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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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March 21, 2005

Chico: Can we credit/blame the Japanese for this one too?
Gordon: Anyways, we are back, and we have an island to populate. We are joined by our resident Canadian Ryan Vickers and the perennial third-segment person Jason Hernandez for this segment.
Jason H: Thank you, thank you.
Chico: Another one? Where do we get these?
Gordon: We take all of the islands when CBS is done destroying them for Survivor and populate them for ecological purposes. We're doing this to help our humanity. Isn't this honorable for us?
Chico: Considering the last round?
Gordon: Well, last time we did this, we sent the Schwab there with Omarosa. Don't you think that it was pretty charitable?
Jason B: Very.
Chico: For us, yes. For humanity as a whole... well, you be the judges. Let's get to the candidates!
Gordon: Anyways, I'll go over the rules for Curt. You will be getting a few people. You select one of them to banish away to an island somewhere. Any questions?
Curt: Got it.
Jason B: Very nice.
Gordon: We'll start with an easy one -

Mario Vazquez or 19 Entertainment. Do we send Mario away for trying to get fame now - or 19 Entertainment for the encompassing contract that Mario is trying to get out of?

Jason B: Mario. He knew what he was getting into.
Curt: Mario. He knew the rules when he signed on.
Chico: It's-a me, Mario. He ... yeah, what everyone else said. Don't hate the player, hate the.. no. I'm not completing it.
Jason B: He is a hell of a talent...but a stupid kid.
Gordon: What do you think, Ryan and Joe and Mike?
Ryan: Hey folks! I'll vote for Mario - I have a friend who made it to the celebrity judge round of Canadian Idol but didn't want to commit to the time needed to devote to it. You do get told these things in advance.
Chico: The contract'll get you every time.
Mike: I would say Mario as well. He knew what he was getting into if he read his contract.
Joe: I'd say he didn't wanna be owned by 19 Entertainment. I'm gonna toss Mario anyways. At least he'd be getting paid royally for being owned.
Jason H: Honestly, Mario!
Gordon: I am surprised that no one said 19 - which means that the public may be turning against Mario. Mario may have made a huge mistake in his career.
Jason H: No offense, he's good....but he's not my type. :p
Gordon: I agree with everyone and we send Mario to the island to croon at the coconut trees. Next up....

The 4 remaining women of American Idol not named Nadia Turner or the 4 remaining people in the Ulong Tribe. Who has a better chance of leaving and going to the island?

Jason B: The 4 women of American's a man's world this year.
Joe: The Ulong Tribe, for one simple reason... I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Survivor = teh suck.
Chico: Which four to send to the island. The Ulong. Because they can't buy a break.
Curt: AI's non-Nadia four women have no shot.
Mike: I agree too. This appears to be the year of the male on AI.
Jason H: Agree with Big Joey Numbers. Ulong = send air-mail special
Gordon: So we send Ulong over...well, they are already on the island, so we'll send Mario to them. Next up -

Pick ANY Jeopardy winner in the Tournament of Champions who didn't deserve to win, and send them to where they deserve to go - The Island.

Joe: Hmm...
Jason H: LOL....this is a toughie.
Ryan: Hold on... how do we define "deserve to win"?
Gordon: That's your definition.
Ryan: I don't think you can define who should and shouldn't win.
Gordon: Send me someone who YOU think didn't deserve to win.
Jason H: This thinking.
Ryan: Well there has been two occurrences of people getting things wrong in FJ that lead others to win, but still, that's the game, isn't it?
Joe: Tad Carithers - he beat Lezsek.
Jason B: I agree with Joe.
Mike: Tad Carithers beat Leszek.
Curt: Carithers, then.
Jason H: I'll say Leah Greenwald (Tuesday night's winner). Even though y'all think it was the best show of the tourney, thus far, it was the worst. :-P She totally did not deserve to win, I think.
Chico: Except she was on pace with the leader.
Jason H: She got lucky and won by one letter.
Chico: So I'll go with Tad Carithers.
Mike: I can't put Leah on the island. She played an excellent game. Nobody who racks up $23,000+ before Final should go on the island.
Gordon: I'll go with Mark Eckard - since he's the same guy who beat Jason Block on his Jason's last game of Jeopardy. Call it sentimental reasons.
Jason B: Thank you.
Jason H: Oooh, good one, but I stand by mine.
Jason B: He is a damn good player.
Mike: I'll say Jeff Richmond for now, since he had absolutely no competition in his game. Recall that both of his competitors didn't get to Final Jeopardy!
Joe: lol
Jason H: lol, true
Chico: Oh yeah.
Gordon: We'll send Tad, Leah, Mark and Jeff down to the island, and bring up Eddie, Leszek, Jason Block and Jeff Suchard to play in their place. Anyone object?
Chico: No objections here.
Jason H: Good good.
Joe: Nope. All good here.
Jason B: Very nice.
Gordon: Next up....

