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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs Scott Liebfried
Heather West
Maitre d' Jean Philippe Susilovic
Announcer Jason Thompson
Creator Optomen Productions
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
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ITV Studios
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Airs 8p Tues, Fox
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12 Chefs Compete
August 11

Last time, the chefs were up to their knees in sausage, while Dave received some bad news from his injured arm, but he vowed to keep going. The men got even for the loss in the challenge as they finished dinner service, forcing the women to send Lovely packing.

Tek considers herself lucky that she's still here. Meanwhile, at 1:15a, the chefs are still awake, and Dave is learning to function with one thumb.

The next morning, the chefs meet Natasha James, whose husband SSG Otis James, USMC is returning from an overseas hitch in Iraq. He literally flew in last night, and now tomorrow night will be the most amazing welcome home party he's ever seen. Next challenge: one appetizer, two entrees, and the best of three wins.

Robert and Suzanne learn that SSG James love shrimp, baked potatoes, soul food, and grilled lobster tail. now they have to convey those likes to their teams. They have 45 minutes to put something together. The winning team's dishes will be served tomorrow night. Robert has a collaborative style of leadership that seems to be working for the blues, while Suzanne... could do better.

Blue: Spicy Seafood Bouillabaisse
Red: Caesar Salad with Baked Prawns
WINNER: Red (1-0)

Blue: Bacon Wrapped Fillet with Grilled Shrimp
Red: Mac & Cheese with Buttermilk Fried Catfish
WINNER: Blue (tied)

Blue: NY Strip with Grilled  Lobster Tail and Mash
Red: Broiled Lobster Tail with Pasta
WINNER: Blue (win, 2-1)

The reward for winning is a day of being fighter pilots doing maneuvers. The ladies, on the other hand, will be redecorating the dining room.

Suzanne didn't communicate "soul food", and Tennille probably would've nailed that in the bud if she did. As a result, she's pissed. Meanwhile, Van can't stop quoting Top Gun. The ladies on the other hand get some help from Gordon's wife Tana... who's apparently as type A as he is.  The ladies find some way to have some fun... with helium. The guys return and the pressure is eased somewhat.

Next day, it's time to prep. The red team has not won a dinner service YET. The blue team are trying to ride the high, to that end, they're not divulging any information about their menu. Seems like they just don't want to win, they want to bury the ladies. Ramsay advises the team... Teamwork.

"JP... Open Hell's Kitchen, please."

Everything's set up with SSG James in mind. Tonight's menu has his favorite foods, and he has no idea that everyone in his life for the last two years is in the room to welcome him home. Well... he does now! There's one more surprise... his mom. That's quality nice.

Okay, let's get to work! The men get the honor of cooking for the man of honor tonight, and they take it very seriously. The ladies, though... can't get anything started. They finally start on apps for their first table, while the men are finishing them up. Now we're onto the grill, keeping the momentum up. Jim's steaks turn out to be the hit of the night. Kevin gets worried as Jim doesn't answer Ramsay's request. Kevin has a blast playing hero. Speaking of heroes, the guest of honor's entree is perfect.

Tek and Tennille are fighting over control of the grill... and the rest of the team is not faring any better. Five people end up cooking the grill on the red side. You mark the food, and then finish it in the oven. Tek is really fouling up the steaks, and Ramsay is not pleased... at all. They end up not sending ANY entrees out.

Meanwhile, the men are pushing entrees, while Andy is concerned with Dave's hand. Dave doesn't need concern, thanks. He's got his dishes to work on. The ladies, though... are still hoping to push their first entree. Ramsay pulls Tek to the side and tells her to get a grip. He also tells Jim to pay more attention to his food. But with Kevin's help, Jim sends out the blue team's final entree just as Tek's ready to send out the first red entree. But the lobster is not ready.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, as Ramsay calls in the blues to finish what the reds never started. With Kevin on the desserts and the rest of the blues finishing in the red kitchen, service is finally complete. But it's anything but a hero's welcome for the ladies... who will jointly decide who'll be put up to the pass for elimination.

The men, though, celebrate their victory.

For the ladies, it's basically a question of who can cook and who can't. Tek apologizes for the first table. Tennille suggests her and Amanda up. Sabrina says that she likes Tennille, but she's a weak link.

At elimination, Tennille nominates Tek for overall deflating. Tennille then nominates herself, though she says that she's not the weakest person on the team. She thinks that Amanda should be the second nominee. Ramsay agrees. Tennille says that with every service she gets stronger. Ramsay sends her back to the line.

Tek says that she doesn't want to walk out of Hell's Kitchen as a failure. Amanda says that she can get stronger as she goes. Ramsay's not convinced. He thinks she's beat. She's done.

... but she lives to survive another day. TEK is sent home.

"I kept on waiting for Tek to emerge. She couldn't even handle her station. Tek had a total meltdown."

Next time, can the men ride the high of three wins in a row with one man down (and possibly out)? And what happens when Tennille does the unthinkable and snap back at Gordon Ramsay?

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