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Today is

"Episode 1" - October 13

Tonight, one person in one night will have a chance to answer one question for $1 million. The catch is that that one person will have to hope that 100 others got it wrong. And it's not going to be easy. It's going to take brains, nerve, and a killer instinct.

With a cash prize that big... and a challenge even greater, it had to be... ONE VERSUS 100!

Your host today is Bob Saget, and the one, your first contestant is... BRIAN DeCATO, a bouncer from Tacoma, WA. He thinks that some of the best thinkers were bouncers. Let's hope the tradition continues.

Now the rules. Very simple, either Brian is going to win, or the Mob, 100 people, will win. All 101 players will be asked questions of increasing difficulty. As long as the One answers correctly, the One will win money based on how many Mobsters get it wrong. Answer a question wrong, One or Mobster, and you are out of the game. In the case of the former, the remaining Mobsters will split your cash, leaving you with nothing. Dollar values increase with every question asked...

$ 9,000
$ 8,000
$ 7,000
$ 6,000
$ 5,000
$ 4,000
$ 3,000
$ 2,000
$ 1,000
$   500
$   100

If Brian knocks out every single Mobster, he will walk away $1 million richer, BUT, it's not going to be easy, because in this particular mob, we have...

- Nine teachers. They're all looking to teach Brian a lesson he'll never forget.
- Three models from Deal or No Deal; from the looks of it, Meagan, Lauren, and Marisa. By day, they're opening their own cases. Tonight, they want a piece of yours.
- 74-time Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. No explanation needed.
- Right now: 87% of the Mob attended college.

Get ready, Brian, because for the first time on US shores... IT'S ONE VERSUS 100!

First question...


The 2003 movie "Seabiscuit" featured what type of animal in the title role?
a) One with fins
b) One with paws
c) One with hooves

The mob is in. Brian can ask the mob for help twice. If he does, any Mobster called to help must be truthful about the answer he or she gives, but can be deceitful about why they chose to give it. That said, Brian doesn't need the help and guesses a horse, C. He's right! He eliminates... no one! Everyone got it right! Brian can leave with what he has so far, or he can take another question. So with zero in the bank, does he want the money... or the Mob?

Obviously, he takes the Mob, so as we move to $500, it's still 1 vs. 100!


What Hawaiian appetizer is often found on Asian cuisine menus?
a) Pu pu platter
b) Ka ka combo
c) Du du delight

Brian says A... He's right! As for the Mob... Eight miss for $4000! Brian plays on...


You're singing the "Name Game" song with the current Secretary-General of the UN. How is his name sung?
a) Juan Juan bo-Buan
b) Henry Henry bo-Benry
c) Kofi Kofi bo-Bofi

Brian don't need no help. He goes with C... Before we find out if he's right, we find out that we get rid of 22, including two of the models, for $22,000. But is Brian right? YES! He's got $26,000!

Brian wants to buy his girlfriend an engagement ring with the winnings, so he's going to play on with it. Next, one vs. 70!


In 2005 what comedian walked way from a $50 million deal with Comedy Central?
a) Jon Stewart
b) Dave Chappelle
c) Craig Kilborn

He smells Rick James, bitch. B is... RIGHT! How many does he get rid of this time? Only three for $6000, giving him $32,000. Will he risk that money? Yep! Next...


Uncork the Cristal. You hit a perfect 850! On what?
a) The SAT's
b) Your credit score
c) A single game of bowling

Brian thinks it's A. But he wants to ask for help. First help, you can ask the Mob about one answer, and we'll show you how many of the Mobsters got it right. Then you pull one to explain his or her choice. Brian asks about B, and... all but four of them answered B. He asks #7, "one of the Deal or No girls", you know, rather than #13, Kenny Gameshow. Meagan says that she's always on top of her credit and knows what it should be. Brian goes with her answer... and both Meagan and Brian are RIGHT! Which means that the four people who missed it just gave Brian another $12,000!

For the record, perfect SAT: 2400. Perfect bowling score, as Gordon will tell you: 300. Brian has $44,000. And he will risk it further.

- Right now: 64% of the Mob are now male.


