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If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Gordon Ramsay
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10 Chefs Compete
August 25

Last time on Hell's Kitchen, a healthy appetite turned deadly as Robert was rushed to the hospital after enduring a grueling punishment. The chefs then completely bombed the night in the kitchen, sending Jim home. Now ten chefs remain... but if Robert doesn't return in time for dinner this round, it'll be nine.

Tennille and Sabrina dodged two more bullets. Sabrina doesn't want to put up one more undercooked anything, while Tennille's just tired of being pushed around. Meanwhile, the guys believe that without Robert, they have a more cohesive team.

Morning arrives, and Robert has not yet returned. The men will have to play this challenge without him. In this challenge... chance will determine what you'll cook with... because Chef Ramsay has installed a craps table. On it, two d12s (geek moment) will determine your ingredients, because each one has 12 letters on it. Roll the die and choose an ingredient beginning with the letter. Then you'll have 30 to cook. Best dish wins reward.

WOMEN: Rabbit, Haricots verts, Potatoes, Garlic, Ham hock.
MEN: Haddock, Figs (d'oh!), Angel hair pasta, Apples, Tomatoes.

Dave has a million uses for figs... but will any of them fig-ure into the dish (C-Note: stick around, I have a million of them!)? The answer.... surprisingly yes. The women's dish is progressing nicely despite Suzanne's mouth.  Tennille has never tasted garlic before, so she suggests adding a little sugar with it.

The dishes...

WOMEN: Pan-Roasted Rabbit with Roasted Garlic Rosemary Puree and Ham Hock Stock
MEN: Braised Haddock with Tomato & Fig Sauce on Angel Hair Pasta

The winner... the men! They will spend the day in Vegas at the Palms, while the women will have to prep both kitchens AND accept deliveries today.

... and tonight.

... and the next day.

The men return... and again, Robert is nowhere to be seen. Two hours before service, and the women want to get rid of Suzanne. The men concentrate on the team unit when... Robert arrives back into the kitchen ready to join them. You'd think they'd welcome the extra set of hands... nope. You'd think that Robert would get right back in the thick of this... also nope.

We're almost ready for the service, but before we do, Ramsay installs chef's tables and inside of them, two chefs from London New York (his NY restaurant) and London West Hollywood (his SoCal eatery).

Let's open Hell's Kitchen!

The chefs in attendance are Carl Bertka (pastry chef) & Harutaka Kishi (sous chef) on the blue side, and Stuart Collins (head chef) & Josh Emett (chef de cuisine) on the red. The blue chefs have been waited on, but the chefs in the red are just... waiting. That's your station, Ariel. Dave, on the other hand, gets props for his risotto... which they're not sure they ordered. Heh. Ariel's scallops... are a little bit burnt. AND a little not salty enough.

Both kitchens have served their apps, and it's time to move onto entrees. Van's at his strongest at fish. He sends his first dish out... but it comes back with plastic, because Van forgot to take that off. Sabrina and Suzanne work together on one station and the results are less than appetizing. Sabrina was busy... Suzanne was "fake busy".

Entrees are now leaving the red kitchen... and once again, a blue table finds some plastic wrap. The dish comes back to the kitchen and Van is told to check everything. Sabrina is also told to check the garnishes. The Blue Team is so focused on their dishes that they forget the chefs at the chef's table. Van has to recollect EVERYTHING about all the fish on offer today. As for the red kitchen. Thanks to Amanda and Tennille, the Red Kitchen is pushing entrees... and Robert's starting over on lamb.

Red Team has the finish line in its sights, and the chefs are enjoying their entrees. They're stalled on Ariel's pasta, while the Blue Team is stalled on... everything else. And the rabbit is raw on that side... So raw that Ramsay orders the blue kitchen shut off.

Red Kitchen has ONE more table left. And DONE! Red Team wins the service. Well, that's up to Ramsay. Both chefs in the Red Kitchen would return. Both chefs in the Blue Kitchen say "thanks but no thanks."

Dave stood out as best of the worst, so he'll decide on two people for elimination. Robert and Van had the worst service, but Andy is a weak link. Robert decides to tell Andy that he'll never win this.

At elimination, Dave decides to put up Robert (weak service and health issues) and Van (based on tonight's performance). Ramsay then orders Andy to the pass.... then tells Van to go back up to the line. Robert says that he's never been up on the block and that he's disgusted that he's on the same level as Andy. Andy defends that Robert has not done all the work that he's done.

Andy... is sent back to the line. ROBERT has had more services than anyone, and his last dish is raw. He's at least going back to focus on his career and his health... because three times... is the charm.

"Robert's closing plea was quite entertaining. But I'm not looking for a performer, I'm looking for a Head Chef. And Robert's not that guy."

So who exactly is that guy? Stay tuned.

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