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Catch it: 8p ET NBC Fridays

Today is

"Episode 6: Vegas Night" - December 1

Last time, Monique Sultani continued her quest for riches.... but was stopped by the mob at $14,450. Jonathan Keyhoe, on the other hand, took the Mob for $79,750...

But thanks to you making "1 vs. 100" NBC's newest game show hit, we've got new episodes, new Mobsters, and a whole new game upon us.

It's a very special night at the game-show equivalent to throwing Christians at lions, as our first player will play for THREE MILLION DOLLARS! That One... JAY STAKELON from Allentown, PA. Jay co-owns a small graphics studio.

Quick reminder of the rules. Bob will ask Jay and the Mob the same questions. Jay will win money for each Mobster he takes out, from $1000 to $10,000 a head.











BUT Jay will have to be absolutely perfect on each one in order to take that money. If he is wrong ONCE, the Mob will split whatever money is won up to that point.

And if Jay knocks out all 100... he wins $3 million!

In our first Mob...

- The cast of "Las Vegas". Josh Duhamel, Nikki Cox, Molly Sims, and James Lesure, all playing for charity, all knowing a thing or two about high stakes.
- Ten Las Vegas showgirls. They hope to make more coin than that dreadful movie that bore their name.
- Annie Duke. Poker superstar, yes. Trivia superstar? We'll see.
- Seven blackjack dealers. They hope that Jay will double on a hard 16.
- Kevin Federline... Maybe his tenure will last longer than his marriage.

Jay's ready... The Mob's ready... IT'S ONE... VERSUS 100!

First three questions are worth $1000, and you must answer all three before you can exit the game.



You call your urologist and he asks "Can you hold?" Which song would worsen that "Gotta Go" feeling?

A) "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas B) "High and Dry" by Radiohead C) "Waterfalls" by TLC

Jay locks in C. Correct.... C! He knocks out six for $6000.



Christina Aguilera got her start on a TV "club" named for what character?

A) A waterfowl B) A canine C) A vermin

Jay locks in C. Correct.... C! He knocks out 29 for $29,000, giving him $35,000.



In the nursery rhyme, "Hey Diddle Diddle", who did the dish run away with?

A) The china B) The flatware C) The glassware

Jay locks in B. Correct.... B! He knocks out 13 for $13,000, giving him $48,000.

And out goes two "Las Vegas" members... and Federline. Now... will Jay take his $48,000 and leave... or will he take on the Mob some more. Do you want the money... or do you want the Mob! He goes on!

Jay wants to pay off some student loans and take the family on some trips. First, he has to knock out 52...



In the computer world of bytes, which is largest?

A) A gigabyte B) A megabyte C) A kilobyte

Jay locks in A. This doesn't giga-bite. Correct.... A! He knocks out 18 for $36,000. He's at $84,000.

The "Las Vegas" cast... gone. But their show airs afterwards.



How many total syllables are in the word "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"?

A) 8 B) 14 C) 20

Jay has three helps left... But he counts... and locks in B.

Correct.... B! He knocks out eight for $16,000. He's at $10,000.

We're at another crucial junction. He's 26 away from $3 million. Money or the mob? He still has three helps? ....

He's going with the mob!



If the nickname of "The Iron Giant" was the same as his chemical symbol, what would his 'peeps' call him?

A) Ag B) Fe C) Sn

The three helps available... Poll the Mob (same as before), Ask the Mob (same as before), and the new Trust the Mob (Jay will be shown the most popular answer, and he'll have to commit to that answer).

He polls on B... 22 of the 26 people are right. #78 Andrew Flucan got an A in chemistry. Jay locks it in... and he's right! That knocks out four for $12,000.

Will Jay take $112,000... or will he go with the Mob? He still has two helps... He's going with the Mob!



Which country does not share a border with the homeland of the character Borat?

A) Egypt B) China C) Russia

Ask the Mob is enabled... We're back with Andrew at 78, who says "Egypt", and #93, one showgirl named Jamie. She said Russia. That excludes B.

Trust the Mob is enabled... The most popular choice is... A. Correct... A! That cuts the Mob into half for $44,000...

Will Jay take $156,000... or is he going with the Mob? The Mob wants one more question... but Jay wants the money. He's got the money, $156,000! Meanwhile, the 11 survivors will challenge another opponent...

PAULA RUSSELL of Chicago. Paula gambles a little bit. But she is so not calm. She's playing for the standard $1 million. Joining the 11 survivors from last game...

- World Series MVP from the St. Louis Cardinals, David Eckstein. He wants a grand slam... He could use a 100 grand slam...
- Brad Rutter and five other big game-show champs. They make their living doing this sort of thing... maybe out of Paula's expense?
- 10 Laker Girls... They went from cheering on "Deal" to doing for themselves...
- And Paula's idol Annie Duke is still here.

Paula's ready... The Mob's ready. It's 1 VS. 100!



In the well-known tongue twister, what does "she" do "by the seashore"?

A) She sells seashells B) She fixes Swiss wristwatches C) She slits sheets

"It's A." Okay. That's right. Only two get it wrong for $2000.



There's a grease fire in the kitchen. Which product will safely extinguish it?

A) Baking soda B) Water C) Gasoline

Paula locks in A again. Correct... A! Twelve are knocked out... half of them Laker Girls. Paula's up to $14,000.



If you must be at least 40 inches tall to go on the Star Wars ride, which "Star Wars" character would be left behind?

A) Chewbacca B) C-3P0 C) Yoda

Paula says she's going to be here a while, answering C... Right! That knocks out eight for $8000.

So Paula can take $22,000... or she can go on with the Mob... She's going with the Mob! Next tier for $2000...



Your Halloween costume was the US President implicated in the Watergate affair. Who were you dressed as?

A) One who rhymes with "tush" B) One who rhymes with "vixen" C) One who rhymes with "martyr"

Paula chooses B... Right again! Another two gone for $4000.



Which was not the name used by one of the Sex Pistols?

A) Nasty B) Rotten C) Vicious

Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious leave out A. That's what Paula goes with. How many got it wrong? 33 for $66,000. Is Paula right?


Paula's up to $92,000. She wants to buy his mom a house. Will she take the money... or the Mob? She takes... the Mob!



Which comedian created and narrated the TV series "Everybody Hates Chris"?

A) The host of the 2005 Academy Awards B) The voice of Donkey in "Shrek" C) The detective in "Rush Hour"

She eliminated Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker to leave her with A.... Chris Rock... Right! Ten leave, giving her another $30,000.

She has three helps and  $122,000. She presses on... How far will she go? Find out next week!

If you would like to be a contestant on 1 vs. 100, go to


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