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A more-than-intentional homage to "Pardon the Interruption" among others, We Love to Interrupt is an original, raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows through the eyes of two discerning fans with high standards and short fuses.

Because game show fandom is NOT a spectator sport.

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Hosted by: Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper

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October 6, 2004

Gordon: At least until the next episode, when he gets booted.
Chico:  Right. Well, we're back, and we have Trios. A rather simple concept: three things with seemingly nothing in common. Then we ask the question. Start us off if you would, please.
Gordon: I will. Celebrity BlackJack, George Bush, Ichiro.
Chico:  And the question...
Gordon: In November, which group will lose the most of it's fans?
Chico:  Tough choice. CBJ has never let me down before, so it's a tossup
between Ichiro and Bush.
Alex:   I'd go Bush personally.  Celebrity BJ, *snickers*, will only grow in viewers, and I can't say much about Ichiro.
Chico:  Who can?
Gordon: I'm a democrat - Bush must go.
Alex:   Good, so am I.
Chico:  That makes three.
Gordon: Meanwhile, Jason Block, the Republican that he is, is on my cell phone, cursing me out. Jason Block gives us equal time.
Chico:  Heh.. Makes sense. Okay. I got one. Pat Bullard's smile during Card Sharks, The contestants on The Swan, or a shop window mannequin...Who will have the most plastic content at the end of the year?
Alex:   I'll be willing to bet that the Swans will become over-Swanned.  So that's where my vote goes.
Gordon: I'm going to be nice and go with the mannequin. The Swan seems to be more based on  personal issues than cosmetics, and as for Pat - well, I think it's more painted on than plastic.
Chico:  Gordon.. you're nice.. You're NEVER nice! =p
Gordon: Like in poker, you have to switch tactics sometimes =). I do think that the Swan is more than just surgery, so I'm not going to bash the show based on that. If you said the swam pageant, on the other hand...
Chico:  So you do share my sentiment.
Gordon: Sort of.
Chico:  I didn't care too much for the pageant. Which is odd because it's the thing that keep us talking about it.
Gordon: Yes - but not in a good way.
Gordon: Next - Triumph the Insult Dog, Lopevi's Chicken and any three of the chefs of "Iron Chef America". Who should be the most concerned if Ralphie May shows up in your establishment?
Chico:  Lopevi's Chicken.
Alex:   Yeah, the world's supply of chicken would be severely depleted.  We already have Louie Anderson running around. 
Chico:  Sure, Flay, Batali and Morimoto could cook up a storm, but someone's gotta get eaten.
Gordon: Actually , replace Triumph the Insult Comic dog with Dat Phan. Same answers?
Chico:  Hmmm.. Yeah.
Alex:   Except Dat Phan might be tempted to eat Triumph.
Gordon: I don't know. I think Ralphie may commission Morimoto to use Triumph in one of the new age recipes - then eat him.
Chico:  No. You're thinking the Chinese. The Japanese do not eat dog. They zombify it, then shoot the hell out of it.
Gordon: I'm sure Morimoto can create Chinese recipes
Chico:  I know he can. The things he created from natto were just cool-ass. But still.. Better chance with Mr. Chicken.
Gordon: I think all 3 need to be concerned - next one, Chico?
Chico:  Interesting one: the CIA, Nigel Lythgoe, or this very show...Which poses a clear and imminent threat to enemies everywhere?  As you know, we saw the premiere of The Enemy Within on BBC America. Good show, if not scary.
Gordon: It's a decent show that unfortunately seemed to have spawned off the not -so-decent DRC.
Chico:  But the question remains, who stands to scare more people?
Gordon: The CIA, because no one knows what they are doing - including themselves.
Alex:   The CIA, I think we are headed to some sort of "1984"-esque state today where we will be watched always. 
Chico:  I don't know... I'm going to have to go with Nigel on this one...
Gordon: Aren't we watched now?
Alex:   Basically, but it'll get worse.
Gordon: I must say, Alex, that the yellow striped shirt does not go well with the plaid shorts
Alex:   How do you know I am not wearing pants?
Gordon: You're not wearing pants... and neither am I.
Chico:  Gordon, get us out of this before we're shut down....
Gordon: Ok... Tyra Banks, Mr. Money Bags, and The Big Bank. Which one of these things is likely to fetch the highest price on eBay?
Alex:   Probably the monkey. No reason, but there are some sick bastards out there.
Chico:  Tyra :)
Alex:   I'd take Tyra for sure, but I'd probably never let her go.
Chico:  What's the frequency, Pepper?
Gordon: For Love or Money, eh? I'd go with the model. You pick up Tyra, you get both.
Chico:  Once you get with a top model, you never go back.
Alex:   I got nothing.
Chico:  Okay, final round: The Bachelor 6... the Nintendo DS... or a Doubleshot espresso... The question: WORST use of duality.
Gordon: Can I exchange it for Kami and Karli?
Chico:  Going off the board is acceptable.
Alex:   I am a coffee junkie, and I am a video game freak, but then again, I absolutely hate The Bachelor, so I'll stay on the board with that.
Chico:  I'll side with Alex here.  Besides. Coffee's invigorating... when you do it right.
Alex:   People are forgetting that if you want to meet someone, it might be a good idea to actually GO OUTSIDE and talk to people.
Chico:  Wow. What a concept. Okay, that's Trios. Big Finish coming up once ... yeah... Big Finish next. Before, though. We forgot to include Lee DiGeorge in the list of GSNNers last week. Our apologies.

