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Today is

"Drive-Thru Duel" - January 28

Before the Super Bowl Michelle left before getting fired. Regardless, Arrow is still hurting bad. Can they do anything to turn it around.

Heidi is training her team amking sure that everyone is on the same page. She doesn’t want to lose anyoner from Kinetic anytime soon.


It’s the Donald and he wants someone on Kinetic to join Arrow. Ouch, looks like Heidi is going to lose someone after all. Initially, no one wanted to go and Heidi made the offer, but in the end Surya has become the next member of Kinetic.

Surya moves tot the backyard and Arrow is delighted to have him. Surya kicks into overdrive in the same way Heidi was earlier, teaching the team’s the ins and outs of the way in which he likes to conduct business. Some Arrow members may see this as arrogant, but considering their losing streak, they are remaining quiet.

The task:

For week 4 the candidates will be working fast food. They will be working with El Pollo Loco to create promote and sell a new version of the pollo bowl. The team that sells the most wins.

Arrow quickly creates the Chicken Tortilla Bowl and Kinetic adds Mango and Pineapple to theirs for the Paradise Pollo Bowl.

Marisa and Hedi clash heads on numerous decisions. Marisa wants it to be called the Bravado bowl, but Heidi makes an executive decision as P.M and sticks with paradise bowl.

Then, Marisa wants to have chickens standing at intersections and Hecdi doesn’t like that either.

THEN… Marisa really feels that a mistake is being made by not calling the bowl the bravado bowl

Heidi polielty shoots her down.

Yet again!! Marisa wants bravado. Others are thinking that she is coming off as abrasive. Heidi sticks to her guns, Paradise it is.

While Marisa feels as if her creativity is being stifled. Aaron is takinga risk as PM of Arrow. He sends out Frank and Tim to get bulk sales and Surya is a little worried.

Arrow’s drive thru is backing up and they are now short 2 workers. Aaron better hope that his gamble pays off.

Back at Kinetic the bickering is over and sales have begun. They are offering free samples of the paradise bowl in the drive thru and everyone has been fully trained so that they are able to work efficiently.

Sean Yazbeck, last year’s apprentice comes by to check in and Heidi tells him that everything is going ok. Of course sales are the only thing that counts.

Back at Arrow, Tim and Frank have come through with a bulk sale of 22 orders. Aaron is stoked and maybe, just maybe, Arrow has pulled off a victory.

To the boardroom!

Sales totals:

Kinetic: 313.54
Arrow: 480+

Arrow has gone from the outhouse to the penthouse and for the first time, they will receive the reward. A private concert with Andrea Bocelli and a fireworks display.

More importantly, Arrow will be moving into the mansion. And Kinetic will be moving out.

Kinetic is in disbelief of the state that the backyard was left in. Muna specifically has lost respect for the people of Arrow as she claims that even the poor people in Jamaica are at least clean.

Kinetic enters the boardroom for their first firing. Heidi has already stated that she is unsure about who to take into the boardroom, but she does feels that both point of sale and marketing need to be represented. she did allude tot eh group though that Marisa was not helping the team get anywhere.

Sure enough as Trump begins questioning, all fingers point toward Marisa.

She defends herself claiming that she had wanted chickens outside the restaurant, but Sean claims that she is fighting with nothing but passion.

Eventually Trump goes down the line and everyone wants Marisa fired. Heidi brings Marisa and Kim back to the boardroom, but it’s almost just a formality.

Marisa’s pink slip is signed and Trump delivers his favorite message. You’re Fired!

Can Kinetic get back in the mansion We’ll find out soon enough.

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