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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

Because game show fandom is NOT a spectator sport.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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October 10, 2004

Gordon: Please don't encourage the networks.
Chico: Awww.. But people love to see crap =p
Joe: Jeez, really.
Chico: Friends alone was enough for 10 years worth.
Jeff: That show is already on. Its called Extreme makeover.
Chico: True...
Chico: Two words... The Swan.
Gordon: What about if the people who win the Partridge Family get to be in an Extreme Deathmatch with the people who win the Addams Family competition? I'd pay to see that,
Jeff: Loved it!!
Joe: I'm okay with that. There's your new reality concept: Extreme Deathmatch. A house full of gamers compete for a big cash jackpot.
Chico: Okay. Welcome back. In case you're just joining us, you missed the
entire story behind last Monday's Jeopardy and 30 seconds of last Monday's
Jeff: Julie only needed 2 seconds, Chico.
Chico: Oh yeah... Forgot to account for Julie talking quickly. Someone talks
that fast, you can't really doubt them.
Gordon: Not to mention the Apprentice and LCS 3 - and we have Jason Hernandez joining us for the Big Board. What do we have for the Big Board today, Chico?
Chico: Today, a very special extended version of the Big Board that we all
know and love... Now a lot of stuff has been premiering over the fall, and you really can't digest them all, but what can you say about the ones that you can digest? This is the subject: What your viewing habits say about you. I'm sure you've got a few examples for use, Gordon...
Gordon: Like by watching America's Next Top Model means I'm a dirty old man?
Chico: Precisely! Only to make it into a game, it's multiple choice. Everybody ready?
Jeff: Sure, let's go.
Gordon: Let's do it.
Joe: Indeed.
Chico: Okay... First off: Shop 'Til You Drop premiered its... umm... 7, 8,
ninth season last week. Its second in its current form. If you caught the new season of Shop 'Til You Drop, what are you saying about yourself?

a) it's nice to see happy people in a warehouse for once.
b) where do they find these guys, and why do they keep a show like this alive?
c) I give up!

Gordon: That would make me d) Desperately bored.
Joe: C
Jeff: I'm not big on any pricing games.
Chico: Not even TPIR?
Gordon: Definitely not TPIR.
Jeff: Loved it as a kid. But I don't shop. That's why I got married.
Gordon: B
Jeff: Oh yeah. B is my answer too.
Chico: Well, I'll give this one to Gordon... The correct answer: B. Although
this incarnation is a tad bit better than previous incarnations... That alone... isn't saying much. Next question: this week is the premiere of two GSN games. The first being Celebrity Blackjack.
Jeff: Since Fantasy Island and The Love Boat have been cancelled, all the B and C-list celebrities need a place to hang out.
Joe: No kiddin'.
Chico: What do you say to yourself about watching this?

a) Finally! I have an objective in life... to become a celebrity and use my mad math skills.
b) I'd like to be a card player, but poker's way to complicated for me.
c) I wish I had Bravo.

Gordon: A.
Jeff: A
Joe: Still A. But poker still rules blackjack.
Gordon: I agree with that.
Joe: Gordon is right about one thing. The celebrities DO help BJ. Otherwise
World Series of Blackjack sucks.
Gordon: Paigow Rules all - what About Celebrity Pai Gow?
Joe: Hmm.
Chico: Yeah, you try explaining the rules in a 30-second blurb.
Gordon: You get 7 cards, you create a poker hand with 5 cards and a 2 card hand, with a pair of Aces the highest hand for the 2 card hand. The 5 card hand must be better than the 2 card hand. If you beat both of the dealers hands, you win. Simple.
Chico: Showoff.
Gordon: Well, you did challenge me =)
Chico: Oh I did, didn't I.. Heh.
Gordon: Celebrity Super Pan 9?
Jason: :-D
Jeff: I want celebrity mumbledy-peg
Gordon: What's the right answer?
Chico: Correct answer: A. Because as Nicole Kidman once said, you're nobody until you're on television... Next question: If you're TiVoing the new season of Extreme Dodgeball, you're saying to yourself...

a) Finally, a show that fills the void left by the selling out of WWE to more entertainment and less wrestling.
b) Finally, a show where I can act out my S&M fantasies involving red rubber balls
c) I am an employee of Game Show Newsnet.

