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Today is

"Life in the Luxury Lane" - March 4

Two dirty little words lead to Two, Two, TWO Firings in one. The candidates reap what they sow in this week’s Apprentice.

Jumping right in.

The task:

Randal has replaced Ivanka and will serve as The Donald’s eyes and ears as the candidates will have to create an event for preferred Lexus customers, highlights the new Lexus LS460 Sedan. The team that scores the highest customer satisfaction will win the task.

Kinetic is going with a theory of the sixth sense of luxury. Angela is put in charge of marketing, and admits that she has a full mental block. Derek starts suggesting things such as Tarot readings or magicians just to get the ball rolling and then Jenn backs heavily the idea of go-karts.

Outside, Muna and Heidi are learning the ins and outs of the new car. They will be responsible for demonstrating the new features so they are making sure to be more than thorough.

Arrow is having problems with Surya’s thoroughness. He is writing everything that they discuss on the White Board and no one understands why they have to slow down constantly for him to write.

Meanwhile Tim and Nicole are swooning over each other and James is getting a little worried about their focus. James shouldn’t worry though, their focus is fine, it just isn’t directed toward the task…

At Kinetic, Derek is growing increasingly frustrated with America’s favorite Olympian candidate (fine, only Olympian candidate). The apparently have a 9pm deadline for completing the designs on marketing materials and…SHOCKER…they miss it. Derek, is choosing to let Angela hang out to dry on this one, so someone make sure that he gets the ultimate team player award, ok?

Back to the office romance. Tim and Nicole are cuddling Awwww.

Stefani and Frank are taking reins of event planning and are mad that they are not being given assistance. At the same time, they look forward to taking all the credit in a positive manner.

The event has started, and there are floral arrangements, and a beautiful showroom. Then the 1st nightmare strikes for Arrow as the battery in the car runs low, preventing the display from working. Surya writes this off as the massager being overused… umm, yea… The massager.

Kinetic is having their share of problems too. As Jenn launches into the full blown presentation, she realizes that the monitor is blown out with glare from outside and she can’t read it. Jenn stumbles all over her words and the presentation becomes something less than intelligible.

Note to kids everywhere: This is why you rehearse and practice your speeches. If you don’t, you’ll look like a fool on national television.

At least the go karts are fun! Wow, two ladies in hells driving go-karts! You don’t see that anywhere. (There’s probably a reason)

Back at Arrow, things have picked up as they are now demonstrating that the new Lexus can park itself. Now, while this is impressive, let’s reserve judgment until the Lexus parks itself on the streets of NYC. (Or at least offers us some tea.)

That’s it! The events are a wrap. Who will come out on top?

Arrow: 94 (out of 100)
Kinetic: 84

Arrow goes 2 for 2! Is Surya really that good? Let’s let Snoop Dogg be the judge as they will be creating their own song at his side.

Back at camp, Kinetic is pissed and is ready to kill their Project Manager, Jenn. Derek is fully ready to rally the troops, and the gamesmanship has begun.

Jenn is convinced that “tonight is gonna suck.” Specifically because everything is going to come down to she and Angela. Neither one is planning on quitting, so we may have fireworks.

As a safety, Trump is talking to the Lexus representatives and they have marked Heidi and Muna as 2 people who put out a great performance, thus they should be safe.

The firing squad lines up and we will begin.

Jenn is asked why they lost and she admits only that she is surprised that they lost. After some prodding, she admits that there were many flaws. Trump wants to know from Randal what was wrong and Randal believes that there was no comparison between the two teams when it came to displaying a sense of luxury. Randal questions the lack of signage and now Derek is in the game.

Derek, instead of attacking Angela, seems to stick to his game plan and puts the heat back on Jenn saying that the conditions he was forced to work in were not reasonable. Trump asks how 5hrs to create signage was not reasonable and Derek, explains that he will take blame if the message was poor, but not for the actual production of signage.

Trump changes the topic to the go-karts and it comes out that they were originally Derek’s idea.

Derek starts to babble and in the process starts cutting jokes. He says that he couldn’t fit in the go kart himself but that it is the kind of thing that someone like him who is white trash would like. (White Trash are his words, not mine).

Note to future candidates: Don’t use derogatory phrases, even towards yourself.

Faster than a speeding bullet: Derek, You’re Fired!

Trump did not appreciate the use of the phrase, and more so, won’t take the risk of hiring that type of a person.

However, that does not mean anyone else is safe. Trump continues to probe about the go-karts and once the dust settles, Angela has scrapes and bruises for not putting across an appropriate sense of luxury, but Jenn takes the responsibility for approving and backing the go-karts.

Jenn, You’re …

Wait! Jenn interrupts Mr. Trump saying that before she is fired she would like to refute Trump’s claim that her team did not respect her. The team joins her sentiment, and then…

Jenn, You’re Fired!

Jenn leaves graciously, says that the experience was a joy and wishes all the ladies on her team the best.

Note to all reality contestants: this is how you leave a show (ahem… Amazing Race’s Kevin and Drew). It may not be the most entertaining, but it shows that you are a genuine nice person.

With that done, Kinetic is nothing but a squad of ladies out for blood. Will they taste victory and move back into the mansion? Will they even still be a team? Check in next week to find out.

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