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Today is

"To Bee or Not To Bee" - February 11

From new twists to the Rosie war, there’s plenty of buzz surrounding the Apprentice. But maybe this time The Donald has gone too far…

Off to the races, let’s start week 5!

Sue Bee Honey is getting in the game this week. The candidates will have to harvest bottle and sell the honey, with the simple goal of making the most money. Sounds sweet. Last year’s Apprentice, Sean Yazbeck will be overseeing the task, so let’s get started.

Stefani is freaking out. She is deftly afraid of the bees and thinks the beekeeper suits aren’t nearly enough protection.

Mind you, her fear won’t stop her from getting the job done. That should earn her about 10 points with Trump.

Arrow gets to the real task at hand trying to figure out how to sell. In trying to select packaging, Surya turns up the heat using so many technical terms that James is confused. Not that it would take that much to confuse James, just that layman’s terms might have worked better.

Aimee has become the new PM over at Kinetic, and is working on selecting labels. She loves the yellow background and with Jen they seem to be in agreement.

Problem! The rest of the team comes back from harvesting honey and after 4 hours, they haven’t even named the honey. Ouch! Kinetic may be continuing their downward slide.

And now the Apprentice rendition of Abbot and Costello. Frank and Tim are going bananas because Tim can’t get the honey to dispense properly into the bottles. Everything is light hearted, but Frank is laying into Tim pretty hard. Everyone else on the team is laughing hard. But will they be laughing when the sales are added up?

Back to Aimee bashing. Kinetic is pissed because they are now at Ralph’s grocery and still unable to sell as they have no posters and no pricing. Eventually there is a banner proclaiming “Today is Honey Day.” Ooh fancy…

Arrow mind you is selling on the tagline of freshness and they are selling them buy 2 get 1 free. At a price of 4.99 they are off to a fast start. However, would Trump ever give anything away for free?

In an attempt at bulk sales Arrow is also selling cases to businesses at half price. Well, maybe selling is the wrong word… Moving on.

Kinetic is getting desperate and Derek knows it. That’s why he is dressed up in a beekeeper suit waking around the store selling. Then in a moment of ultimate shamelessness, Angela starts using her gold medal prowess to hock the honey.

Really now, would you buy honey just because it was bottled by an Olympian? Second thought, would you even know that Angela Ruggiero was an Olympian in the first place?

Let’s get the verdict!

Arrow: 217 bottles for 775.48
Kinetic: 345 bottles for 836.58

Drop the bomb! It’s moving day all over again as Arrow will be hitting the backyard like it’s home sweet home.

Oh, and if you care, Kinetic gets to go and train along side the L.A. Lakers as a reward. They get to play basketball with frickin’ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar! Wow can life be unfair to the viewers at home.

Anyway, let’s get the gloves on and come out fighting!

The Boardroom:

The whining starts and there is a mild attack towards Surya. Everyone is blaming him for being too technical with the marketing and not putting together a real plan. Aaron pushes more of the blame towards Surya only to run into an Aimee roadblock. Aimee stick up for her former teammate, questioning the rest of the team as to why they blame him when she has worked with him before and believes that he is a marketing star.

Aaron tries to answer by saying that he had greater expectations. James and Tim add that they expected greater foot traffic, and without people there can be no sales.

Then Sean Yazbeck questions Aaron as to his leadership style and the entire panel calls him out for being too quiet. It’s kind of hard to fly under the radar when you are project manager. He says that he would have been louder if Trump had told him to be that way, but Sean points out that it is his job to be himself.

With that the discussion turns lighter as the heated romance between Tim and Nicole is brought to light. Trump points out that Tim could become his hero if he pulls it off.

Now Aaron must name 2 people to come back. He names Surya and Nicole, and Trump is shocked at Nicole being named. Aaron says outright that he does not think that she should be fired, but Trump still has all 3 come back anyway.

With the final three there is a lot of talk but not a lot of new information. As a result, Aaron is drug out on the carpet for not being an active leader, not selling when he is a salesperson, and mostly not speaking up while in the boardroom as a winning PM.

Another Arrow member gone and the job interview moves on. See who goes next, next week.

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