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Today is

Fight 6: Friendly Fire - August 15

Grady Brewer brought the power back to the blue squad in fight five and now it is time to wrap up the rest of the Contender’s Opening Round.

The Blue team is chomping at the bit to fight and that is a problem. Every individual left feels that they should be fighting this week and the schedule that was once on paper is not looking as if it is going to hold up. Their bickering however is cut short by their reward. Willie McGinest of the New England Patriots came out to present the blue team with some expensive watches. Suggested Retail Value $2500.

Steve Forbes of the yellow squad is in the ring and training hard. He is convinced that he can take the whole thing. Everyone recognizes the fact that he is a world champion and that respect could serve him well down the road.

Steve, Jeff Fraza and Ebo Elder are all forced to wait nervously to find out which of them will be fighting. The wait is over.

For the Blue team, Michael Stewart steps forward. After a brief pause he calls out Ebo Elder. He says the reason is that if he does lose at least he will lose to someone who deserves to beat him. Ebo is surprised at the choice but says he is ready.

Ebo heads back to his family and his daughters Maddie and Abby meet him at the door. His wife Amy greets him, but after hearing that Ebo is fighting Michael Stewart she turns south. Apparently, of all the wives, Amy has become the best of friends with Stewart’s wife and now one of them will be going home. Michael’s wife Lisa feels the same and does not cherish this fight.

Regardless, this is boxing and may the best man win.

Round 1
Ebo immediately begins to attack Stewart’s body and Stewart retaliates to Ebo’s head. Both boxers seem to be feeling their way around each other with neither taking a distinct advantage until Ebo nails a left hook Even with that power punch, the round is still debatable as Stewart landed a killer right at the bell.

Round 2
Ebo’s quickness is serving him well as he successfully dodges many of Stewart attacks. Mid round Stewart begins to land and Elder is paying for it, yet Ebo still attempts to steal the round with flurries at the end.

Round 3
Mike Stewart is looking like a man that has given up. He takes so many uncontested blows that it becomes clear that the only way he will win is by knocking Ebo Elder out. Elder isn’t perfect on his feet so a knockdown is possible.

Round 4
Mike has listened to the advice and starts to connect with all of his might. The fight has become a brawl and both pugilists are standing in the center of the ring throwing their hardest punches. Splat. Facedown on the canvas goes Ebo Elder. Ladies and gentlemen we have a knockout.

1:52 into the 4th round the fight is stopped and Blue keeps all of the power.

After the fight, Stewart is not happy. Elder will need to get a cat scan to check for hemorrhaging and Stewart feels guilty for dealing the damage. As Stewart and Elder put it, it is in God’s hands now.


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