(Brought to you by The Sims 2: Bachelor edition. You meet the bachelor. You get cut. What happens in the middle is up to you.)

Gordon: We're back as we get to... the BIG FINISH! Apprentice 2 - Will Pamela's move to the women make any difference?
Chico:  I don't see any difference whatsoever. What we have here is a failure to gel. And that will be their undoing.
Gordon: I think Pamela just becomes another scapegoat until they mix up the teams. Speaking of teams - Survivor - who's next?
Chico:  Look for Ami to get the boot. John K. did her a great disservice by giving up immunity. Now she's a target.
Gordon: I think Ami and John K., the star-crossed lovers, will be meeting in the Losers Lodge - I don't think either of them make the merge.
Chico:  Which is a shame, because for the first time, we have a very predictable game of Survivor. October games, what're you going to be watching?
Alex:   I'll be watching British Dog Eat Dog
Gordon: I think it will get interesting at the merge. October - Celeb BlackJack 2, Extreme Dodgeball 2, and the Yankees! - Alex?
Alex:   Anything but the Yankees - And cant forget about Celebrity Poker Showdown.
Chico:  You just touched a nerve, Alex.
Alex:   I'm from Pittsburgh, gotta go with the Pirates even though they suck.
Chico:  My underdog wants say go with the Cubbies.
Gordon: Enjoy the weekend of the Cubbies, because you won't see them again until March.
Chico:  Okay, Dream Job is shuffled to midnights. Deserved?
Gordon: Well, it gets the West Coast watching - we'll see if that makes a difference to the ratings.
Alex:   ESPN always does this.  They did it to 2 Minute Drill.
Chico:  And when did they do this again?
Gordon: Beg Borrow Deal 2.
Alex:   They never had a really good show besides those 2, IMO.
Alex:   Good reality/game shows, mind you.
Chico:  I personally think, and this stands to wit with those who watch, that it's simply a lack of credibility leading to a lack of interest. After all,
you see Mike Hall anywhere since he premiered on Sportscenter?
Gordon: Mike Hall simply isn't as good as other people who were there - like Zach Selwyn, The fact that ESPN took the game out of the voters hands for me was a huge turn-off.
Chico:  Alrighty then. Time to wrap up. Alex, thanks for hanging out...
Alex:   No problem, any time.
Chico:  Next week, the big honkin' anniversary show (our second)...  You're not gonna want to miss it. For Pantless Gordon Pepper, I'm Chico "Insert Amusing Yet Perverse Baseball Nickname Here" Alexander...
Gordon: And from all of us here - Game Over
Chico: Late :)

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