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Today is

Fight 5: Delayed Gratification - August 8

Let’s start off Week 5 with some double sweetness. Sugar Ray is joined by Sugar Shane Mosley who helps to reward the Gold team for Walter Wrights win/ Leather Jackets and shades for all. All in gold that is. The Blue squad is getting ill of being present at these prize ceremonies, so here we go, battle on.

Shane heads to the gym to spar with the contenders and Walter Wright steps up. Even though he is sore from the previous fight he puts on a decent show. Of course, Shane is way too quick for him in the end. Grady is training for an expected fight with Vinroy and Walter is getting sick of Cornelius K-9 Bundrage talking as if he is everyone’s trainer. Let see what he does about it. To the board.

After a brief fake out, Wright puts his name into week 10 along side K-9. Here’s the updated Bracket:

Week 9: ----------/-----------
Week 10: Bundrage /Wright
Week 11:----------/-----------
Week 12: Bravo/Balletto

And just as quick as one match is set, so is another. Vinroy Barrett steps up and calls out Grady Brewer. The vendetta is set for five rounds.

Grady visits his family and the mood stays light. Vinroy is from Jamaica but he has moved to Tennessee to train. He makes a phone call home to his wife and daughter who fill him with emotion and pride. They will be ringside for the match, but without further ado here is fight no. 5.

Rd1: While everything is even early on in the round. Grady Brewer fires up in the last minute backing Vinroy into the corner nearly forcing Barrett into the fetal position. Some might say the round was stolen, but not if this finish was s sign of things to come.

rd2: Vinroy again seems to be stunned by a series of powerful punches from Brewer and it makes you wonder why the heck he wanted this fight. Brewer is nearly in complete control and after a truly one sided round, Brewer has a 2 round advantage.

rd3: After being warned that he was down to rounds in his corner Vinroy comes out a little more aggressive than I previous rounds, and for once blows seem even. Then comes the head butt. While it was accidental, it did cause a cut to Brewer. With blood streaming from under his right eye, Brewer continues and Barrett attacks the weak point. Vinroy and the gold side may just have a chance.

rd4: Barrett comes out with the jab and Brewer’s body language shows that the cut may be affecting him more than anyone first thought. Vinroy starts to summarily pummel Brewer with the bell being Grady Brewer’s salvation. The bout is very likely even, but the head butt may influence the judges. The last round is pivotal.

rd5: Brewer lands the first few punches and that seems to give him a needed dose of confidence. Barrett swings back but seems to miss more than connect. Brewer backs Barrett against the ropes and his wife ringside is in a frenzy. For good reason. The bell rings and Grady has likely salvaged a nearly given up fight.

49-46… Unanimous for Grady Brewer!

After waiting an extra week for the matchup, Vinroy Barrett is the one who receives his just desserts. Maybe after this Grady Brewer will earn an ounce more of respect.


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