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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs Scott Liebfried
Heather West
Maitre d' Jean Philippe Susilovic
Announcer Jason Thompson
Creator Optomen Productions
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
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ITV Studios
Origins Century Studios, Los Angeles
Airs 8p Tues, Fox
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14 Chefs Compete
July 28

Last time on Hell's Kitchen, it was the second curse of Ramsay... raining prawns. Attention to detail was tested and the men pulled through. Unfortunately no one pulled through in the dinner service, and both teams sent forth their nominations for elimination... And Joseph threatened to cross a line that one dares not cross in Hell's Kitchen, getting in the chef's face and calling him a little bitch.

We pick up the action there as security enters to quell the scene. At that point, Chef Ramsay decides that he's not going to put up with the drama, and tells Joseph to go eff off.

But the elimination must continue. Kevin sets forth Tony (performance on fish) and Andy (performance on meat). Lovely, who had raw seabass, has a drive and passion. Tennille admits to screwing up the shrimp. Andy says the performance was not indicative. Tony just says he loves to cook.

And after sending one chef home already... Chef Ramsay sends TONY home... and Robert to the men's again.

That night, the main topic is Joseph. Did that really just happen?

The chefs are ready for a little sleep. And having to wake up at 2:05 in the morning... that's exactly what they're going to get, as sirens start blazing. Seriously, where's the fire? The answer... there is no fire. It's just a drill. And a challenge. They're going to have to cook fresh pasta dishes for a brigade of firefighters, stressing quickness and teamwork.. something sorely lacking in Hell's Kitchen so far. The first side to finish serving will win.

The menu: chicken alfredo, meatball marinara, and garlic bread.

The first tickets are in, but before the pasta can go out, the garlic bread has to go out. The Red Kitchen will wait for Lovely's bread, while Andy is only using two of his five ovens. Twenty minutes in, and not one of the firefighters has received anything to eat. Not. One. Thanks to Ariel, garlic bread is finally coming out of the kitchen. The pasta's ready on the blue side, but Andy's still waiting for bread.

Thirty minutes in, and the red team has moved onto the pasta. The blue team is waiting on Andy. The garlic bread finally gets out of the Blue Kitchen, and now they're free to finish up their entrees. The ladies look to pull even further ahead... and no one's looking to pull an inch. Blue team has six to finish, while Red has four. It's now a race to the finish. The Red Kitchen looks like it's on their way to an easy finish... when we find a pink meatball. The men pull even, and it's anyone's challenge to win...

... and it's the Red Team! And Robert's sick of losing.

The reward for the red... they're going on a spa day... via helicopter. Meanwhile, the blue team will be cleaning the firetrucks and the dining room.

Dave stretches his wrist while cleaning an engine, while the women are being cleaned up for the long road head. And Kevin rolls BOTH of his ankles to the point where medical has to come in. Medical also comes in for Dave's wrist. Both of them are going in for x-rays. Both return. Dave tears a ligament and fractures a bone. He's clear to work. Kevin is working as well, with a sprain and a stretched ligament.

The next day comes, and the walking wounded enter the kitchen and prep for tonight's service. The ladies are coming off of a big challenge win, while the guys are working through the pain. One of each team will function as a waiter. Dave the One-Armed Bandit and Lovely the Not-So Lovely will be serving. And they make the determination... this dinner service WILL BE COMPLETE.

"Jean Philippe... Open Hell's Kitchen."

Blue Team gets its first order. Van has to set the momentum for the team. And he sets the mood, at least... but Ramsay's more impressed by his cooking than his shouting. Will Tennille impress similarly? Umm... she'll have to learn how much oil to saute scallops first. Robert's asking for scallops... but Andy's got too much. If he wants something done right, he'll have to do it himself. Same with Tennille, who fails to get color on that scallops. Tek is trying to help her out, but she can't process all of the voices.

Thirty-five minutes into service, and Van & Robert have served nearly all of their appetizers, while Tennille is setting the place on fire. She finally delivers edible scallops, while the men move onto entrees. Food is now flying out of both kitchens, and both teams are running at fever paces... except for Lovely, who takes 42 minutes to get one bottle of Balmoral Syrah out of the vintage.

Things don't get any better for the reds as they deliver subpar lamb, while the blues are firing on all cylinders. Kevin leads the way and the team as a result has four tables left. The women continue to push entrees, while the men push toward the finish line. Robert's slow salmon is threatening to set the men back. It's now neck and neck... and the women finish their last ticket. The men eventually finish, but Robert's timing did not help.

Studying the comment cards... Red diners rated their experience... 81% above average. Blue diners... 83%. Ariel must nominate two chefs to eliminate. She's got too many choices. Does she put up Tennille? Does she put up Amanda? Does she put up Lovely? Someone's going to be unhappy.

At elimination, Lovely (too slow, less experienced) and Tennille (weak link). Tennille doesn't think that she's weak, but she's being demoralized. Lovely cites that all of her customers were satisfied, but Ramsay thinks that she might be in over her head.

He doesn't think EITHER of them are going to win... but Ramsay decides that no one is going home on the back of Joseph's ejection. But it's the only gift that he's giving. Aside from these words.... "I'm NOBODY'S bitch."

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