In the film, whose name does "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" call out when he's getting his chest waxed?
a) Paris Hilton
b) Kelly Clarkson
c) Yoko Ono

Brian loves this movie. It's B. He's right again! And the mob is reduced by... 14! That gives Brian $56,000 for a total of $100,000! But will Brian walk with that? Nope! He's playing! It's one vs. 49!


Which TV drama series does not revolve around a team of FBI agents?
a) "Monk"
b) "Criminal Minds"
c) "Without a Trace"

Brian needs help again. On this final help, we will randomly choose one person with the right answer, and one with a wrong answer. First person, #41 Ava, says it's A. She watches the show, and knows it revolved about a San Francisco detective. Second person, #68 Dana Willard, says B, saying that A also had FBI agents. That eliminates C. Brian goes with Ava.... and they're right!

So Dana... as well as six others, are eliminated, giving Brian $35,000, a total of $135,000!

- Right now: 87% of the Mob went to college.

The Mob wants Brian to continue, as he is now 42 people away from a million... but Brian won't take another question. He's walking with $135,000! That'll buy a nice ring, no problem. And the 42 Mobsters, denied as they were, will get another shot in the next game.

Next game begins with this One, from Youngstown, OH, welcome CHRISTINE TARBET! She's a technical writer for a software company. Hopefully she can endorse a check for a million when this is order, but that won't be easy, because in this Mob...

- Nine waitresses. They are all hoping that Christine will leave a fat tip.
- Seven surfers. Will they shoot the curl once Christine wipes out?
- Seven valedictorians. They were first in the class, but now they're taking our One to school.
- 74-time Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. No explanation needed.

Get ready, Christine, because it's ONE VERSUS 100!

First question...


Of the three judges on "American Idol", who usually sits in the middle?
a) The one from Great Britain
b) The former Laker Girl
c) The author of "What's Up, Dawg?"

The Mob is locked. Christine knows that Paula Abdul is a Laker Girl. Correct: B. Who's she knocking out? Eleven people, giving her $1100! Will she take the money... or the Mob? She wants the Mob!


Contrary to what Jessica Simpson may have thought, what is the "Chicken of the Sea" mascot?
a) A mermaid
b) A chicken
c) A bumble bee

Christine says a mermaid... And she's right! And she knocks out... 17 for $8500, giving her $9600. Will she walk? Nope. She's taking another question, as its one vs. 72!


If the Venus de Milo statue came to life, which would she have the most trouble doing?
a) Using the Stairmaster
b) Playing frisbee
c) Lip synching

Christine knows she has no arms, as she says B... Right! How many wrong? That's seven for $7000, giving her $16,600. And she's playing on with this...


On "Deal or No Deal", how many of the numbers on the outside of the briefcases marked 1-26 are divisible by 3?
a) Seven
b) Eight
c) Nine

Of course, Christine watches the show, but she counts seven.... then counts eight. She's going with the latter. "I hate math!" How many Mobsters lost it? That's 18 for $36,000. If she's right, that money is hers. Correct... B! She's up to $52,600! And she's more than halfway there.

Christine wants to use her winnings to see her parents in Ohio. Will she go one more time or take the money and run? She still has two helps left, so it's time for another question.


You want to watch a movie about boxing. Which one should you not rent?
a) "Cinderella Man"
b) "Million Dollar Baby"
c) "Training Day"

Christine is going with C... And she's right! That knocks out ... no one. They're getting smarter, and that means it's going to be harder to eliminate them. Christine takes that chance anyways. It's still one vs. 47 with $52,600 at risk.


Which fireplace term is also the name of a section of the earth?
a) Flue
b) Hearth
c) Mantle

Christine knows this. It's C... She's right again! That knocks out five for $20,000, giving her $72,600. But will Christine take that money... or the Mob? Christine says that she still has two of her helps, so she'll play on.


In contemporary slang, what would you do with your "badunkadunk"?
a) Drive it
b) Sit on it
c) Wear it

Christine was told she was getting one. A "badunkadunk" is the junk in the trunk, so she says B, sit on it... And sitting out the rest of the game... three Mobsters for $15,000, giving Christine $87,600. Will she risk it now? Yes she will. But not now. We'll see how Christine fares against the remaining 39 next time... on "1 vs. 100!"

If you would like to be a contestant on 1 vs. 100, go to


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