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Today is

"Episode 7" - December 8

Last time, Jay Stakelon took the mob for $156,000. But can Paula Russell do better? So far, she's knocked out 67 and earned $122,000.

Still in the Mob...

- Brad Rutter. He's the all-time Jeopardy! money leader, but what about some more?
- David Eckstein. Still in the playoff hunt to knock Paula out of the post-season.
- Annie Duke. So far, she's answered 14 questions... and got nothing for it.

Next question is worth $4000 per head. It's ONE... VERSUS 33!



If you rented an Alamo rent-a-car and drove past the historic Alamo, in what Texas city would you be?

A) Houston B) Austin C) San Antonio

Paula uses her Poll-the-Mob. She wants to know more about C. And getting it right... All of them. She goes with Annie, who said that geography is her weak point. She goes with that. No more money, but at least she gets to continue...

But will she? Will she take the $122,000 or another question? Do you want the money... or do you want the Mob?

She wants the Mob. Next question...



Your doctor orders you to take two ibuprofen and call him on the golf course. Which pain reliever should you buy?

A) Bayer aspirin B) Tylenol C) Advil

Paula asks the Mob. #47 Jim worked in a drug store, saying C. #3 Mandy chose A, saying she doesn't take painkillers. That eliminates B.

Paula locks in C... Right! That knocks out Mandy and seven of her friends for $40,000, giving her $162,000.

Money or the MOB? Will Paula go all the way like she said?

Nope. She's taking the money, all $162,000. The 25 survivors will return for another game with MOLLY GARNER from Tustin, CA. She works for an engineering firm, and her parents are watching. She's winning money so she can move out of their house.

This game... is simple. Either you will win, or they will win. In the Mob for this game...

- Legendary game show hosts Bob Eubanks and Wink Martindale. They're good at dishing it out, but can they take it, too?
- Eight professional hairstylists. They hope to charge Molly for styling a Mob hit here.
- Five people who have been brought back to life....
Unfortunately, once you get knocked out, there's no coming back.

Molly's ready... the Mob is ready. It's ONE... VERSUS 100! First three questions...



Which creature's body has the fewest number of cells?

A) Eastern gray squirrel B) Calista Flockhart C) An amoeba

Molly wants to trust the mob. The mob went with C, Molly's gut response...

Correct! That knocks out 11 for $11,000.



Which of these fictional character would you most expect to see with a hand up their shirts?

A) Lilo & Stitch B) Bert & Ernie C) Garfield & Odie

Molly locks in B... Right! And she just knocked out Wink Martindale! Him and 32 others give her $44,000 total now.



Which of these could Mel Gibson drink while driving without breaking the law?

A) Rockstar B) Mike's Hard Lemonade C) Skyy Orange

Favorite of mine, too. Molly's answer of A is correct. She knocks out... and there goes Bob Eubanks.

"I knew the stupid answer and I pushed the wrong stupid button and I feel so stupid."

Happens to the best of us, Bob. But Molly is now up to $50,000.

She's half a mob away from a million. Will Molly take the money? Nope. She wants the Mob!

So far, Annie has answered 17 questions correctly... Money won... $0.



You're a guest on "The Tonight Show" being interviewed by Jay Leno. Where are you sitting?

A) On a chair to Jay's left B) On a couch to Jay's left C) On a chair to Jay's right

Molly watches the show. She goes with... C. And... SHE's right! Eleven people gone for $22,000, giving her $72,000.



According to the old proverb (and perhaps your mom), what should you do for a cold and a fever?

A) Feed a cold, starve a fever B) Starve a cold, feed a fever C) Feed a cold, feed a fever

With Molly's mom watching, Molly goes with A... and she's right! That knocks out 19 for $38,000, giving her $110,000.

And the last of the people that have been brought back is gone, never to return. Molly is now 20 people away from the million. Can she hold on with her two helps left? Or is it time to walk away?

Will she take the money or the Mob?

She's taking the Mob! It's 1 vs. 20!



If Bigfoot logs onto, what is he most likely in search of?

A) A monster mate B) A monster job C) A monster truck

She goes with B... Right! She knocks out... nobody.

But will she continue or walk with $110,000? "I still want you!"



Which band member was not married to Heather Locklear?

A) Richie Sambora B) David Lee Roth C) Tommy Lee

Molly goes with B... Right again! Knocking anyone out this time? Yep, eight people. That gives her $32,000 for $142,000.

Knocked out, Jim, who answered the last 22 questions correctly.

That leaves 12 in the Mob. Molly thinks that she's leaving with the million. But will she walk with two helps on the table? Brad Rutter says "come on."

Molly obliges.



That penny in your pocket with a "D" stamped below the date was made in what city?

A) Motor City B) Mile High City C) Gateway City

Molly needs help. She uses the Poll-the-Mob on A. Only one chose that. #39 Dennis. He just took a wild shot. She's not going with A. She uses her final help.

#39 Dennis is back with #86 Rex, who has answered 30 questions correctly to this point. He chose B. Went with his gut.

Molly goes with B.... She's right! Dennis.. out. Four more... out. That's $25,000, for $167,000...

But will she take it and run, or will she try and knock out the remaining seven for the million?

Do you want the money... or do you want the Mob?

No helps left...

$167,000 on the line... Next question is worth $6,000 per head. Seven away from a million....

She's going to take the money. Molly wins $167,000...

The seven people she deprived of any money... angry. Those seven will come back to face another challenger next time.

If you would like to be a contestant on 1 vs. 100, go to


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