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Movie buffs from all over the U.S. go head-to-head in such categories as Movie Trivia, the Debate Round, and the Obsession War. The winner earns the coveted title of Ultimate Film Fanatic.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Chris Gore
Megan Johnson

Mark Cronin, James Rowley
Packager: Mindless Entertainment
Airs: Fridays at 10:30pm ET on IFC

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"South Region" - February 11

We've been East. West and Midwest, but we now need to go...South. We're going South tonight, as Chris show us 6 new people. 5 of them will be going under, while one of them will advance to the finals. Let's see who the Southern folk are going to be...

Kevin Casey (San Antonio, TX) - This guy (imagine a shorter, Mexican Paul Wright) says that his Sam Peckinpah will kick your Steven Spielberg ass.

Brad Baylor (Austin, TX) - This light blonde, balding guy says that he loves all movies - even the ones that suck. Yeah, that's original.

Sherri Mills (Austin, TX) - This is the first middle-aged woman on the show - and she says that she loves Tom Cruise AND was born on the 4th of July. Ok.

James Wright (Grand Prarie, TX) - Oh look, it's another fat white guy with glasses and a goatee spewing out lines from Rushmore. Whoopie.

Amy Polk (Dallas, TX) - This brunette says that popcorn and Twizzlers are nature's perfect food. Fortunately for us, her body does not represent that statement.

Charlie Stewart (Kirby, TX) - It's an Amish guy in Texas! Well, he looks Amish, and he, carrying an Alfred Hitchcock bust, says that his friends use him instead of a DVD track. He's short enough to fit in a DVD track...

3 people's time on the show will be short as we go through the first cut. Charlie and Amy choose between Great Sex Scenes, Robots and When John Hughes Was Funny. The two people decide to play with John Hughes - figuratively.

Question - In what 1983 movie did Michael Keaton play poker for coupons and had to change baby's diapers?
Right Answer - Mr. Mom
Charlie's Answer - Mr. Mom

Question - In what movie did Long Duck Dong immortalize, "No more yankee my wankee"?
Right Answer - 16 Candles
Amy's Answer - 16 Candles

Question - What park were the Griswolds driving to in National Lampoon's Vacation?
Right Answer - Wally World
Charlie's Answer - Wally World

Question - What actress played 'She' in She's Having a Baby?
Right Answer - Elizabeth McGovern
Amy's Answer - Elizabeth Perkins

Another woman bites the dust, as Amy goes no further. Will we have two straight women's busts? James and Sherri will duke it out, as they see Angelina Jolie as a new category - but decide to go with Great Sex Scenes instead.

Question - In what 1987 movie did Michael Douglas have sex with Glenn Close in her own kitchen sink?
Right Answer - Fatal Attraction
James's Answer - Fatal Attraction

Question - Who played Jenny the perfect woman in 10?
Right Answer - Bo Derek
Sherri's Answer - Bo Derek

Question - Name the movie that Halle Berry had sex with Billy Bob Thornton and won the Academy Award for it?
Right Answer - Monster's Ball
James's Answer - No Guess

We get a female into the next round as Sherri advances. James has to go bye-bye. Either Brad and Kevin will be joining him as they junk 'Those Darn Nazi's' and play 'Angelina Jolie'

Question - What star of Midnight Cowboy is Angelina's daddy?
Right Answer - Jon Voight
Brad's Answer - Jon Voight

Question - In what 1999 Winona Ryder movie did Angelina win an Academy Award for playing a woman in a psych ward?
Right Answer - Girl, Interrupted
Kevin's Answer - Girl, Interrupted

Question - Who played Polly Perkins in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow?
Right Answer - Gwyneth Paltrow
Brad's Answer - Gwyneth Paltrow

Question - Name the subtitle of the Second Tomb Raider movie
Right Answer - The Cradle of Life
Kevin's Answer - The Lost City of Gold

Kevin is gone, and we are left with Charlie, Sherri and Brad. The first two debaters will be Brad and Sherri as they discuss the Best Fight Scene.

Brad - Raging Bull
Sherri - Rocky

Brad talks about the black and white stark images while Sherri talks about how you cared about Rocky, even though he lost. Brad talks about the reality of Raging Bull as Rocky says that the movie sucked you in. I have to side with Brad. The judges side with...

Keith - Brad
Tatum - Brad
Henry - Brad

Brad sweeps his way to the finals. Charlie wants to sweep past Sherri as well, but they have to get through the Best Sequel of all time

Charlie - The Empire Strikes Back
Sherri - Aliens

Charlie talks about Lando Calrissian and Cloud City and the carbonation. Sherri talks about how much scarier Aliens was as it introduced new heroes and villains. Charlie talks about how Sigourney Weaver wasn't in her underwear. WHA? Sherri calls Charlie an idiot, adding that the Empire Strikes Back didn't add anything to the franchise. I think the Sigourney in her underwear reference loses Charlie. Judges?

Henry - Sherri
Tatum - Charlie
Keith - Sherri

Charlie had enough 'Rope' to hang himself, as he and Alfred exit, stage right. In his 'Rear Window', Charlie can watch Sherri and Brad get obsessive in the final round. Before this game goes to 'The Birds' we get to the rounds...

Round 1 -

Sherri - Souvenir books and the ticket envelopes bought in the 1960's on various films.
Brad - The ACTUAL director Tape of Johnathan Demme's Swing Shift.

I think that the key is how you went about getting it. Sherri spent more than 40 years holding on to her stuff, so she wins. (Sherri leads, 1-0)

Round 2 -

Brad - A collection of Critic Joe Bob Brigg's materials, including t-shirts and autographs.
Sherri - An original 1956 movie poster of Bus Stop, which she was given as she also starred in the play version of the show.

You would think that if she won the first one, she would win the second one, via the same reasoning. She does and Sherri sweeps Brad out, 2-0.

Sherri screams in joy and is only the second woman to get into the finals. She yells 'Freedom!' and tells people that for anyone who asked her what she is going to do with her movie knowledge, this is what she is going to do with it.

NEXT - The Finale. Join us in 7 days as we crown our Season 2 winner.

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