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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

Because game show fandom is NOT a spectator sport.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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October 26, 2004

--- SPOILER BEGINS! Standard text messaging rates do apply ---

Gordon: According to the New York Post, Ken Jennings reign of terror ends on November 9. According to the schedule, though, Kids week is this week, which would put his exit on November 16.
Chico: Wait, I have yet another wrinkle...
Gordon: In addition, our spy says that Ken leaves on November 30th, which means that there's going to be another 2 week tournament somewhere in there.
Chico: That would be the wrinkle. In November is the College Championship.
Gordon: So... you heard it here first. KEN JENNINGS LAST DAY IS ON NOVEMBER 30!!!!
Chico: And if we're wrong, well, it wouldn't be the first time.
Gordon: But if we're right, do you think we're going to get any credit for it?
Chico: My guess... No. Some other site run by some other guy will probably get it to the masses.. Unless you have some evil connection to the masses...
Gordon: By the way, we said this OVER A MONTH ago that his last day was November 30.
Chico: I have the clip... Roll it, Earl.

(OAD 9/20/04)
Jason Hernandez: It's through the sweeps, as Ken's last day will be November 30th. On the VERY next episode, there is a category devoted to "December 1st"

Gordon: And there you have it. Does anyone check us? Nooooooo.
Chico: How conveeeeenient.
Gordon: If any journalist uses this, all we want is A CREDIT! Thank you.
Chico: Strangely enough, Ken was quoted on an early show as saying that some media outlets have thrown out date after date, and so far, none of it has come to pass. Of course some could be charged to a lengthy release form threatening to take away every single penny...
Gordon: That would do it. But then, why say anything at all and look like a
Chico: I think it's a little too late for looking like a moron. Granted, it's only in front of 200 some people, but in November, it'll be in front of 8 million. At LEAST.
Gordon: Well, this isn't the only problem the TV media has created. A few weeks ago in the Apprentice ...
Chico: Hold on... Have to turn the red siren light off.


