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Season 2
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Today is

Fight 2: Taking Advantage - July 19

The Blue team is beaming as they now have the right of matchmaker to select the next fight. Additionally, they will be receiving a night out on the town with Sugar Ray and Season 1’s Alfonso Gomez. Blue is excited about dinner on Sugar’s dime and more excited with their new found power.

In the gym the next day, Aaron Torres is relaxing. Jeff Fraza believes that this might mean he is resting up for a fight. The real story of the house, however, is the lack of weight control exhibited by Rudy Cisneros. In fact his lack of fitness may throw the pecking order in the house completely out of whack.

Shortly after the earlier gossip we learn that when a contender wins they get to place their name in the next round of the tournament bracket. Bundrage has the choice of fighting in any of weeks 9-12. He selects Week 10 leaving the bracket looking like this.

Week 9: ----------/-----------
Week 10: Bundrage /----------
Week 11:----------/-----------
Week 12:----------/----------

The blue team has the right to pick the fight this week and Norberto Bravo steps up and challenges Rudy Cisneros. The weigh in is at 10am tomorrow and we find out that Rudy needs to lose 9 pounds. Rudy immediately jumps on the treadmill and starts to sweat out the water weight

Cisneros is driven to fight by more than family. He says that he is only 3 classes away from graduating with and architecture degree and that the funds he would make from winning the Contender would allow him to go back and finish. Bravo enters the ring to visualize his fight and struts like his nickname, “gallito,” the fighting rooster.

At the weigh-in both fighters make weight so the fight is on.

Rd1: While each of the fighters seems to respect one another this is a street fight. Sergio Mora in the crowd says off that bat that this is going to be a war. The fists fly and there is no way that a winner of the round can be assumed. All that can be assumed is that both men are tired and hurt.

Rd2: Apparently these guys are energizer bunnies as the punches continue to fly. Boxing stratagem is out the window and Cisneros is managing to land a few more punches than he did in round 1. The blows result in a cut on Bravo’s head and a likely round victory for Cisneros

Rd3: The fight takes a major turn when Bravo realizes that Cisneros is not guarding the uppercut. Bravo lands at least 5 devastating uppercuts during the round and the fleet feet of Cisneros are not moving nearly as swiftly.

Rd4: The carnage continues and Cisneros is still vulnerable. His girlfriend in the crowd cringes as she watches Norberto Bravo beat Cisneros into a pulp. Cisneros finally begins to show some signs of life in the end of the round but it may be too little too late.

Rd5: Rudy fights just as hard as his Notre Dame movie namesake, but Bravo’s uppercuts are the punch du jour, punishing the young Cisneros. Both fighters suffer numerous hard hits, but the fight is likely in Bravo’s grasps.

49-46 Bravo
48-47 Cisneros
49-46… Bravo!

Norberto Bravo, with his win, keeps the power in the blue cam and with that we move to fight 3, unfortunately without Rudy Cisneros.


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