Jeff: d) That I forgot to re-program my TiVo...
Jason: ROFL
Jeff: Gotta go with C. It was interesting for all of 5 minutes.
Joe: Ditto. Jeff and I agree on this one. C.
Jeff: NOT the dodgeball I used to play. too many silly rules.
Gordon: I'll go with A - just because Steve Altes is the man.
Chico: Oh, you and your strange Steve Altes fix... Correct answer: C. Not
everyone likes it, but we all do (well, most of us, anyway, Joe).
Gordon: Hey it got renewed for a second season - there has to be other people watching besides GSNN employees...
Jeff: At least it got Jerri Manthey off the street briefly.
Chico: Sister got work... What else can I say, except maybe next time she'll learn to keep her fool mouth shut.
Gordon: Don't bite the hand that gives you a paycheck - and speaking of
which, I don't think Ralphie May will be going to many LCS reunions either. Next show?
Chico: Last week, we all saw ESPN Trivial Pursuit. Reactions were more or
less mixed, but if you watched it faithfully you're saying that...

a) I'm a sports nut looking for an arena to test out my useless knowledge.
b) I'm a trivia nut looking for an arena to test out my useless knowledge...
c) I still wish I could Stump the Schwab.

Joe: B.
Jeff: What's ESPN?
Joe: lol
Jeff: Just kidding.
Jason: Hehe.
Chico: Was about to say! =p
Jason: It's a sports channel... specializing in women's college volleyball.
Gordon: D) I am so happy that this thing is getting pre-empted out by
post-season baseball.
Jeff: I'll go with B.
Chico: B is correct.
Jeff: We have a couple of trivia friends who tried out for the show.
Gordon: How did they do?
Jeff: Passed the test, did well in practice games, but not "randomly" picked
to actually play, as of yet.
Chico: Besides, more than half of the people on the show went for the last
two categories... Is that an actual restaurant or a soundstage?
Jeff: I think their heads were on-screen in one or two shots of episodes that have aired. Soundstage that looks like a restaurant.
Chico: Ah. Right.
Jeff: Joe, they were two people who were at my Jeffpardy! party
Joe: Oh?
Jeff: Not sure I should reveal their secret identities here.
Chico: Why not, you've revealed everyone else's =p
Jeff: LOL
Gordon: The tapings are in CA?
Jeff: Yep.
Gordon: So if you're in the CA area and wish to be on a show where you can leave the show by missing one question or losing in the bonus round, you can e-mail
Joe: lol
Chico: Gordon has a huge chip on his shoulder about that show, I should say.
Gordon: I don't have a chip - the show isn't a good one.
Joe: I myself like Wink Martindale's version better.
Gordon: A quick synopsis of my arguments - there is no interactivity and what sort of show are you going to want to go on where you can only get one question to answer and where you can be the champion with no money?
Chico: Okay, next up: I'd Do Anything. Another extreme stunt show with high stakes... But if you're watching it, you're saying...

a) I'm too hip for Fear Factor.
b) I'm too out there for the World Series of Poker.
c) I'd watch anything based on a British series.

Joe: A.
Jeff: C.
Chico: Mr. Pepper?
Gordon: D) I'm a closet George Gray worshipper.
Joe: LMAO.
Jeff: Are you referring to "Who Dares Wins"? Isn't that from Australia?
Jason: ROFL
Chico: This is weird.. I'm going to Joe AND Gordon. And no, Jeff, "I'd Do
Anything" was a show in the UK. True story.
Jeff: As long as you don't have to eat snake testicles, I can go for it.
Gordon: We got time for one last one?
Chico: Yep. One more. The Mansion: What do you say about yourself to that one...

a) I'm living in a bit too sheltered space if I can't get one of those  readily...
b) I'm not nearly as dramatic as those whiny p(^_^)ies on The Complex...
c) I'm a closet Mark Walberg fan.

Joe: C.
Jason: (meekly holds up the "C" card)
Gordon: B. Did you see the last complex episode? Talk about cheesy.
Jeff: C.
Gordon: How did the Complex become a hit in Australia? What are the tastes there?
Joe: Who knows?
Gordon: Good part of Australia - Sale of the Century and Reg Grundy Productions. Bad part - Who Dares Wins and... The Complex.
Chico: Correct answer... is B. You become a closet Mark Walberg fan if you appear on one of his shows, not watch them.
Joe: I speak from experience. But then I'm not really a "Closet" fan.
Chico: And if you appear on two of them... Sorry, Kim... You're just a case...
Gordon: Is Marky Mark your Game Show Hussy, Joe?
Chico: Heh...
Jeff: He's a fan, AND he's out of the closet.
Chico: *applause*
Gordon: I didn't know you liked Barry Manilow, Joe.
Joe: Tell that to Amy Jo Johnson, Gordon.
Chico: Burrrrn. =p
Gordon: Anyway - before we get Joe in trouble with Amy Jo Johnson, we'll come for a quick break and we'll see if anyone can out debate Jeff Suchard.
Joe: lol
Jeff: I am a "master-debater"!
Chico: Take a Side and Big Finish on the other side of halftime.. See you

(Sponsored by Celebrity Craps. Watch people roll dem bones (or in Snoop Dogg's case, roll other things) as they compete for charity. The special cage operators are John Heffron, Alonzo Bodden, Rich Vos and Dave Mordal - since we all know that they need work right about now.)

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