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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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March 12, 2005

Gordon: OK - we're back - and we are joined by the sleepy Jason Hernandez.
Jason H:  Nope, not sleepy....VERY awake right now.
Chico:  Today, it's all about Infiltration, as a salute to Rob & Amber's Infiltration.
Travis E:  That sounds so... naughty.
Travis S: Ooh... dirty.
Jason B:  Oooh.
Chico:  But we're switching it up a bit. Basically, who would win in a game of Jeopardy.
Jason B:  Gotcha.
Jason H:  Heh.
Chico:  Let's start with the remnants of the Ulong on Survivor Palau. God, are they hurting...
Travis E:  Ulong would finish twenty grand in the hole.
Rob: No, not that bad.
Travis E:  Oh yes they would.
Jason H:  Eeeek!
Chico:  You have redneck James, waiter Bobby Jon, and perennial tattooed flasher Angie. Who would win?
Jason B:  Angie.
Travis E:  Whoof...
Rob: Bobby Jon.
Travis E:  That's rough.
Travis E:  BJ.
Gordon: I think they would pull a Remote Control where Alex, at the end of Jeopardy, after they are all at least $3,000 in the hole, would pull them out and get three new contestants.
Travis S: I'm goin' with Gordon on this one.
Travis E:  I'm thinking back to SNL's "Celebrity J!".
Chico:  "This is Alex Trebek. I quit. Again."
Travis E:  Can I vote for all three finishing in the negative?
Chico:  You surely can!
Gordon: Sure.
Travis E:  I vote for they all lose.
Jason H:  SAME here They all lose simply for being on the show. :-p
Chico:  And they all lose.
Travis E:  <cs-bust.wav>
Gordon: Next!
Chico:  Okay, this one's Apprentice flavored... Bradford Cohen, Verna, and Omarosa... They all self-imploded on The Apprentice, but who would do better with the board?
Rob: Bradford.
Travis E:  Bradford, by a country kilometer.
Travis S: Bradford.
Jason B:  Omarosa.
Gordon: I'll say Omarosa, after Bradford pulls a Cliff Claven and wagers it all in Final Jeopardy when he's up by $45,000, leaving Omarosa to win with $100.
Jason B:  :)
Chico:  AH!
Travis E:  I change my vote.  O wins with some pittance of cash, and the second place consolation money is more.
Mike:   Bradford.
Chico:  Okay, next up, quiz show all stars.... Herb Stempel, John Hatten, and Thom McKee.
Travis E:  John.
Mike:   Can we call it a 3-way tie?
Rob: Hatten, the onlly one with experience with a buzzer.
Travis E:  Herb won't have the reflexes, and Thom played ALL softballs.
Gordon: I dont think any of them will have the reflexes, but I think Hatten pulls it out, $13,000 TO $11,000.
Travis E:  Though I'm sure he'd play well, John would eke out a win.
Mike:   I'd say Hatten too, just because the depth and breadth of questions on Blockbusters are greater than on Tic Tac Dough, and Stempel is no spring chicken, so his reaction time would be slow.
Travis S: Herb definitely...he had the Jeopardy! brain...McKee was given softball lobs
Jason B:  Stempel. Met guy.
Travis E:  I want to hear the reasoning behind your pick, Jason.
Chico:  So do I. I'm curious.
Jason B:  I met him at a few college bowl tournaments...he has the quiz bowl brain.
Travis E:  But does he have The Thumb?
Chico:  Well, anyone who goes on has the brain. Next up, Amazing Race Jeopardy... Jonathan Baker... Charla Faddoul... or Rob Mariano. Yeah. Had to throw that in.
Jason B:  Rob. Smarter than everyone thinks.
Rob: Boston Rob.
Travis S: Rob would bribe everyone. So, Rob.
Mike:   Charla would need several crates to stand on.  Rob is street smart, not book smart.
Chico:  Who would win without bribing the judges?
Travis E:  Another three way $0 tie. Maybe Jon wins by a few grand.
Chico:  Not for Charla?!
Mike:   If you could put Charla on a pedestal, I'd say she'd win with $5.
Gordon: I think Charla is the smartest one of the three. She an inch =).
Mike:   That was bad, Gordon.
Travis S: Charla has heart.
Chico:  She does.
Mike:   She's also been electrocuted, so that heart's been revived at least once.
Rob: Would the Stallion Batallion would riot?
