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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs Scott Liebfried
Heather West
Maitre d' Jean Philippe Susilovic
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11 Chefs Compete
August 18

Last time on Hell's Kitchen, the men put it all on the line for a soldier who put it all on the line himself. Not only did it get them the win, it got them Chef Ramsay's respect as they were called in to assist with getting the women's dishes out to the diners. Tek didn't improve any to Ramsay's standards, so she was shown the door. Now eleven chefs remain.

 Amanda is called aside one more time, as Ramsay tells her to bounce back from her seemingly debilitating night in the kitchen. The rest of the Red Team has no teamwork and no love for each other. Tennille doesn't want to be up there anymore. She's ready to deliver flawless. The rest of the women decide to put their emotions aside.

The next morning, Ramsay's challenge is something he always makes sure is on every menu at every restaurant, be it London New York or Claridge's or whatever... That is, a low-calorie option. The chefs will be prepping a three-course meal under 700 calories. Helping judge are the resident health experts/nutritionists of HK. A special reward awaits.

Forty-five minutes on the clock... OFF YOU GO!

Sabrina has an advantage of working in a health spa. Robert has a disadvantage of being grossly fat. Van thought he had the money entree with pork chop and soba noodles. But the soba noodles were 500 calories ALONE. While the men count calories, the women start cooking. The men have 12 minutes to cook SOMETHING, but they need to come up with a low-calorie dessert.

And that's TIME. What's on your plate is what the judges are going to taste. The men have 597 calories, the women... 694. So now it's all about taste.

Ladies: Seared Scallop with Tangy Mango Chutney
Men: Grilled Key West Seafood Salad
Winners: BOTH (Tied at 1)

Ladies: Cottage Cheese with Mushroom-Stuffed Pork Chop
Men: Pork Cutlet with Soba Noodles
Winners: WOMEN (women lead, 2-1)

Ladies: Fresh Fruit Bowl with Lemon Ricotta Cream
Men: Egg White Crepe with Fruit Compote (at which Ramsay giggles)
Winners: WOMEN.. by a mile. (women win, 3-1)

The women pick up a prize package with a Vitamix blender and Ramsay's new book: "Gordon Ramsay's Healthy Appetite". Not only that, they're headed to Venice Beach to play volleyball with a Olympic medalist Annett Davis. The men, on the other hand, are going shopping for these ingredients so that they can come back and prep BOTH kitchens for the next service tonight.

Double the work in half the time. And yes, the men are aggravated... especially when they learn that they're going to market on a bicycle built for six, if you can believe such a thing exists. And Robert pedals more than any of them, especially up hills. Pay attention, this is relevant.

Both teams return to HK, one to prep and the other to... well, enjoy their prizes.

Meanwhile, Robert sits at the foyer nauseated and short of breath. Time to see medical... AGAIN. He's going to have to go to the hospital... AGAIN. And no one knows when ... or IF he's coming back.

One thing is certain. He is NOT going to be back in time for dinner, so it's five on five.

"Jean Philippe... Let's go. Open Hell's Kitchen."

Tonight's menu will feature BOTH winning apps, plus the women's entree and dessert.

Andy starts by... not listening to the orders. The ladies don't fare any better by boiling scallops (they should be seared). Jim's risotto... too peppery. Scallops are going out on the Red Side. Can the ladies keep the momentum going? Not when Tennille simmers. Jim's risotto... is not any better. Too bland.

Thirty five minutes, and some blue diners are still waiting. The reds are waiting for mash from Tennille... and she delivers this little bit. Ramsay says she's crap. She says... "YOU'RE crap." ... BACK ROOM. NOW. The two have it out. Ramsay tells her to shut it and get back to work or eff off. She's fighting mad now...

Meanwhile Jim's still trying to produce a decent risotto. This is getting painful to watch. Ramsay sends Scott to his station. Blues are finally getting out appetizers, but the women are getting entrees ready. That is... if they can find chicken. Where's the chicken? Are we out of chicken? Anyone's seen the chicken? Get me another chicken. Dave momentarily loses it when they find spinach that isn't ordered yet. Kevin has to wait for that and asparagus.

Ladies are still looking for a decent chicken. The blues are getting orders wrong for halibut. When they get it right, it's raw. Andy's have an off night.

Ninety minutes into service, and we're still waiting for a decent halibut... and a properly cooked entree from the Red Kitchen. Raw pork from Sabrina... Cold halibut from Andy... Improperly cooked lamb chops... More bad halibut from Andy... And everyone is screwed. And not on the good way. Both kitchens are ordered shut. Both brigades will send one to the chopping block.

The blue team sends Andy because he was holding up the team, though Kevin wanted to put Jim up. The ladies are torn between Sabrina and Tennille. Sabrina thinks that she's stronger because Tennille walked off the line. In the end, though... Sabrina is also put up for her poor performance on meat.

But before Ramsay eliminates anyone, he wants to announce that Robert is not eligible for elimination tonight, but if he doesn't return before the next service, he will be declared too medically incapacitated to continue.

Sabrina thinks she is a team player, saying that she wouldn't walk off the line. Andy owns the crap he pulled, but he wants to continue learning the system... what system?

But Ramsay decides that there's one person that doesn't care enough to work in Hell's Kitchen. And that person... is JIM. "You're not the Tin Man, and I'm not the (^_^)ing Wizard of Oz."

"At times I thought Jim was sleepwalking. But then I realize he just had no passion. And that's why it was time for him to leave Hell's Kitchen."

But another busy day tomorrow... Will Robert return on time?

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