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Today is

"Travel Sweepstakes Smackdown" - February 18

Don’t Lie!! That’s what Surya is asking for, but will Arrow give him the real truth in the boardroom.

Back at “camp” Arrow is wondering who is coming back from the boardroom. They feel that if Aaron gets fired that Surya should be forced to step up and be the next Project Manager.

Be careful what you ask for. Surya comes back, Aaron doesn’t and true to form, Arrow appoints Surya their new PM. Should be interesting…

On the tarmac, Trump’s plane has landed and he is ready to give the candidates their next task.

Week 6 Task:
Priceline wants the candidates to create marketing campaigns to be run in the mall to get them to sign up for the Priceline Name Your Price sweepstakes. The team with the most sign ups will win.

Yes, that’s it. These tasks seem to be getting more and more simplistic, but will anyone innovate and take this to the next level.

Aimee is confident that she can learn to be a better leader. She recognizes that her win last week wasn’t necessarily due to her best effort.

Her team agrees. The rest of kinetic thinks that Aimee is not getting it as she makes illogical delegations of the staff. Kinetic’s flaws may open a window for Arrow.

Arrow is touring the mall and eventually settles into a conference room to work. Surya is delegating everyone individual tasks such as marketing and staffing, and Surya refuses to let more than one person work on any given task. He wants individual ideas, but who knows if he will get any.

At Kinetic, Heidi is showing off Kinetic’s work to the Priceline representatives. They are raffling off $1000 Priceline vouchers every 10 minutes and decorated their kiosk with a Hawaiian theme.

Then comes the octopus. There is a pink octopus on top the kiosk, and Aimee doesn’t like it. Yes, because a pink octopus is going to make you lose the task.

Arrow is hitting the ground running out in the community handing out flyers and escorting mall customers to the kiosk. Arrow is also raffling off travel vouchers, but without the PM who has the vouchers they may have problems. Where’s Surya? James absolutely doesn’t know. Neither does anyone else.

At Kinetic, Heidi and Angela are walking around and trying to generate buzz and they are hitting the wall fast. What wall? The language barrier. The mall has a large Spanish speaking contingent and that is slowing down the completing of the entry forms. Derek and Muna are doing their best to fix this at the booths, but will it be enough?

The scores:

Kinetic: 326
Arrow: 359

Arrow takes it and for one week they will not have to attack Surya.

Their reward will be taking surfing lessons at Santa Monica Beach with pros followed by lunch at Gladstone’s.

Kinetic, however, will get to release the wolves and attack Aimee at will.

Aimee wants to hold Jenn responsible for not taking any action on the Spanish speaking population of the mall. The rest of the team is sitting there quiet. There probably all want to stab Aimee in the back, make that in the front, on this one.

Jenn personally being the target thinks that this is a load of crap. She refuses to go down without a fight and doesn’t buy Aimee’s “but I still like you” BS.

To the Boardroom!

Aimee starts off the meeting by saying that the main problem was that the Spanish speaking contingent was not catered to. Derek claims that the Spanish is a red herring and feels that he and Muna covered it as best they could. Aimee then redirects toward Jenn saying that she delegated that responsibility and had no advance knowledge of this potential hurdle.

Muna rolls her eyes. She says that anyone who walked through the food court could tell that Spanish would be a necessary skill to success. Aimee still maintains that this was not her fault and in the end she chooses to bring Jenn and Derek back into the boardroom.

The final 3 are in for some heat. Who’s to blame? Trump wants to know why everyone is against Aimee and Derek feels that they have gone through the past 2 tasks with an absent project manager.

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