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Today is

"Episode 4" - November 3

Last week, Camille Bennett took home... nothing, as the Mob split her $51,800 balance. Then Portia Peters bailed early with $34,900. Now Ed Brown, a rancher from Afton, WY, continues his battle against the Mob.

Here's where we stand. So far, Ed has won $8200 and knocked out 16 Mobsters.

 We continue with the $1500 question. It's 1... VS. 84!


If you wanted to punch in "NBC" on a phone keypad, what numbers should you press?
a) 522
b) 622
c) 722

The mob is locked. Ed asks the Mob for help. He wants to know more about B. Of the Mob, 61 answered B. #3, Steven ran it through in his head. Ed should've asked a text-messaging teenager. He agrees with Steven and says B.... RIGHT! Which means that he knocks out 23 more, giving him another $34,500, a total of $42,700.

But will he hang onto it? Does he want the money or the Mob? Ed wants to take a trip with the family to Tahiti... AND he wants to cut a check for juvenile diabetes... so he wants the Mob!


Who was the first President of the United States?
a) The one born in Maryland
b) The one born in Pennsylvania
c) The one born in Virginia

Where was George Washington born... Ed asks the Mob one more time. Remember, a Mobster must be honest about his choice, but may be deceptive as to why they chose it. The computer chooses #21, Cal (who says B, a little unsure of Maryland) and #92, Maz (who says C, a gut response). That eliminates A. Ed locks in C... Correct.... C! Which means that Cal is out, as are 21 of his friends for $44,000, giving him $86,700.

The Mob wants one more, but Ed is out of help. Ed takes the money, leaving with the $86,700. The 39 remaining Mobsters will challenge a new player...

... and his name is KELLY ROSS from Oak Park, CA. Kelly is trying to get into law school. Hoping to stop him are the 39 survivors from last game... AND... these people.

- Nine super-smart teens. They hope to make college tuition out of Kelly's pocket tonight
- Six bikers. They've come on steel horses with loaded braincells.
- Sister Rose, a trivia buff of a nun who is playing for the Daughters of St. Paul Retired Sisters Fund.

Kelly is ready, the Mob is ready. It's 1... VERSUS 100!


Sold by Suzanne Somers, what promises to "tighten and tone your hips, buns and outer thighs"?
a) The Buttmaster
b) The Tush Tightener
c) The Glutenator

"The Buttmaster is speaking to me a little bit." Kelly goes with it... and he's right! Kelly knocks out 22 Mobsters for $2200.


Which of these groups of coins is listed from smallest to largest in circumference?
a) Dime, penny, nickel
b) Nickel, dime, quarter
c) Quarter, nickel, dime

Kelly asks for help early. He asks about A... and all but one person answers with A. #67, Debbie, goes from smallest to largest. Kelly goes with it... and knocks out that one for $250 more, giving him $2450.


Which horror film was not the first of a trilogy?
a) "Final Destination"
b) "Scream"
c) "The Sixth Sense"

Kelly locks in C. He's right! Nine are knocked out for $4500, giving him $6950.


Which article of clothing does not have sleeves
a) A blazer
b) A shrug
c) A pashmina

He thinks it's B because of his sister's shrug collection... but is he right? First off... we reveal that he stands to knock out 28 people for $28,000.

... but the correct answer is C. So Kelly loses the $6950 to the Mob, who divvy it up to about $173.75. And they will keep playing.

A pashmina, by the way, is a shawl made from goats bred in the Himalayas.

Next potential millionaire from LA it's MONIQUE SULTANI. Monique is an infomercial producer. Right now, she's hoping to produce a million dollars from the Mob. But first, she'll have to get past the 40 survivors, including Sister Rose, AND...

- Three summa cum laudes. They are at the top of their game, and they want to take Monique to school.
- Eight professional wrestlers. They can easily body slam you with one question.
- Four Guinness Book of World Record holders. They could use one more notch.

Monique is ready... The Mob is ready... It's One... versus 100!

Oh, and "this game is simple."


Your boyfriend just gave you "bling". Who should you have look at it?
a) A doctor
b) A jeweler
c) A chef

Mob is... locked. Monique goes with B, having seen Jennifer Lopez... a lot. She is... right! And only two miss it for $200. Continuing on...


In which board game do the pieces only move diagonally?
a) Backgammon
b) Checkers
c) Chess

Monique thinks... She rules out C... and then asks the Mob about A. Fourteen answered as such. #65, Venice, a teacher, also whittled it from forward to back. But Monique goes against her and says B... and Venice is worried. She should be, because she's one of the 21 that is knocked out as Monique collects another $5250, giving her $5450.

Continuing on...


If you snuck into someone's garden and took a leek, what would you have stolen?
a) An onion-like veggie
b) A tomato-like veggie
c) A broccoli-like veggie

Monique's confident of A... Right! She knocks out nine for $4500, giving her $9950. Monique wants to play on against 68, and she will... next time.

If you would like to be a contestant on 1 vs. 100, go to


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