attached, then using mad-dog-like reflexes, the contestant must empty the boxes. Another contestant must do likewise.

As always, "failure to complete this task in 60 seconds may result in ELIMINATION."

First attempt (Drew & Cullen): COMPLETE (:38, $1000)

LEVEL 2: BOUNCER. Two contestants must bounce a ping-pong ball into a pint glass NINE times each.

First attempt (Brad & Cullen): COMPLETE (:18, $2500)

LEVEL 3: RAPID FIRE: Using only his finger, a contestant must use rubber bands to knock a pyramid of six soda cans off of a table surface.

First attempt (Aimee): FAIL (TIME OUT, TWO lives remaining)

Second attempt (Aimee):  (:28, $5000).

BLUEPRINT BONUS LEVEL 4: THIS BLOWS (extra life): The contestants must inflate a balloon, then use the escaping air to knock down 15 plastic cups each. This must be repeated until all 30 cups are knocked out.

First attempt (Holly & Drew): COMPLETE (:20, $10,000, THREE lives remaining)

LEVEL 5: STACK ATTACK: Using 36 plastic cups, erect a pyramid structure, then deconstruct it by sliding the cups downward diagonally into one single stack.

First attempt (Drew)... COMPLETE (:18, $50,000).

BLUEPRINT BONUS LEVEL 6: SPEED ERASER (extra 10 seconds): Players must bounce pencils off their eraser into glasses. This must be repeated 16 times

First attempt (Drew & Cullen): COMPLETE (:24, $75,000). Extra time is now in play.

We'll get to level 7 in a moment, but first, let's pause 10 seconds for stations to identify themselves. Coast to coast and around the world, this is "Minute to Win It" on the Red Network of the National Broadcasting Company.

(10 seconds for Station ID)

Welcome back.

LEVEL 7: BREAKFAST SCRAMBLE: The contestants must reassemble a cereal box cut into 16 squares.

First attempt (Holly & Aimee): COMPLETE (:03, $125,000)

LEVEL 8: HANG OVER: The contestant must hang six wire hangers one to the other to the other. Placement is crucial. If a hanger is even a fraction of an inch off, a catastrophic chain reaction will result.

First attempt (Drew): .... COMPLETE (:01, $250,000)

LEVEL 9: UPHILL BATTLE: One contestant must use the back of a spoon to keep three marbles active upon an inclined surface without them rolling over.

First attempt (Drew): COMPLETE ($500,000). That is banked, so there is no risk involved in being the first players to EVER make it all the way to...

LEVEL 10: SUPERCOIN: One quarter could win you $1 million. The contestant must bounce a quarter 15 feet into a water jug 5 gallons in volume with an opening 1.75 inches in length. "Completing this task in 60 seconds will make you a MILLIONAIRE."

First attempt (Brad): .... FAIL (TIME OUT, TWO lives remaining)

Second attempt (Cullen):.... FAIL (TIME OUT, ONE life remaining).


Final attempt (Cullen): ... FAIL (TIME OUT, GAME OVER). But the Bishop kids do walk away with $500,000, which is more than anyone has walked away with on this show.

Next time, another contestant and another shot at a million.

For more information on the games, to see this episode in its entirety, and to find out how to become a contestant, go to nbc.com/minutetowinit.