Wickedly Perfect or Tilt. Two shows that were considered huge disappointments. Which one will the island people get to play?

Jason B: Wickedly Perfect.
Chico: Wickedly Perfect.
Joe: Ditto.
Mike: What they said.
Joe: Poor Marc Summers.
Ryan: Tilt?
Jason B: If you read Ms. Suchard's know why.
Gordon: Did anyone like Tilt?
Joe: Didn't watch it.
Chico: Me neither.
Joe: And I LIKE Michael Madsen.
Jason B: Didn't watch it.
Gordon: I like Michael Madsen too - he was the only good part in the show.
Curt: I saw about three episodes of TILT. I didn't know much about poker before. And I still don't.
Joe: I still remember him as Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs.
Jason B: Did it leave off for season 2?
Gordon: Yes it did - and unfortunately, if they still don't have hockey, we may be seeing more of it.
Ryan: From what I saw of WP, it was just uncomfortable watching players who are Martha Stewart types playing a Survivor like game.
Jason H: ..........I have to say Tilt on this one.
Curt: EOE really needs to lay off the dramas.
Jason H: I couldn't follow along with it, and ESPN could show better programming.
Chico: Gordon was swaying a vote! Vote swayer! =p
Ryan: As long as he doesn't sit on the fence!!!
Jason H: Like.....ya know, classic 2MD and Stump the Schwab.
Gordon: I would say Tilt too, but Jason and I are overruled as producer Marc Summers and his cast can now create apple dishes on the island.
Joe: lol
Gordon: Next one....

Donald Trump or Leann Rimes. One of them doesn't get enough airtime. The other one gets too much airtime. Who will get as much airtime as they want on the Island?

Chico: Two words... You're FIRED!
Jason H: *clap* Thank you, Chico.
Joe: Send 'em both. I don't watch either show.
Curt: Send Leann Rimes, and please, send her in a hurry.
Jason H: Trump!
Chico: :-)
Gordon: I would send Leann Rimes - and then judge Phil Vassar right along with her. How useless is he?
Chico: Wouldn't know. Tell me. How useless is he?
Gordon: He hasn't said anything besides 'I like it'. In terms of being useful with comments; He makes Paula look like Randy Jackson.
Jason B: Leann Rimes. Love Nashville Star...cant stand her.
Mike: This one's a coin toss. I'll pick Trump since he's just about everywhere nowadays.
Gordon: It's a cointoss, but Leann wins. Besides, the island needs some music entertainment...if that's what we're calling it.
Chico: They have Mario. They can do a lovely duet.
Gordon: Last one...
Jason H: LAST ONE!

Pick ANY person in the steroid scandal (Bud Selig, Donald Fehr, Mark McGwire, etc.) and send them on their way.

Mike: Just one?
Chico: How about I just kill the problem at the source and send Jose Canseco?
Ryan: Send 'em all. And give me my Expos back, please.
Jason H: LOL Just one, G-Money?
Gordon: Judges?
Gordon: Based on the anger quotient - I'll allow people to send as many as you want.
Curt: If I had to pick one, it would be Fehr. If anybody came off worse than McGwire, it was him.
Jason B: Selig! He is an ass.
Joe: No question: Barry Bonds.
Mike: Attaboy, Ryan. Even though he didn't testify this past week, I'll go with Barry Bonds. I think he's been a giant cancer to the sport of baseball.
Jason H: If I had to pick one, Selig. He's the ass of an ass
Gordon: ok - Selig, Fehr, McGwire, Bonds, Canseco - anyone else?
Curt: Met Barry Bonds once. The single most arrogant SOB I've ever met, and I've met a lot.
Ryan: Can you throw Bettman in, just because? And Goodenow too?
Jason H: Barry is a Giant, I'm a Dodger fan.....need I say more?
Gordon: I'll have to check with the judges - judges?
Gordon: Yes, you can send hockey people with the baseball people as well.
Jason H: But guys.....Selig called a damn tie in the All-Star Game 2 years back, remember? A TIE!
Joe: And I'm an Angel fan. And you know what we did to the Giants in 2002, right?
Chico: Oh yeah...
Gordon: ok - so to summarize this, we will send the men of the Ulong tribe to frolic with Mario and the women of the the ulong tribe to breed with Barry Bonds and Mark McGwuire to make little sterioid babies while Lee, Tad, Leah and Jeff teach them all how to grow up to be big baseball cheaters and Mario and Leann sing nursery songs to them. The Wickedly Perfect contestants make steroid-laced apple dishes and Donald Fehr, Bud Selig and the NHL can create rules for island living which will take them 17 years to pass.
Chico: So, we have music, baseball, and crocheting the perfect tea cosy.
Jason B: MY EYES!
Jason H: ............... Ack!
Chico: Go to black! Go to black!
Jason H: Send it back! Send it back!
Joe: Eeeeeeeeeek! Kill It! Kill It! Kill it!
Jason H: *faints*
Gordon: Seems like we have another successful island tour, Chico.
Joe: *fans Jason H.; busts out the smelling salts*
Chico: And when we return, we'll top it off with the big finish!
Gordon: And...more mail from the Ultimate Film Fanatic?
Chico: How the heck am I supposed to know?