Chico: Okay, you were saying?
Gordon: Well, this isn't the only problem the TV media has created. A few
weeks ago in the Apprentice, Jennifer Crisafulli got fired by The Donald. Right after that, Jennifer C. got fired for real, due to her actions and what she said on the show. Is that fair that you wages should be judged by show editing?
Chico: Well, the manly man thing to do would've been to confront Jennifer
about it face to face. Then if it was indeed true, take an appropriate action.
Here's a little-known but widely suspect fact about reality TV... Only a small
percentage of it is rooted in reality.
Gordon: Nooooooo... Really?
Chico: Really!
Gordon: Wow. Seriously, unless there was something going on at Jen's company, what they did to her was completely uncalled for. I would never want my future controlled by 2 or 3 people who are much more interested in creating a compelling story than worrying about my future.
Chico: Well, we only heard one side. In fact, if I can bring up the Big Honking Board right now...Interestingly enough, that's one of the main "Signs You've Left Reality for... Reality".
Gordon: Start us off.
Chico: Well, we saw one sign: you've become increasingly one-dimensional. The second sign: all your media has been raided, purified, and cut off. You never see these people watch TV or listen to the radio.
Gordon: Sort of hard to do that in the middle of your own tropical island.
Chico: True... But in the middle of New York City? Third sign: There's always something to do... unless of course, there isn't. A little known fact about Survivor: aside from challenges, scheming, tribals, and everything that goes on on the show, it gets rather boring.
Gordon: There are no pelicans in this series - not much wildlife to play
with. At least on the Apprentice there is a basketball court.
Chico: Think about it. You have to literally chop off 144 man-hours into one. What do you suppose happens in those 143 hours? DVD-worthy footage?
Gordon: So far, based on the Insider reports.... no.
Chico: Figured as much...
Gordon: The next one - the people that you see are now whittled down to a bunch of 12-16, with mostly 20 something white guy model types, a few women (at least a blonde that looks like she's from the Swedish Bikini Team), one or two minorities and usually, a gay guy.
Chico: That's what I call your cross-section of America!
Gordon: But you wouldn't be there, because they people that are there aren't Latino.
Chico: Or at least aren't there for LONG. See Camacho, Jessie.
Gordon: Besides Mario in The Benefactor, name me one Latino male.
Chico: I can't. I know there's at least one on Next Great Champ, but like
most intelligentsia, I don't watch it.
Gordon: Well, there's also Roberto in King of the Jungle 2, as well.
Chico: Oh wait. I got one. I got TWO. Oswald and Danny from Amazing Race. Latino AND questionable.
Gordon: But were they there because they were Latino - or because they were gay? Or because they were both?
Chico: Two subsets for the price of one! And finally, the one sure sign that
you've left your plane for someone else's... There's usually a smarmy guy
living next door with a product placement in hand.
Gordon: Hi Chico. Want a Pepsi?
Chico: Why sure! You have some Pringles to go with that?
Gordon: Sorry I only eat my Pringles with BEER!
Chico: But seriously, product placement is nothing new in the game show
world. Anyone who's even seen Quiz Show knows this, as Geritol figured heavily into the plot... and into the show within a show, Twenty-One.
Gordon: Not to mention all of the early game shows - back then, the sponsor's name was even in the title of the show.
Chico: But it seems like it's a little MORE blatant nowadays. Most of the new shows, Shop Til You Drop comes to mind, have become masters of the craft of name dropping, that is.
Gordon: Blame it on TIVO. If you are going to eliminate the commercials, the only way for people to see the product is in the show themselves. Call it the advertisers reinventing advertising.
Chico: Amazing you mention that. You know what's on my TiVo?
Gordon: What is on your Tivo?
Chico: Aside from half of BBC America and Adult Swim, last week's ep of The Benefactor.
Gordon: Switching to the Benefactor, we see why ABC stuck the show where half of America couldn't see it - because if they did, then they would have seen the biggest ethic violation this side of Texas.
Chico: Trying not to make the obvious joke.
Gordon: Make it.
Chico: No, I'm not gonna! You can't make me... You're gonna have to do this =p
Gordon: Unlike the Republicans, who are carrying ethic violations on the
other side of Texas.
Chico: That kid's gonna make it! Anyway, yes I did see it. And yes I did know what was happening to Dominic, but in the end of last week, you kinda had a feeling. After all, this is a guy who has a control room in his house. At least I did.
Gordon: Well, I made the joke, you tell everyone the violation.
Chico: I just did. Mark wanted the five to pair up into teams of two, leaving
out one to be eliminated explicitly. That one, by virtue of a game of Jenga,
being Dominic. Lesser beings would think that this would be an early exit, but  it's off-kilter so the game was changing a bit. You could pick up on it. Nine times out of ten in an elimination contest, if you think you're leaving, and you're edited as thinking that you're leaving, then you're not. Ask Rory...
Gordon: According to Mark AND ABC, that person is leaving the show - and all of a sudden, now that Dominic is the person leaving, Mark changes his mind.
Chico: That much I remember. Well, it's his show. Why not? Sure it's not
fair, but hey, life happens. And so does cancellation. As the Cuban is trimmed down to six, meaning that this Monday is the last show.
Gordon: And based on what I saw from Cuban in terms of changing the rules midstream, the cancellation is well-deserved.
Chico: That and declining ratings.
Gordon: I think the declining ratings are from what I sense as a game with no rules. My biggest fear is that Cuban will change the rules when he didn't
like what was going on. Unfortunately, my fears are realized and it's not as much of a "who can pass his rules of success" as to "who can brown-nose him more and grovel for him" - and frankly, it's sickening to watch.
Chico: Not true. Spencer, who perhaps has smelled the most ass so far, has been cut.
Gordon: Yeah - but Mark, in the last episode, told him he was on the bubble, and we all knew since he loves Dominic that Spencer's days were numbered. But back to Mark. Are you offended by what he did?
Chico: To be successful, you have to be a hypocrite.. Yeah, you could say I'm offended.
Gordon: I'm offended by the fact that this drivel made the air. But let's talk
about the newer stuff on the air and see if it's any better.
Chico: Which brings us to shows that have yet had a chance to suck, as
they've just started.
Gordon: Where do we start?
Chico: My favorite of the new crop over the past two weeks... Of course,
Celebrity Blackjack. Seems like GSN is going whole hog on the things that work.
Gordon: Sounds good to me - I like things that work - and the show does work - as well as Extreme Dodgeball 2
Chico: Although it DID take a threat of a 70mph heater to get you to watch
after the CPA match. Let's call a spade a spade here. There's loyal, there's obsessed, and then there's you. :-)
Gordon: Well, Steve Altes is another Game Show Hussy - but I'll get over it. What do you think about - THE BIGGEST LOSER???
Chico: Well, 22 million people can't be wrong.
Gordon: But are you one of them?
Chico: And hey, it's motivational. It's one of those rare gems that foregoes
drama for actual accomplishment... At least to start. And by drama, I mean
Gordon: Well, I like it so far, but I want originality in my shows. If it's
going to have health tips and ways to do this stuff at home, I'm all for it.
If it's going to turn into another Survivor clone with vote-outs by group and
nothing else, then the audience will be disappearing as quickly as the weight. Finally, She's A Lady. Is it a Diamond in Drag? Or just a Drag?
Chico: Men in dreg. I think that says it all.
Gordon: A dreg of a show, eh? Well, being that Outback Jack scored some good ratings, this could find an audience... I have no clue what sort of audience, though.
Chico: Show me the kind that'll watch anything! *CLANG!*
Gordon: Uh... that's us.
Chico: Yeah, but we're supposed to figuratively.
Gordon: We we each represent 100,000 viewers.
Chico: I want a recount. And speaking of which, you know what we have after the break? Numbers!
Gordon: We'll get Chico's recount at the break, and then afterwards we find out who everyone's daddy is.
Chico: This is WLTI, the equal-time warehouse for game show fandom, I ain't finish talking yet!... Unless you're 21, drinking's bad! Okay, now I'm finished.

(Sponsored by the Contestant's Demographic Society. Filling in game shows with statistically correct contestants since 1999)

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