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Fight 3: Talk is Cheap - July 26

Aaron and Gary are talking crap. Their previously planned matchup from episode 1 seems to be coming to fruition. Aaron is convinced that

The subplot is that the house thinks that Grady is afraid to fight Vinroy. Grady, like any good boxer with a sense of Bravado, denies this and just as swiftly, Vinroy points out that if Grady wants to fight him he must want to go home.

Training in the gym, Freddy begins to spar with Season 1 favorite Alfonso Gomez. Freddy doesn’t believe that he will have to fight for another month, so we’ll have to see if this bites him later.

Jeff on the Gold side is realizing that many of the Blue members are taking it easy. He thinks this might suggest that some of them are not concerned about fighting. This astuteness must come from having been around during season 1. Hopefully it will serve him well.

Sugar Ray hands the power of choice to Norberto Bravo (week 2’s winner) who schedules himself for week 12. He is giving himself a chance to rest, but this may hurt him later if he makes it to the third round as he may have to fight back to back weeks 12 and 13.

The blue side goes into sequester to arrange the fight card and teamwork has given way to what will be a majority vote. Everyone on the blue side is eager to fight as no one wants to wait until the end of round 1 to fight.

It’s time to toe the line. Aaron Torres steps up and calls out Gary Balletto. Simply put all the blabber in the house subsided to the original plan. Both fighters are pleased. Walter Wright on the gold side likes both guys but points out that Gary is a knockout puncher and Aaron may be in trouble. However, with only 5 judged rounds anything can happen. Steve Forbes also backs up his gold compatriot expecting a knockout. Game on.

But first a visit home. Gary visits his wife of 14 years Christina and his three children. We clearly see what he has to fight for and his family is fully behind him. He kisses his 5 month old boy and announces the news that he will be fighting and Christina grows concerned, but supports her man. As if Gary was going to enter a boxing competition and not have to box.

29-2, 25 KO’s Gary Balletto vs. 14-2 Aaron Torres. Ding!

Rd1: Torres works his jab and takes an early advantage but causes little damage. Gary throws back with some hooks that connect but he leaves himself open to some body shots that punish his stamina. Torres arguably has a one round lead.

Rd2: Balletto comes out more aggressive and backs Torres into the corner. Christina’s cheers make it clear he is doing well and when Torres veritable tackles Balletto to the canvas we can tell he is in trouble. After a restart, it becomes a slug fest with both fighters taking heavy punishment. Arguably even, but again close.

rd3: Balletto clearly has more energy and takes control. Torres begins to counter box and manages to land a solid right hook forcing Balletto to respond. Which he does. Blood is spewing from both fighters, but Torres is down 2 rounds to one by crowd sentiment.

rd4: A flurry of jabs backs Torres against the ropes but Torres plows into Balletto with 4 left hooks that cause serious damage. However, after throwing the 4th, Torres falls to the canvas in exhaustion. Torres’ punching is working though as Balletto can do nothing more than survive to the bell.

rd5: The fifth and final round brings rampant flailing from both fighters, but Gary seems to be landing more punches. The crowds rallies behind him and here comes the decision.

48-47 Balletto
48-47 Torres
48-47 … Balletto!

Gary Balletto takes the bout and the Gold team has the power. On to week 4.


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