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Today is

"Episode 2" - October 20

Last week, bouncer Brian DeCato took the Mob for $135,000. The 42 survivors moved onto another game with 58 new Mobsters against new challenger Christine Tarbet from Youngstown, OH. So far, Christine has answered seven question and built up a bank of $87,600. Still in the mob...

- Four valedictorians. Three of them ended up getting an F in Quiz Show 101.
- 74-time Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. Again, no explanation needed.

With question eight coming, it's one... versus 39!


Braeburn, Rome & Gravenstein are what?
a) Varieties of apples
b) Nobel Prize winners
c) The law firm on "Boston Legal"

The mob is locked. Christine can still ask for help twice. She's 95% sure of apples... She goes for it... and before we find out if she's right or not, we find out that she will knock out 19 if she's right. Is she right?

YES! That's another $114,000! That brings her total of $201,600. But is that walking money? Does Christine take the money... or the Mob? Everyone's chanting "Mob! Mob! Mob!", but Christine doesn't want to keep going. She's taking the money. So Christine Tarbet is $201,600 richer.

Next up, Brooklyn in the house in the form of AARON SANDERLAND. He's a new father. Can he win money for baby? He'll have to get past a Mob that includes...

- Three brain surgeons. They've got the tools and the know-how, and they're ready to operate.
- Seven body builders. They want to bench press your bank roll.
- Nine LA Clippers Spirit Girls. They're looking to be on the winning side for a change (C-Note: apologies to the Clippers fan reading this)
- 74-time Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. Again, no explanation needed.

Aaron's ready. Mob's ready. It's One... versus 100!


Which of these does not have a circular shape?
a) The Target store logo
b) A Wendy's hamburger patty
c) A Playstation 2 video game

Aaron says B. He's right. He knocks out... 15, including three bodybuilders. That's $1500. Aaron plays on.


Who is George W. Bush's current Secretary of State?
a) An African-American
b) An Asian-American
c) A Mexican-American

Aaron goes with A. He's right again. Dr. Condoleezza Rice knocks out three more, giving Aaron $3000. Aaron takes the Mob.


What are porcini, morel and chanterelle?
a) Red wines
b) Mushrooms
c) Cheeses

Aaron's wife is a gourmet. He goes with B. He's right. And how many are wrong? Twenty-four! That brings him to $27,000. Aaron's going... for the Mob!


Based on their profession, what item in the house would the Super Mario Bros. best be able to fix?
a) The furnace
b) The microwave
c) The toilet

Ken's just laughing right now. With the theme song in his head now, Aaron says C... He's right! And who gets flushed by the video game plumbers? Four people, giving Aaron another $8000, a grand total of $35,000. That's real. Will he take it, or will he take another question?

He takes the Mob! Next question...


In 1987, what little girl became known as "Baby Jessica" after spending 58 hours in an abandoned well?
a) Jessica McClure
b) Jessica Lynch
c) Jessica Sierra

Aaron needs help. He asks the Mob. He wants to know more about B, Jessica Lynch. Only four said the same. Rebecca, #42, an outdoor educator, saying that it was a hot topic because her sister's name is Jessica.

Aaron needs more help. Remember, a Mob member must be truthful about the answer given, but may be deceptive about why they chose it. Again, Rebecca shows up. And with her, #50, Kristin, who says A, Jessica McClure, saying it was "familiar" to her. That rules out C.

Aaron agrees with Rebecca... Their guess.. B. Correct.... A. Aaron leaves with nothing, but the 49 Mobsters who got it right split the $35,000! And they get to come back for another game!

Next player from Las Vegas is CHAZZ HALE. He feels primed and ready. He builds satellites and thinks that it's good to think big. He'll have to think big if he's going to face this next Mob, which features...

- 10 Mensa members. Put their IQs together, and you'd have a pretty darn impressive score for this game.
- Six grandmothers. Don't be fooled by their sweet old faces; these ladies are all about business.
- 74-time Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. The one person who's been here since the beginning. No further explanation needed.

Chazz is ready... The Mob is ready... It's One... versus 100!


If Cuba Gooding Jr. said "Show me the Armani", whose clothes would he want to see?
a) A French designer
b) An Italian designer
c) A Chinese designer

Chazz knows it. He picks B. He's right. He knocks out... one person. Will he take $100 or another question. The money... or the Mob? He goes with the Mob. Understandable.


What New Orleans celebration occurs immediately before the start of Lent?
a) Big Wednesday
b) Good Friday
c) Fat Tuesday

Chazz knows that Mardi Gras was "Fat Tuesday", so C must be right... It is. The party's over for seven Mobsters, giving Chazz a bankroll of $3600. And he continues...

It's one... versus 92!


In Dr. Seuss' classic tale, who was the Who in Who-ville who caught the Grinch stealing Christmas?
a) Baby Boo Who
b) Peggy Sue Who
c) Cindy Lou Who

Chazz saw the Grinch steal Christmas every year, and every year, Christmas was saved by C... He's right! Who got the wrong Who? That would be 13 Whos (including two grandmothers) for $13,000, giving him $16,600.

Questions are getting harder, and the Mob's getting smarter, but Chazz plays on.


What color is the number "one" space on a standard roulette wheel?
a) Red
b) Black
c) Green

With apologies to the state of Nevada, Chazz asks for help. He asks for more info on A. How many people answered that? Forty-two. He takes #76, Eric Rico. He thinks the odds are red and the evens are black. (C-Note: That would be wrong.). He goes with A... in the majority. And he's right! Who wasn't right? Thirty-seven people... including Ken Jennings.

Chazz knocks out Ken Jennings! Down goes Jennings! Down goes Jennings!

He's got a total of $90,600 now. Rebuttal?

"I went 'B'!"

Okay... Out you go.

Question, the money or the Mob? He's feeling the love right now, thinking he just beat the guy that beat everyone else. He goes on. It's One... versus 42!


At a reunion of celebrity brothers, whose table would need the most place settings?
a) The Baldwin Brothers
b) The Wayans Brothers
c) The Osmond Brothers

"I think I'm in trouble." He has a hunch, but he needs help. First, #44, Mensa member Darren Essman. He thinks A. He thought about C, but thought it was a trick. Next, #64, brain surgeon Debbie chose C. That eliminates B. He knows Donny... and he knows that there are more Osmonds than there are Baldwins. That's C... and that's right! He picks off 23 for $69,000, giving him $159,600. Will he take the money... or the Mob?

The Mob wants him to play on, obviously. With 19 Mobsters still left... Chazz takes the money and running.

The remaining 19 Mobsters will take on a new challenger next show. See you then.

If you would like to be a contestant on 1 vs. 100, go to


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