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Today is

"Hollywood Walk of Shame" - January 21

Last week, fashion faux pas lead to Carey’s ouster. This Week, Arrow will atone for its loss by competing against its own. Who will go?

The men of arrow are standing at the gate of Tent City and wondering who will be coming back. If it’s Michelle, they fully plan to call her Johnny, as in Johnny-come-lately. Not only do they consider her an outsider, but they seem more than ready to orchestrate her boot.

The mansion-ites of Kinetic welcomes Heidi back and they learn that Carey is gone. There seems to be genuine disappointment, but everyone is ready to move on especially because they will not have to compete this week having won exemption.

Regardless of immunity, all of the candidates will be meeting Trump to learn about the next task. Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t want them to have that knowledge, so they will be staying at a luxurious hotel receiving spa treatments.

Arrow must now split into 2 teams. Aaron asks to be a PM and Trump goads Michelle into being the other PM

Aaron Michelle
James Tim
Stefani Nicole

The new teams will have to create double-decker bus tours of L.A. with the best tour winning.

Aaron’s team kicks into action and James comes up with the idea of involving the Laker girls. Stefani loves it, Aaron loves it and Aaron’s team after calling to office and finding out that it was affordable is off to a hot start.

Michelle’s team however is crawling as Michelle refuses to stand behind her idea of a day in the life of the rich and famous f everyone is not behind her decision. Frank is worried about this because it disallows him to respect her, but the team is willing to move forward… slowly.

Back with Aaron’s squad, the group has settled on Famous Places Beautiful Faces, a tour of Hollywood movie sites. For research, James is riding a tour bus and asking the customers what they would like. Quickly they step away from off color jokes and decide to add Perrier and popcorn.

Michelle’s team’s research leads her team to realize that the famous do not live in Hollywood. Thus they go and tour Beverly Hills. However, they are going to have to choose one because they don’t have enough time in the tour to do both. Michelle waffles, and Nicole and Frank take control. They are worried that they will be left without a tour so they begin to craft the tour by themselves.

Tim is still stuck in the van with Michelle, and is growing ever more frustrated. Eventually they end up back at square one and stick to the Hollywood tour.

So, while Kinetic gets their Beauty Rest, the other teams are working outside, burning the midnight oil. Aaron’s team plans a route and decide to get a little shut eye, but Michelle refuses to let her team even get an hour’s rest. This creates and argument and Nicole becomes very irritated when Michelle threatens her with telling Trump that she wanted to sleep on the job. Nonetheless, the tours have begun.

Aaron’s team greets their guests with the Laker Girls and provides water and popcorn to all of their guests. As their tour starts, James takes the mic in a very energetic fashion. A VERY energetic fashion. So much so, that many of the guests are cringing at his loudness. Eventually, Stefani decides that enough is enough and takes over the mic to find her true calling. Apparently she has done this before because she comes across as a pro and potentially ahs saved an excruciating hour thirty minutes.

Michelle’s tour starts of with everyone dressed in bow-ties and formal wear. Michelle then takes the mic and confuses the crap out of the audience with her incoherent sentences. Maybe that sleep was more necessary than she thought. Tim then takes the mic and starts creating feedback. (As in screeching feedback). Worse yet, he doesn’t pay attention to where the bus is and begins talking about the Hollywood Walk of Fame well before anyone on the bus can see it.

Each team has had its faults, who will win?

Aaron’s team is confident, Michelle’s team, not so much. The tally:

Aaron’s team 82%
Michelle’s team: 58%

With that, Aaron, Stefani and James are safe, but they will not be moving into the mansion. Further, Aaron will be joining the Trumps to decide who of Michelle’s team should be fired.

And then it happens…

Michelle asks Mr. Trump for a moment to speak, and once it is granted, she resigns!

Trump is beside himself and explains to Michelle how much he hates quitters. He does accept her resignation however and says he will contact the rest of the team later.

Back at Tent City, Frank, Nicole and Tim are pissed and everyone is shocked. Now they may lose another member because Michelle who was likely to be fired stepped out of the running. Michelle stands by her decision, and then the phone rings.

Mr. Trump has cancelled the boardroom!

Frank jumps up and down like a school girl and celebration is rampant. Kinetic who has listened through the bushes is shocked at the quit, but is more confident than ever in their team. So with that, the day ends and amazingly, no one has been fired. Next week it is back to competition as usual. Will Kinetic finally taste the back yard? Wait and see.

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