(Brought to you by Steroid-Laced Apple Dishes. They will get you into serious trouble with Congress... but they won't save you any money on car insurance)

Joe: ROFL! Why haven't you called AMYJO?
Jason H: I'm still slightly upset about yesterday's NBA action. =/ I'm coming to the slow realization that STAPLES Center will be vacant this Spring.
Gordon: No L.A. postseason basketball for you. Let's go on to...The Big Finish!
Jason B: Lakers Suck....BWAAAAAAA.
Joe: We know, we know. But the Angels don't. :D
Gordon: Survivor - will Ulong ever win a challenge....ever?
Joe: Who cares?
Jason B: No...and they will shake things up too.
Chico: What is no? I'll take Saturday Night Classics for $200, Alex.
Joe: Here's one: Stacey Hayes of Lingo infamy is doing a spread in Playboy in May. You buying?
Jason H: Throw it out!
Chico: I.... might?
Jason H: Naaahhh, her accent is fake. :-P
Chico: Duh.
Jason H: DER. :-D
Jason B: Gives a new meaning to stopper ball doesn't it?
Mike: Buying? It's the new wallpaper in my bedroom, Joe! OOGAH! O-O-G-A-H!
Ryan: hotty.... H O T T Y.
Jason B: Hey I like this month's Playboy with Christy Hemme. :-)
Joe: Booooooooooooooo.
Chico: Gordon, help me here.
Gordon: Amazing Race for $600 - who's next to go?
Chico: I say the next leg is a non-elimination leg.
Mike: Next to go are Meredith and Gretchen. They've been continually falling behind, plus I think Gretchen is an albatross around Meredith's neck.
Ryan: Alas it might be time for them to go but it seems like there's been a lot of brainfarts so far..
Gordon: I'll agree with Mike - Are we ever going to see a poker show cancelled due to low ratings?
Jason B: Nope.
Chico: Probably not.
Jason B: Poker is HOT.
Ryan: Got to fill the NHL void somehow :-)
Mike: Yes. Ultimate Poker Challenge, please.
Chico: I thought that was already gone. It airs at 11p Sundays now in Raleigh (down from 7p Sundays).
Jason B: People love to watch cards.
Jason H: People love to watch drama
Ryan: Bring back Card Guppies!
Jason H: Ergo; cards + drama = good TV
Gordon: Millions of dollars on the line - why not? Time to check out the mailbox - we got anything there, Chico?
Chico: Yes we do...
Mike: Is it from another contestant on Ultimate Film Fanatic?
Chico: Actually... we're about 20 years off.
Ryan: Brett Somers?
Chico: This is from a character by the name of Julie Sawyer. Thanks for writing, Julie!
Joe: Name sounds familiar.
Chico: Anyway, Julie writes...




I'm looking for footage of the 1985 Body Language episodes with Phyllis Diller and Michael Damian. I was a contestant on these particular shows and would like to have copies of them for my family to see. Would you know how I can find them? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jason B: Wow. Another tape search.
Ryan: Surely they must be around the trade circle?
Chico: Okay. I'll say this again. Probably your best best is to, yeah, negotiate a trade with someone who has the episode. And if the episode has Phyllis Diller, then that's probably a given.
Jason H: *nudges Klauss*
Gordon: What sites would you know that could have this episode?
Ryan: *nudges Klauss more*
Mike: *cough cough* OBLIGATORY PLUG *cough cough* Surely someone has this episode. I know the Diller/Damian
weeks have aired on GSN within the past 5 years.
Ryan: lol
Jason H: Thanks, buddy. =)
Joe: *shakes Klauss like a ho*
Chico: We were about to slug him one.
Mike: Shake me like a British nanny!
Jason B: You should also check with Fremantle and GSN.
Chico: But good luck in your search, Julie!
Mike: Diller/Damian week, singular.
Jason B: Good luck!
Jason H: Yes, much good luck!
Chico: Okay, we have time, I think... for one more.
Joe: Indeed. Always cool to be able to show friends your TV appearances. MORE MAIL!
Ryan: I got someone their College Mad House ep last week - it's fun to do that.
Gordon: It's from George H. Sirois, another Ultimate Film Fanatic contestant.



