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Today is

"Bend It Like Donald" - March 11

The Claws are out. Kinetic is down to 4 members and the once lagging Arrow is ready to tear Surya’s head off. Can anyone survive?

Straight to business.

Trump meets the candidates at Echo Parka and starts spieling about exercise. This makes sense as the candidates will be working with GNC on a marketing task. Kind of. The candidates will be performing at halftime during the LA Galaxy’s Major League Soccer game. The team that best promotes the GNC brand will win sending the other team to the boardroom.

Arrow jumps quickly onto the idea of a boxing ring with a GNC product being used like Popeye’s spinach. Everyone seems pretty psyched about the idea and then Surya shuts everyone up saying that they need to take 5 minutes of silence so that everyone can brainstorm independently. Frank proceeds to mock Surya during the 5 minutes.

Kinetic has put Kristine in charge as she has done halftime promotions before. Kristine seems to want to have vitamin costumes run through health related obstacle courses. Muna thinks that they may be undershooting the target, and voices her opinions only to be chopped down by Kristine. Muna now believes that Kristine wants to work with a mute.

What may be more accurate is that the viewers may want all of the candidates to become mute. Oh wait, you can do that.

Back at Arrow, Surya is sick of James. James is pointing out that a boxing ring as they imagined may not be good enough for a crowd of 13,000. Surya thinks that James is already maneuvering for the boardroom. Maybe he’s right, but isn’t that what you are supposed to do?

Kinetic is working in the prop shop and Kristine is still at odds with Muna. She thinks Muna is asking too many questions and is sick of her being up the hineys of the prop masters. She doesn’t voice this to Muna, but the glaring stare says it all.

Regardless, all of the props are done. They look great, and Angela is praying that they get to move out of the backyard.

Arrow is rehearsing on the field and while the entire canvas shouts GNC, the message of the event is lacking. James is very concerned that they won’t get a simple message across. As Bill Rancic recognizes, with 5 minutes to go before halftime, Arrow is in disarray. Can they pull it through?

Umm… No.

Kinetic comes out and does the classic wiener race, except the wieners are GNC vitamins. They run around the entire field and Angela extols the virtues of GNC vitamins, while, Muna does the same in Spanish. (Looks like someone learned from the Travelocity Mall Challenge). Their overall performance is strong.

Arrow’s, not so much. They start an inspirational story of Joe who can’t break through the wall of… zzzzzzzzzzz… A Total Snoozefest.

Somehow, even with the disinterested looks on the crowd’s faces, Surya thinks everyone loved it and they are sure to win. Let’s let the Donald be the judge of that.

Poor product integration, weak storyline, overall confusing. That was Arrow. Kinetic wins. Kristine will join the boardroom firing squad and Arrow will be moving out of the mansion after a short but painful visit to the boardroom.

First though, some conniving. Surya is talking through the bushes to Angela and is trying to make sure that Kristine knows to defend him in the boardroom. The full Kinetic complement seems to be behind Surya, but only Kristine gets to be there when it counts.

That time is now.

Frank tells Mr. Trump of the concept and then turns on Surya. Tim joins in saying that Surya has a disconnect when it comes to leading their team. Surya complains that this is unfair and that he has the best record of anyone at 5-2 and that no one on this team has given him a fair chance. Well, here’s your fair chance.

Tim, who would you fire? Surya.
Nicole, who would you fire? Surya.
Frank? Surya.
Stefani? Surya. Stefani, who is the overall weakest on this team? Surya.

Smackdown. Trump asks Surya who he plans to bring in intimating James and Tim. Surya agrees and the rest head back to the tents.

Back inside. Kristin wouldn’t mind if all 3 were fired, Bill thinks it is between James and Surya as Tim was the only one who was offering any ideas.

Trump wants to know why Surya thinks James should be fired. Surya says that James does nothing but disagree at the 11th hour to put himself in a good position to be able to argue in the boardroom.

James retorts saying that he had nothing to do with the team losing this task and that the team lost because Surya failed to make important decisions. Trump starts directing questions to Tim and Tim starts to show a change of heart.

Tim agrees that Surya was advocating seeking more ideas during brainstorming and that Surya is capable of making decisions. Tim, however, still feels that Surya should be fired citing that the group can function weaker without James, but can not function at all without Surya being removed.

Weirdly enough, Tim’s rationale may have been effective as Trump pushes back towards Surya asking what other choice he has.

Surya pushes for James, but James is being smart and keeping his mouth shut. And there’s the bell.

Surya, You’re Fired!

So Arrow gets their wish. Can they prove that they can win on their own, or will Surya’s departure be their demise? Check in next week to find out.

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