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Today is

"Pink Is the New Black" - January 14

Last time we got the first taste of Trump L.A. and it was spicy. Martin is gone, but Heidi as winning P.M. is still in charge. Can she make it 2 for 2?

Frank returns and alleviates his team’s worries that no one would come back and everyone seems quite happy that Martin is gone. Frank is in ecstasy. For the first time in his life, he got to feel what it was like to truly be alive and he is pumped to get back in the game.

Meanwhile, Heidi’s team is worried that their opponents are now out for blood. Should they be worried? This is reality TV people. Of course they should be.

Andi calls from Mr. Trump’s office and notifies the candidates to meet Trump for their next task. In Santa Monica, the Trumpster poses the next task.

The teams will need to design a swimwear line for Trina swimwear. The team that makes the most money in sales wins.

And there is an added twist. The winning team will be exempt from the next task. Big time safety is on the line.

Nicole Steps up to lead the newly named Team Arrow and quickly Carey jumps in with a few ideas. He is convinced that they need to go chic and upscale. He wants spandex short cut trunks for the men and the rest of the team is caught off guard. Apparently they do not believe that the attire Carey would wear fit standard America. They cite that his ties to the gay community may be part of the issue, but they let him run with it.

Kinetic is butting heads as P.M. Heidi and Marisa are disagreeing on a 2 piece. Heidi quickly makes a decision and lets Marisa have her way.

Back at Arrow much discussion is directed toward the skin tight pink shorts Carey is sporting as their first swimsuit. No one think it will sell well other than Carey, but no one will put their foot down. Nicole goes around and asks for price points and Michelle refuse to put in her two cents. Her co-workers call her out on being afraid of being blamed in the boardroom, but this does not result in her contributing.

It’s time for the fashion show. Kinetic’s up first. Their swimwear takes advantage of pastel tones but is generally conservative. It’s designed to appeal to the masses and looks decent.

Carey however thinks that the designs are a hot mess.

Can Arrow do better? Not really, their swimsuits are similar except for Carey pink special. No one really seems to get it. Additionally, with Carey and Nicole as models who knows if their sales were impacted.

Here are the sales totals:

Arrow: $19,660
Kinetic $20,111

Arrow is told that they lost on men’s swimwear where only one was purchased and that swimsuit only sold $350.

And now for the kicker. The reward for Kinetic? A trip to the playboy mansion! (…and immunity for the next task if anyone cares about that)

Arrow is back in their tents and they are hurting bad. Frank is personally nauseous. Tim is attacking Michelle as very few people seem to be connecting with her. Michelle opens up and says that she is not trying to put people off and does want to work through this. Let’s see if she gets the chance.

The Boardroom:

Trump attacks Arrow on their men’s swimwear. The fingers get pointed at Carey and Carey tries to explain that 3 looks needed to be presented. A gay look, a metrosexual look, and a masculine look. Trump jostles Carey for reasons and he has no good ones. Then Carey deflects to Michelle saying that she is a weak link. Michelle asks why and no one can come up with a task related reason for firing her.

Time to go down the line. Most everyone would fire Carey, 2 would fire Michelle, but James would fire Nicole. Nicole becomes incensed at this and asks why and James babbles under the pressure saying that Nicole is a great motivator, but… but… Trump finishes James’ thought saying that it was Nicole’s responsibility as P.M. to stomp down a bad idea.

Nicole calls back Carey and Michelle to the board room.

Trump, Heidi and Ivanka only seem to want to know whether or not Carey was fully responsible for the pink suit

As the candidates come back in Carey speaks up and takes credit for the pink suit saying that Mr. Trump should respect people that are willing to take risks.

Trump can’t see how the pink suit could sell.

Carey insists that there is a market for the suit.

Trump says the market would be less than 1% of men that could wear it.

Carey says that it is high fashion and that it could sell. More so, if his team had spoken against the suit he would have scrapped it and started over.

Michelle denies this and agrees with Trump that the suit was rammed down their throat.

Nicole remains utterly quiet the entire time, and with good reason.

Ivanka can’t get off of the fact that the swimsuit was just too narrowly targeted considering you were selling to buyers, not consumers.

Trump agrees and that’s it. Trump gives Carey the suit as a present, but Carey, You’re Fired!

With that Arrow takes another hit and next week they will be competing amongst themselves while Kinetic enjoys the high life. Will anyone on Arrow step up and prove to be a threat to take the title? We’ll find out next time with the help of the Laker Girls!

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