Hi Gordon,
Great job on the re-caps. I'm shocked that you're the first one to match me up with Jim Cornette. And I have friends who are just as big wrestling fans as I was, and they never paired us together like that. Too funny...

Joe: O_o
Chico: Wow, another one?
Jason H:
Jason B: Send him a tennis racket!
Joe: Ah-ha! So there was another UFF player in there.
Mike: I called it! Another Ultimate Film Fanatic contestant. What do I win?
Jason H: You win...........
Chico: Sweet nothing! Credibility!
Jason H: um.....OOOH!!!
Jason B: A DVD of "The Pacifier" and "Glitter"
Mike: I'd rather win nothing, Jason.
Jason H: I GOT IT.... *has Stacy model it* It's a week's supply of Knudsen's cottage cheese!
Chico: Better than "The Pacifier".
Jason H: I have some in my fridge, I'll send it air-mail special. :-P
Joe: You're not saying Stacey has cellulite, are you Jason?
Jason H: *nudge nudge*
Gordon: With that - any more mail, Chico?
Chico: Well, no more mail this week, but we'd LOVE to get some more *nudge nudge*. The address is
Mike: And if you PayPal us bribes, you'll get a higher priority!
Chico: Yeah, because this show has... NO BUDGET!
Gordon: We can always use more mail - especially - with next week being...WLTI #50!
Mike: FIDDY!
Chico: Oh yeah, you're going to love next week. Next week is the BIG 50th episode with a special guest that I can't say right now.
Jason B: WHOO HOO!
Jason H: *clangs and dings*
Gordon: Is the guest special?
Ryan: TEASE!!!
Chico: But trust me... People have probably been wanting to see this for years. :-)
Jason H: Hold them back!
Joe: TEASE THE SPECIAL GUEST! TEASE THE SPECIAL GUEST! *jumps up and down like a lunatic*
Mike: Let the rampant speculation begin.
Jason H: I don't think I can handle them much longer!!
Ryan: Pat Finn?
Jason B: Omarosa?
Mike: Oh my gosh, you guys got Rip Taylor?
Chico: I'm afraid I'll have to keep my lips shut for now, but all will be revealed in time. And I think you're really going to enjoy what we have in store for him... or her.
Jason H: *tries to hold Joey down*
Joe: Awwwwwwwww.
Jason B: Boo hiss.
Joe: Get yer hands off me, boy.
Ryan: Boo-urns!
Jason H: :p
Chico: What, you don't like drama?
Mike: It's like you're dangling a Porterhouse in front of us rabid dogs.
Jason H: It's like dangling the entire "Hit Man" and "Whew!" series on tapes and DVDs right in front!
Mike: I got dibs on those shows.
Joe: It's like dangling Amy Jo Johnson and Amanda Avila's phone numbers in front of me.
Ryan: For now we'll have to do with "Mole"
Jason H: Whoo whoo
Jason B: You keep doing this I'll be going blind :-)
Joe: More like filet mignon.
Jason H: It's like.......
Chico: Hamburger!
Joe: lol
Jason B: Give me mine with onions, mushrooms and cheese.
Chico: This order's to go, sadly. Once again, big thanks to Curt Spear for joining us :-)
Curt: No sweat.
Jason B: Thank you Curt!
Ryan: Thanks Curt!
Jason B: (applause)
Joe: Godspeed, Curt. Nice having you along.
Jason H: Ditto!
Mike: Much appreciated, Curt.
Curt: My pleasure, guys.
Chico: For Big Joey Numbers, The James, Mike the K, Beat the Block, Stimpy J, and V-Town, I'm Big Chico. That's Pepperoni. Until next time... Big 50! Game over! and out!
Joe: The Block wins.
Jason B: Out.
Joe: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame Oveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!
Ryan: EROO
Mike: The balcony is closed.
Jason H: *beep do boop*

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