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July 21


If you can't stand the heat, you're not going to last long in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen.

Recaps by Chico & Quisla Alexander, GSNN

Host Gordon Ramsay
Sous Chefs Scott Liebfried
Heather West
Maitre d' Jean Philippe Susilovic
Announcer Jason Thompson
Creator Optomen Productions
EP Arthur Smith
Kent Weed
Packager A. Smith & Co. Productions
ITV Studios
Origins Century Studios, Los Angeles
Airs 8p Tues, Fox
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15 Chefs Compete
July 21

If you were here with us over the last hour, you saw 16 chefs arrive at Hell's Kitchen, ready for the challenge. But in the signature dish round, only five of the dishes passed muster. The dinner service proved no better, as both kitchens were ordered shut down for the night, and Chef Ramsay made an offer to a customer, one Robert Hesse from the last season... Return to the competition and cook for him. Robert accepted and both Louie (mid-service) and Melinda were sent home. Now 15 chefs remain.

Robert swears that he's going to lead his team to victory or die trying. He helps the ladies out by giving an insight as to how Hell's Kitchen works.

The next morning, the chefs get a primer in working with shrimp, a test of attention to detail. Each shrimp must be cleaned to meet Chef Ramsay's exacting standards. That means removing the head, shell, veins, and ... I'm assuming they're reproductive organs. Most shrimp cleaned wins. Lovely will sit out for the challenge.

Ten minutes... starting now!

The Red Team deliver 44, yet Tenille is clearly the weak link.

The Blue Team... are one better to win. The Red Team will be prepping shrimp cocktail for tonight's service, while the guys are heading to Newport Beach for lunch.

Tennille grabs the reins in the punishment, trying to redeem herself, though some of the chefs decide that they weren't going to take it.

A pearl of wisdom from lunch with Ramsay.... He takes a lot of crap as well, and the more crap he takes, the better he becomes. He expects the remaining chefs to be the same way.

Meanwhile, JP arrives on the beach... with his yacht in tow.

Back in Hell, Tennille is still catching it for not cleaning shrimp properly.

The next day, the Red Team has to put its differences aside in order to bring it at service. Robert emerges as leader, bringing his experience to the fold. Meanwhile, Tony and Kevin are coming to blows over grapefruit.

Moments before the doors open, Ramsay decides to add a little bit of magic to the service by adding tableside scampi service. Van and Tennille are chosen for this special service.

Time for a comeback. Everyone's ready to deliver... except for Tony, who's still over a grapefruit.

"Jean Philippe... Open Hell's Kitchen."

The first orders come in, and Tennille and Van have to coordinate with apps to get all of their dishes on time, which is more than what Tony is doing, as he fires scallops without being asked to. Lovely has trouble getting started, as she forgets one of the rules set forth from episode 1: flame goes on. Tony's scallops, refired and ready for testing.... are cold. Van's getting held up because of it. Kevin has to take over his station and thanks to that, first appetizers are leaving the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Robert is a little bit anxious to get back into the kitchen, as is evidenced by some of the rookie mistakes he makes. Van, on the other hand, is making some costly errors of his own tableside, and JP almost reads him the riot acts for it. Red Team's apps are coming out, but Tennille needs help with the shrimp as she serves a pregnant customer. Van, on the other hand, is firing on ... well, ONE cylinder as he keeps dropping shrimp.

Van and JP have to be pulled aside and told to have their jets cooled. As soon as they enter an uneasy truce, Tennille comes with news that she's backed up... AGAIN.

Ninety minutes into service, and Tennille has sunk her team. Meanwhile, the blue team is beginning on entrees... and Andy forgets to use his meat thermometer to check his chicken. He has to start over, while the Red Team is refiring chicken. Again. And again. And again. Tony's not faring well on fish, while Kevin takes over... AGAIN. Lovely's sea bass is raw. Then it's burned.

An hour and 45 minutes, and the red kitchen is stalled. Kevin on the other hand is too careful with his fish. That turns into five chefs cooking fish... and no fish being produced. Add chicken being burned on the red, and Chef Ramsay orders both kitchens shut off and both staffs to prep shrimp cocktails, because that's apparently the only thing they can make.

And on the strength of that last service (or absence thereof), both teams will have to send someone up for elimination.

Tennille doesn't take responsibility for her messups. Tony does. On the Red Team, Suzanne and Sabrina comes to blows over whose fault it was for the raw chicken. Van on the other hand is threatening to punch someone in the mouth.

At elimination, the Red Team puts up Tennille (too many mistakes on the raw scampi) and Lovely (based on overall experience). The Blue Team... Well, Joseph puts up Tony and Andy. But he does not adhere to Ramsay's instructions in sending forward nomination. "He knows why." It escalates into a shouting match with Ramsay accusing Joseph of making a big to-do about nominations, and Joseph exclaiming in as loud a voice as he can that he's not anyone's bitch.

And to hammer this point home, even as the other chefs try to talk him down whatever ledge he's on, Joseph tosses aside his chef's jacket and challenges Ramsay to a rumble outside!


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