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Today is

"Episode 3" - October 27

Last week, Christine Tarbet won over $200,000, and Chazz Hale took over $150,000, BUT Aaron Sanderland got mobbed by a question on Jessica McClure, giving the Mob $35,000. That same mob returns to face a new challenger, CAMILLE BENNETT from Augusta, GA. She's a corporate flight attendant. She hopes to fly out with $1 million, but first, she's going to have to knock out a mob that consists of the 19 survivors from the last game AND...

- Six sorority girls. They are so sure... that they're walking away with your money tonight.
- Three previous "Millionaire" jackpot winners. John Carpenter, Nancy Christy, and Kevin Olmstead... among them, over $4 million in winnings, but they could stand to gain a little more.
- Eight punk rockers. All of them hope to pierce your chances of winning.

We also have a revised money tree...

100 - 250 - 500 - 1,000 - 1,500 - 2,000 - 3,000 - 4,000 - 5,000 - 6,000 - 7,500 - 10,000.

It's One Versus 100! First question...


Of the following, which is not the son of a famous father?
a) Ziggy Marley
b) Jakob Dylan
c) Gnarls Barkley

The mob is locked. Camille can still ask the Mob for help. But she doesn't need it. Correct: C. How many wrong? Looks like eight for $800. She continues on...


On the Canadian flag, what color is the maple leaf, eh?
a) Red
b) Gold
c) Green

Camille says A... And she's right for... $500, for the two eliminated. That brings her to $1300. Camille wants the mob...


What film won the best documentary Oscar for 2005?
a) The one starring farm animals
b) The one starring cyclists
c) The one starring penguins

Camille thinks it's C, "March of the Penguins"... And she's right! How many out this time? Six for $3000, giving her $4300. She wants more of the Mob, so it's now ONE VERSUS 84!


In the fraction 1/100, what is the proper term for the number 100
a) Numerator
b) Denominator
c) Remunerator

Camille goes back to math class... and she's 90% sure... of B... Correct.... B! And the mob... is minus one for $1000, giving her $5300. The one who missed it... a punk rocker. She goes on with this.


Your'e driving from AR to NE with no AC in your SUV. What direction are you going?
a) SW
b) NE
c) NW

Camille goes with northwest, C. How many Mobsters missed it? A lot... 31 for $46,500. IF Camille's right. She is, giving her $51,800! She takes another question...


Which of the following is not the name of a real person who had a salad named for him?
a) Bob Cobb
b) Caesar Cardini
c) Francois Nicoise

She thinks the Cobb was named for someone else, as she asks the Mob for help. She asks for more about A... 23 of the 52 guessed that. She asks John Carpenter, one of the millionaires, for further assistance. "Bob Cobb was the maestro on Seinfeld, so I figured. I know it's named for someone named Cobb, but not Bob." She goes with it... and she's... WRONG. It WAS C. And John is shaking his head in disbelief.

So the $51,800 will be split amongst the 18 surviving Mobsters, and they continue playing!

Next potential millionaire from South Holland, IL, it's PORTIA PETERS. Portia is a graduate student. She hopes to make tuition tonight. Joining the 18 surviving Mobsters from the last game are...

- Six psychics. They may already have the advantage... and the answers!
- Five soccer moms. They've got the know-how, and they're gonna stick it in the goal.
- Seven perfect SAT scores. For those paying attention, that's 16,800. Scary, isn't it?

Portia is ready... The Mob is ready... It's One... versus 100!


Which of the following is a character in the board game "Clue"?
a) Captain Ketchup
b) Colonel Mustard
c) Miss Mayonnaise

Portia's never played it. She thinks that she's heard of Col. Mustard. "Condiments aside, you can ask for help." She does that, asking for more information about B. How many people answered B? 96... and #64 raised his hand. #19, Lisa Walker, HAS played Clue.

She goes with B... and she's right! The four wrong give her $400. Not enough. Let's continue..


Which shortcut could help you remember the names of the Great Lakes?

Girl from the Midwest better get this right. Portia is right with B. Twelve are wrong, giving her $3000 more for $3400. Portia continues with the Mob.

It's one... versus 84!


If the "Wedding Crashers" crashed "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", what traditional Middle Eastern dessert could they expect?
a) Baklava
b) Moussaka
c) Spanakopita

She is pretty sure of A at first, because she likes it. Camille locks it in... and she's RIGHT! And nine are wrong for $4500, giving her $7900.

Questions are getting harder, and the Mob's getting smarter, but Camille wants the 75 Mobsters...


Which song by The Who is not the theme song of a "CSI" TV show?
a) "Won't Get Fooled Again"
b) "I Can't Explain"
c) "Who Are You?"

She knows C is the theme to the first one and A seems to make sense. Camille uses her last Mobline. Remember, each of the chosen Mobsters must be truthful about their answer choice, but they can be deceptive about why they chose it.

#2, Steven, says B, "I Can't Explain." He knows C is from Vegas.

#18, Christian Pirelli, says A. "It was kind of a guess. It seemed too obvious."

That excludes C. Portia goes with... Steven. Correct.... B! Portia's going to knock out Christian and... 26 others for $27,000, giving her $34,900!

And the psychics... all knocked out completely. Betcha they bloody didn't see that one coming. Portia doesn't want to be greedy... so she bails with $34,900.

And the 48 survivors? They'll live on to take on another challenger... from Afton, WY, ED BROWN! Ed owns a cattle ranch, but he's hoping to milk him some money from the Mob. Joining the 48 survivors are...

- 12 hippies. Peace? Understanding? Free love? Not tonight.

Mob Hit: right now, 79% have a college degree. Let's get ready for one... versus 100!


If a man spends more time primping and posing in front of the mirror than his wife, he's probably what?
a) Quatrosexual
b) Metrosexual
c) Retrosexual

Ed thinks it's metrosexual, "which I'm not." He's not wrong either. That answer will knock out a couple for $200. And of those... Sunshine, one of the hippies. Ed continues.


At a pricey restaurant, what would be the traditional last item to arrive, just before the wallet-busting bill?
a) Chateaubriand
b) Sauerbraten
c) Tiramisu

Ed wants more of A, but he'll guess C. He'll be right to knock out... six for $1500 more, giving him $1700. He wants more of the Mob, so he continues... it's One versus 92!


Which brand of gum is also a type of nuclear sub used by the US Navy?
a) Hubba Bubba
b) Carefree
c) Trident

Ed thinks it's C... that's right! He knocks out three for $1500, giving him $3200. He wants more of the Mob...


You've taken a vacation like the one in the film "Sideways". What are you doing?
a) Skiing in Colorado
b) Wine tasting in California
c) Surfing in Hawaii

Ed saw the movie, so he knows it's B. Correct... B! Five missed it for $5000, giving him $8200. Ed wants more money, and he'll play on for it next time on 1 vs. 100 with 84 Mobsters remaining.

If you would like to be a contestant on 1 vs. 100, go to


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