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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs Scott Liebfried
Heather West
Maitre d' Jean Philippe Susilovic
Announcer Jason Thompson
Creator Optomen Productions
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
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Airs 8p Tues, Fox
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9 Chefs Compete
August 25

Last time, the men crapped out, turning seemingly random ingredients into something that gets them to Vegas for the day. Meanwhile, they can't convert that winning energy into a win at dinner service thanks to the unexpected return of Robert, who sees his shot at Whistler go up in flames.

The men still can't believe "that Biggins is gone". Andy has a feeling that the next time he goes up, he's out. Dave says that Robert was a skilled chef and that Andy was just lucky. The women, meanwhile, are hoping to lose Suzanne like a bad virus.

New day, new challenge, and this one's a classic Gordon Ramsay challenge... the palate test. Tennille sits out.

Ariel vs. Van. The items: cream cheese, venison, pecans, leeks.
Ariel: Cream cheese, leeks
Van: Leeks
WOMEN lead, 2-1.

Dave vs. Suzanne. The items: turkey, zucchini, quince, egg yolk
Dave: turkey
Suzanne: turkey, egg yolk
WOMEN lead, 4-2

Kevin vs. Sabrina. The items: iceberg lettuce, grapefruit, oregano, clams
Kevin: grapefruit
Suzanne: grapefruit 
WOMEN lead, 5-3

Andy vs. Amanda. The items: lychee, avocado, ahi tuna
Andy: lychee
Amanda: avocado

As a reward, the ladies head to one of Ramsay's favorite eateries in LA ... Opaque. Yep, the one that serves in the dark. Meanwhile, the men will be preparing a palate cleansing sorbet for the next service from deliveries to be delivered. Think blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, pomegranates, lemons, watermelon. And while the women dine in the dark, the men will be dining... a la blender. "You're not supposed to drink duck."

But seriously, if you get a chance, eat in the dark. It boosts the rest of your senses, taste included, to near superhuman levels.

While Suzanne takes the opportunity to suck up to Ramsay, the men's punishment... just sucks.

The next day, prep for service begins, and the women divide up against Suzanne, which makes her crazy.

It's almost time to open up for service. The men are one down, so someone will be manning a station AND serving sorbet. Ariel will be serving sorbet. Ramsay wants consistency. Will he get it tonight?

"JP? Open Hell's Kitchen, please."

Tennille and Andy looks to lead the charge on apps. It's go time. No excuses. The men start on their first order, while the women are doing the same. Suzanne serves perfect scallops, while Kevin delivers on the risotto. Good starts for both teams. Now let's go to the sorbets. Van takes over for Kevin who's serving, but his risotto is bland. He needs cheese. That's all. But his risotto doesn't go over well with the diners.

Kitchens move on to entrees. Amanda's bearing the brunt of Ramsay's wrath, as she serves half a portion of tagliatelli. The men, on the other hand, are coordinated by Andy... who shuts down. Kevin comes back to chaos. But they get back on track, while the Reds have to get it together never mind that Sabrina on meat and Suzanne on fish can't. Lamb isn't close to finished... but it's served anyway. That's going back to the kitchen... and Sabrina's going to the bar to eat it.


Tennille gets her turn on meat. She turns into a rockstar. The men find a rhythm and the diners are happy about it. Except for Sabrina, who rejoins the kitchen. Meanwhile, the men have the finish line in their sights... BUT Andy is running out of mashed potatoes. Andy says that it's going to be very close. Ramsay says... "YOU'RE very close." He barely has enough to finish.  The women are close to the finish line as well... but Suzanne needs another minute on fish. Now the team has to start on the tray again. And the diners are hungry.

The men are down to their final three... and they're out of potatoes, leaving Dave to quickly mash some up and Andy to smooth things over in the dining room. Suzanne's desperate to get her fish out. But her halibut is cold, something Suzanne blames on Amanda. Ramsay's left with his head in his hands.

Andy's the only one who's holding up the men. Dave finishes up service and the men get ready for dessert. The women finish up as well, but it's not as consistent as Ramsay would like. Blue Team wins the service on the back of Dave's performance, while Tennille's left to choose two teammates to send to Ramsay for elimination. She already knows who she's putting up, Suzanne for throwing the team under the bus, something she charges that she's not responsible for. Amanda and Sabrina also had some tough services. This is going to be a tough one.

At elimination, Tennille makes good on her word, putting Suzanne up for being a weak cook and putting Sabrina up for not stepping up. Ramsay also wants to talk to Amanda.

Suzanne says that her team doesn't believe in her. Tennille denies that. Sabrina says she's a team player, something she blames on Suzanne. Amanda says she can cook and she can win Hell's Kitchen.

Tough decision... but Suzanne is sent back to the line. Amanda... jacket off.

"Amanda was a sweet girl, but sweet girls don't make great head chefs."

Tomorrow, Ramsay's going to kick it up a notch, to borrow a phrase from another chef.

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