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Today is

Fight 1: Let's Get It On - July 12

The fight is on for the Second time. New network, new pugilists and new twists but it’s still the same game. Win or go home.

Seeing as there are no teams yet, we have 16 fighters waiting for the opportunity to prove themselves individually.

Nick Acevedo 15-1-0 from New York, NY
Gary Balletto 29-2-2 from Rhode Island
Vinroy Barrett 21-4-0 from Jamaica, now Tennessee
Grady Brewer 18-11-0 from Oklahoma
Norberto Bravo 20-10-3 from Tucson, AZ
Cornelius Bundrage 21-1-0 form Detroit, MI
Rudy Cisneros 9-1-0 from Chicago, IL
Michael Clark 35-3-0 from Ohio
Freddy Curiel 15-5-2 from New Jersey
Andre Eason 15-3-1 from Brooklyn, NY
Ebo Elder 22-2-0 from Georgia
Jeff Fraza 17-2-0 from Massachusetts
Steve Forbes 29-3-0 from Las Vegas, NV
Aaron Torres 14-2-0 from Philly, PA
Michael Stewart 38-4-2 from Delaware
Walter Wright 10-1-0 from Washington State

As the contenders get to change for the first time, all of the guys are bagging on Cornelius K-9 Bundrage as in the ring he is show some bad boxing technique. That’s right make fun of the guy without even knowing if he will be on your team yet. To that note it’s time to pick teams. Again this year the teams will be split into blue and gold. Michael Clark and Nick Acevedo volunteered (unknowingly) to be captains and teams are selected schoolyard style.

Michael Clark
Steve Forbes
Walter Wright
Vinroy Barrett
Ebo Elder
Rudy Cisneros
Gary Balletto
Jeff "Hell Raza" Fraza
Nick Acevedo
Freddy Curiel
Michael Stewart
Andre Eason
Norberto Bravo
Grady Brewer
Aaron Torres
Cornelius "K-9" Bundrage

Bundrage is hurt being picked last but really this wasn’t much of a surprise. With teams selected they check out their loft and love it. It’s swanky bachelor digs at their finest folks, but their first challenge awaits. For the first match, each team will have to nominate who will fight without knowing who the other team has selected. The teams meet in their respective bedrooms to come to a decision and after some deliberation. The teams individually select Michael Clark and Cornelius "K-9” Bundrage to fight.

Bundrage gives a call home and talks to his fiancée who is completely supportive. Clark is taking some time to himself so that he can visualize the fight in front of him. His confidence is soaring .In the locker room he is supported by his girlfriends and boxing coach who took him in as a child. Bundrage is joined by his girlfriends and son and with that the battle is on.

Rd1: Bundrage attacks early and methodically lands several good punches to Clark’s head. The hooks and the uppercuts rain down assuring Bundrage of a first round victory.

Rd2: Michael Clark starts to fight back with some body work but fails to do any serious damage. After leaving an opening, Bundrage returns fire potentially stealing the second round.

Rd3: Finally Clark is pulling together his fight and not a moment too soon. He blasts Bundrage against the ropes and lays into a flurry of fists that give him a firm foothold. He then showboats during the last 30 seconds of the round acting as if winning this round ensures him the fight.

Rd4: Bundrage lays in a blow to Clark’s eye starting a bleed, but Clark is unaffected continuing his fierce antics from round 3. After this round it is clear that the winner of round five will likely be the winner of the fight.

Rd5: The fifth round starts out as a pure brawl with more fisticuffs than actual boxing. After about a minute both step back to catch their breath and Bundrage steps in and unloads a haymaker. With 2 right hooks, Clark goes down to the canvas. He gets up but that is unlikely to help him now.

The winner, by majority decision, Cornelius Bundrage!

With that K-9 goes from worst to 1st and The Contender moves on to week 2.


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