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Movie buffs from all over the U.S. go head-to-head in such categories as Movie Trivia, the Debate Round, and the Obsession War. The winner earns the coveted title of Ultimate Film Fanatic.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Chris Gore
Megan Johnson

Mark Cronin, James Rowley
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"Southwest Coast Region" - February 4

We are looking for the Ultimate Film Fanatic in the Southwest Region this week, and we have some changes. First of all, although Keith David and Tatum O'Neil are with us, Henry Rollins is not - instead, we have Ione Skye. The next change is that hopefully not all of the contestants will be from Texas. Let's find out who they are.

Chad Hardigan - (Los Angeles, CA...WHA? More California?) - Chad, who looks like a cross between Bruce Campbell and a side character in Revenge of the Nerds, says that Kevin Smith sucks, Lars Montrere rules, and he's a self-described pretentious #$$hole. Well, Chad lives up to his name, as he is the first person who doesn't get any applause. Well, There's a reason why they call it la-la land...

Samir Roy (San Diego, CA) - Samir, who is clearly from Middle Eastern decent, says that he has God Movies. WHA? Maybe there's something in the water in southern CA.

Ted Wilkinson (North Hollywood, CA) - He looks like Jared if Jared was 10 years older and went back to eating junk food. He say that he has had all sorts of movie experience, but he PAYS for his movies. Well, at least some Californians have morals...

Tracy Mercer (Mission Viejo, CA) - She looks like Rosie O'Donnell 10 years earlier and if she went on the Subway diet 1 year ago. She says that Birth of a Nation is a racist piece of crap - but required piece of viewing. OK, she gets my vote.

Jason Coleman (Monrovia, California) - Jason, who looks like a cross between Rowdy Roddy Piper, Jeff Goldblum, and Wendy 'Snapple Lady' Kauffman, recites Piper's 'chew bubble gum and kick ass' speech from John Carpenter's 'They Live'. Anyone who does that automatically gets bonus points in my book.

Brandon Thompson (Sonoma Valley, CA) - If Ryan Stiles was blond, receding hair and 2 feet shorter, he'd be Brandon, who says he should win because he sat through Torque. Heh.

We start the First Cut with Brandon and Jason. Damn - one of the cool people will be leaving in the first round. The cool people will have to pick from Disaster Movies, Fake American Accents and Spielberg. Brandon eliminated Disaster Movies and Jason eliminates Fake American Accents, which leaves us with Spielberg.

Brandon - What Spielberg movie starred Robin Williams as Peter Pan and Julia Roberts as Tinkerbelle?
Right Answer - Hook
Brandon's Answer - Hook

Jason - Name the 2 movies that Spielberg won the Oscar for Best Director
Right Answer - Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan
Jason's Answer - Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan

Brandon - Name 2 of the three movies that Spielberg was nominated for - but lost.
Right Answer - Close Encounters, Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T.
Brandon's Answer - Jaws, and...he doesn't get another guess as Jaws is wrong.

Jason gets to kick @$$ and chew bubble gum in the next round. Ted and Tracy get to try to do the same in this round, as the new category is That 70's Film, which is what gets to be played.

Tracy - What two John's played Danny and Sandy in Grease?
Right Answer - John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
Tracy's Answer - John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John

Ted - In what 1979 horror movie did a house tell Margot Kidder and James Brolin to 'Get Out'?
Right Answer - The Amityville Horror
Ted's Answer - The Amityville Horror

Tracy - What Michael Jackson love song was also the sequel to the movie Willard?
Right Answer - Ben
Tracy's Answer - Ben the Rat (Accepted)

Ted - In the 1979 film The Jerk, what nickname did Steve Martin give to his dog?
Right Answer - Sh!thead
Ted's Answer - Dog

Ted is going to feel like a sh!thead as he got it wrong, while we FINALLY get some female hormones past the first round for the first time since Episode 1. Could we also get someone non-white past the first round? We'll see as Samir and Chad face off with each other, which guarantees that a weirdo will be leaving us. After seeing the new category of When Directors Act, the weirdoes decide to play that category.

Samir - What 1974 Roman Polansky classic movie featured John Huston as Noah Cross?
Right Answer - Chinatown
Samir's Answer - Chinatown

Chad - Name one Robert Rodriguez movie that Quentin Tarantino appeared in .
Right Answer - From Dusk Till Dawn (I'm sure there are more)
Chad's Answer - From Dusk Till Dawn (but Chad came up with this one)

Samir - In what movie was Curtis Hanson married to a cocaine-snorting Meryl Streep?
Right Answer - Adaptation
Samir's Answer - Adaptation

Chad - Who killed Nicole Kidman at the end of To Die For?
Right Answer - David Cronenberg
Chad's Answer - David Cronenberg

Samir - Who directed Adaptation and in what 1999 movie did he say 'I didn't join the Army to pull paper out of people's asses'?
Right Answer - Spike Jonze and 3 Kings
Samir's Answer - Spike Jonze and 3 Soldiers

We don't get a Middle Easterner in the second round - but we get a pretentious @$$hole that joins Tracy and Jason. These three get to spend a little debate time together - but Chad and Tracy will spend more time together first.

The topic is - Best Actress of all time -

Chad - Audrey Hepburn
Tracy - Sigourney Weaver

Chad says that Audrey is the most beautiful woman ever (WHA?) who picked interesting roles. Tracy says that Sigourney was great in her individual movies and was in three major movies in 1986. Chad says that she is only a big movie actress, but Tracy rattles off four non big-name movies she was in and Tracy should win this one in a rout. Judges?

Tatum - Tracy
Keith - Tracy
Ione - Tracy

Tracy goes on to the final round. Will a Jason or an @$$hole be joining her? As we discover that the topic is Best Comedy Movies of all time.

Chad - Take the Money and Run
Jason - After Hours.

Chad is much better as he talks about what he likes about the film and discusses the talent of the director, but Jason is up to the task by discussing the talents of the actors. They are both equal in their counter arguments, and this one may be close. Judges?

Ione - Chad
Keith - Chad
Tatum - Jason

Jason had a chance to kick an @$$hole, but he will now have to do it off of the set. How obsessive are these people? We go to the obsession round to find out.

Round 1 -

Chad - A list of every movie he has ever seen and graded, but looking through Leonard Maltin's book, sorted by actor, director and Academy Awards won - 1,690 films.

Tracy - An autographed picture of Peter Fonda

Based on past history, Chad's movie list should easily win this first round - and he does (CHad leads, 1-0). We go to round 2...

Tracy - A framed 1920's picture of Mabel Molly

Chad - A set of Signed DVD's from editors and cinematographers.

This one seems much more of a toss-up, and the judges agree -but they will give the star to Tracy (Tied, 1-1). Final round...

Chad - A painted movie DVD sets - with him and his fiance caricatures on them for wedding movie table placards.

Tracy - The #1 Issue of Bladerunner, the fanzine and photographs that she won at a science fiction convention.

The judges decide that....Chad's placards are better, so he wins the second star and gets to go to the Finals. He fittingly gets the '@$$' section of the statue. He thanks everyone, adding 'I am a nerd! All of you used to beat me up in school and now you're cheering for me!'. Chad has some...issues.

Next week, 6 more people will have issues, as only one of them can get to the finals. Join us in 7 days as we find out who that one person will be.

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