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Today is

Fight 4: Straight Forward - August 1

Balletto and his family are celebrating a hard fought win but the game goes on. The Blue side is licking its wounds as they are mad that Aaron Torres was showboating during his fight. They are anxious now that they do no have control over the next fight. As a reward all the members of the Gold Team have received digital cameras and Gary received a framed snapshot of his fight.

The only real talk in the loft is that Grady doesn’t have heart because he doesn’t want to fight Vinroy, the man who is challenging him. Some may view this as being strategic, but most of the fighters on The Contender, do not view this as a reality show. It’s really a shame that they don’t realize all of the angles.

Gary Balletto is at the board and he throws down the first real gauntlet of the brackets placing himself next to Norberto Bravo in week 12.

Here’s the bracket:

Week 9: ----------/-----------
Week 10: Bundrage /----------
Week 11:----------/-----------
Week 12: Bravo/Balletto

Walter Wright on the Gold team is watching blue’s Andre Eason and thinks Andre is out of shape. He believes that Eason’s loafing about the ring is a weakness that he may be able to exploit.

Decision time. Gold puts up Walter Wright and he decides to place his bet and call out Andre Eason.

Pre-fight, Andres Eason is pumping himself up talking to his big brother. Both are gold gloves champs. Eason likes being the underdog and seems eerily confident.

rd1: Eason methodically works Wright’s body and Wright is forced on the defensive. This slow pace continues through much of the round until Wright unloads. Four solid throws and Eason is on the canvas just before the end of the round.

rd2: Eason is dazed but after a moments rest he attacks like a pit bull. He knows he is behind and is fighting like it. Wright is forced to put his hands up and Eason has won the round, however he still trails as a result of the knockdown.

rd3: Wright is mad and starts using his reach to take the advantage. Eason fights back and what starts as a slow round ends a decently even round.

rd4: Wright ends any chance of a comeback. He punches deliberately and the sad music makes it seem like it is all over. Eason comes out with a flurry of late punches that makes us respect him, but not his chances of winning this fight.

rd5: Eason fights like the devils to stay in the fight and the tournament and Wright takes the time to showboat before brutalizing Eason with some final punches. Eason doesn’t take this lying down and retaliates blindly, rallying the crowd. Fight over.

3 Judges, all 50-44, Walter Wright!

Andre Eason has to swallow a hard loss and with that Gold maintains power.


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