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Movie buffs from all over the U.S. go head-to-head in such categories as Movie Trivia, the Debate Round, and the Obsession War. The winner earns the coveted title of Ultimate Film Fanatic.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Chris Gore
Megan Johnson

Mark Cronin, James Rowley
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"Midwest Region" - February 11

5 Segments down. 2 Segments to go. Next up - the Midwest Region, as Henry Rollins comes back to the judging crew. I can't wait to see what the producers consider 'Midwest' to be...

Ryan Ziegler (Chicago) - This dirty blonde cross between Ryan Seacrest and Ricky Schroeder has seen Young Frankenstein so many times, he is dating women who look like Marty Feldman. Now THAT'S Scary.

Jeff Goodman (Chicago) - This skinnier version of Jason Biggs says that friends use him instead of Hopefully, they also won't use him instead of

J.R. McMillain (Columbus, OH) - The guy who looks like a cross between John Waters and the actor who played Rooster Cogburn in the 80's version of the movie Annie says that he has seen 10 films in 48 hours. I do that too - it's called keeping Starz on while typing all day for this website.

Erin Davidson (Chicago) - She looks like a cross between Uma Thurman and Miss Hannigan from the 80's Annie movies, and she says that she knows the African Anteater ritual from Can't By Me Love. Speaking of love, have you met Ryan Ziegler?

Nat Dykeman (Libertyville, IL) - It's Jim Ross if he was from the Midwest! He says he knows the difference between Keith David and David Keith - preferring Keith David, of course. Bonus points to Nat.

Kandice Hart (Gary, IN) - This spunky African-American female who looks like Trenyce knows all 8 rules of Fight Club. I dig her.

We start with the first cut, where Kandice and Nat will be deciding over Bombs Away, Scorcese and Urine the Movies. Kandice, who looks like she doesn't like ANY of the categories, gets rid of Urine, while Nat wants to play Scorcese. He gets his wish...

Question - in What 1976 movie did Robert DeNiro say 'You're Talking to Me?'
Right Answer - Taxi Driver
Kandice's Answer - Taxi Driver

Question - in What 1990 movie did Joe Pesci go into his 'Am I a Clown' rant?
Right Answer - Goodfellas
Nat's Answer - Goodfellas

Question - What three actors played the Boden Family in Cape Fear?
Right Answer - Juliette Lewis, Jessica Lange and Nick Nolte
Kandice's Answer - Juliette Lewis, Jeff Bridges (WRONG)

Nat's strategy works, and he gets to advance to round 2. Kandice is
eliminated. They ALWAYS get rid of the African-Americans first, damn it!!!!!

Spaced out is the new category. Erin (who gets rid of Spaced Out) and JR (who gets rid of Urine the Movies) get to answer trivia on movie bombs.

Question - In what 2003 Flop features Bennifer as a lesbian contract killer?
Right Answer - Gigli
Erin's Answer - Gigli

Question - What 2002 Guy Richie movie features Madonna on a deserted island?
Right Answer - Swept Away
JR's Answer - No Guess

The women are 1 for 2. Erin advances and JR gets to go visit Kandice in the
Green Room. Jeff and Ryan compete. They see It's The Law, but they decide to play Spaced Out.

Question - What Austrian actor traveled to Mars in the movie Total Recall?
Right Answer - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jeff's Answer - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Question - What film starred Tim Allen as a TV Actor mistaken for an  interplanetary hero?
Right Answer - Galaxy Quest
Ryan's Answer - Galaxy Quest

Question - Who directed George Clooney in Solaris?
Right Answer - Steven Soderbergh
Jeff's Answer - Steven Soderbergh

Question - Who Directed Starship Troopers and who played Carmen?
Right Answer - Paul Verhoeven and Denise Richards
Ryan's Answer - Paul Verhoeven and Denise Richards

Question - What movie featured a video game playing boy as the last hope for humanity?
Right Answer - The Last Starfighter
Jeff's Answer - The Last Starfighter

Question - What film starred Sean Connery as a Marshall investigating deaths on a mine in Jupiter?
Right Answer - Outland
Ryan's Answer - Spacecop

That's a tough way to be eliminated, but Ryan is gone. Someone else will be eliminated painfully, as we get to the great debate. Erin goes first, while Jeff is second. Nat will be waiting in the wings to take on the loser.

Round 1 - Biggest guilty pleasure.
Erin - Midnight Madness
Jeff - Mary Poppins

Erin talks about Michael J. Fox and exceeds the 20 second mark. Jeff talks
about the wonders of a super housekeeper. Erin talks about how a dorky movie made her feel cool while Jeff said that Mary Poppins made him feel good. That was...eerie. Judges?

David - Jeff
Tatum - Erin
(The returning) Henry - Erin

Erin advances to the final round. Jeff plays against Nat

Round 2 - Best High School Comedy Movie
Nat - Rushmore
Jeff - Fast times at Ridgemont High

Jeff talks about the characters that you went to school with. Nat calls the characters stereotypes, while Rushmore deals with real people. Jeff talks about issues, while Nat talks about Rushmore wins Golden Globs nominations that Rushmore has gotten. I think Jeff is in trouble. Judges?

Henry - Nat
Tatum - Nat
Keith - Nat

We know that Jeff likes middle aged housekeepers and stoners. We also know that Jeff will not be winning the competition, as he is eliminated. And with that, we go to the obsession round.

Round 1 -

Nat - Put up $2,000 to create his own film festival, with September 11th and Robot Stories.
Erin - The abominable snowman from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, the Cryptkeeper from Bordello of Blood and the Grinch from her childhood.

Spending $2,000 for a film festival should easily win this one, as she received the gifts and didn't have to go out to get them. It does. (Nat leads, 1-0).

Round 2 -

Erin - Gifts of a Dabney Coleman autograph, a Goonies T-Shirt - which she turned into a purse and modeled it in front of the judges.
Nat - A date book with every movie that he has seen during the year - and a list of every year since he was born.

This one is going to be closer, but I think that Nat is going to get the sweep here. He does, as he is much more obsessive than Erin, with Henry recommending that he goes out, gets some sun and plays frisbee - or does SOMEthing. (Nat wins, 2-0).

Nat will go on to the finals in a few weeks. He thanks his wife (well, he has
been getting out a little bit) and thanks everyone who went to his film festival and the judges. AwwwBarf.

6 Down. 1 to go. Tune in 7 days from now to see the final region.

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