Chico:  Speaking of which...Some unconventional athletes here...Doyle Brunson, Tobias McKinney... or the resident bowler here, Gordon.
Mike:   Everybody would end up in the negative.  Next!
Gordon: AHEM.
Mike:   Err...
Jason B:  Gordon - in a damn landslide.
Rob: Tobias.
Travis E:  Gordon wins $20.
Travis S: Pete Weber would beat Gordon to the studio, so, Pete Weber.
Jason H:  ..........I'd be pistol-whipped if I didn't say Gordon
Mike:   Doyle would have slow reaction times.  Tobias is probably a smart guy.  Gordon is a smart guy as well.  I'd say...Gordon.
Gordon: lol - I would say me...but I would be DQed as I know some production people on Jeopardy, so Tobias would win.
Chico:  Damn. You gotta stop meeting people =p
Gordon: Sorry.
Mike:   I'm glad I'm eligible
Chico:  So am I... but I have to wait a year.
Rob: Wish it were Steve Altes instead of McKinney.
Gordon: Altes is very very smart - he woud be much tougher than McKinney.
Chico:  Anyone else want to test the waters here in Infiltration?
Rob: I do
Travis S: And I got one after Robert.
Travis E:  I think I'll try, too.
Jason B:  Ok...I have one too.
Mike:   Sure, why not?
Rob: Bil Dwyer, Zach Selwyn or Mary Strong.
Travis E:  Bil.
Chico:  Bil.
Travis E:  Bil was on Ben's Money, and I think he won the day.
Travis S: Zach.
Travis E:  Not all five large, though.
Gordon: I'd have to go Selwyn - he's very diverse in knowledge.
Chico:  Okay, Travis S. Your three?
Travis S: Really show villains - TTD's Dragon,
TJW's Devil, PYL's Whammy,
Travis E:  The Devil knows everything...
Rob: The whammy would steal all the questions,
Jason B:  Devil.
Chico:  Whammy. You have to be smart to figure out new and exotic ways to take other people's money!
Jason H:  Let me comment.....
Travis E:  So the dragon would be left in the cold.
Gordon: No - Id vote for the dragon. The Dragon has a much more diverse repertoire - as he sees 9 categories a game vs. The devils 5. All the whammy sees is easy pop up and poll questions.
Jason H:  I wouldn't pick the Devil, simply because he knows way too much about Fast Forward, which while was helpful, I didn't care for.....the Whammy would just dance and water-ski himself into a last place finish....I give it to the dragon, simply because....*ducks* HE CAN RAP!
Gordon: Ack! Throw the tomatoes!
(tomatoes come a-flying)
Chico:  Okay, Travis. You're next.
Jason B:  Simple--Meredith Vieira, Alex Trebek, Joe Rogan.
Mike:   Trebek.  He comes off as smart on TV and I truly think he is.
Chico:  Meredith Vieira. She's learned.
Gordon: Trebek - too many shows, too much diverse facts for the other ones to compete.
Travis E:  Rogan would get SLAUGHTERED.
Mike:   Saying a celeb was on a game show doesn't justify whether he or she will win.  Sorry.
Rob: On Celebrity Millionaire, the celebrities helped Viera up until the $32,000 level.
Travis E:  Quickly: Chris Harrison, Joe Rogan or Phil Keoghan.
Gordon: Rogan gets a lot of air time, doesn't he?
Travis S: Keoghan.
Mike:   Keoghan.
Rob: Keoghan.
Travis S: He's got the accent.
Chico:  Keoghan.
Travis E:  I was going to put A. Cooper for the ABC show, but...
Jason B:  Keoghan - Smart guy.
Gordon: Keoghan.
Mike:   Let's do the producer thang--Bob Stewart, Merv Griffin, or Michael Davies.
Travis E:  Ooh.
Jason B:  Davies.
Travis S: Stewart.
Jason B:  Younger and quicker reaction.
Gordon: Griffin.
Travis E:  Bob would get left behind, because he'd play on the old board of $10-$50.
Chico:  Griffin.
Rob: Davies.
Mike:   I purposely left off Jay Wolpert since he was a tournament winner back in the Fleming era.
Travis E:  I have no reason to pick any of the three.  I only know they were masterful at their chosen craft.
Chico:  In other words, it would be a close game.
Gordon: Griffin isn't the fastest, but he has a much broader knowledge base than the other two.
Travis E:  How would you know that, though?
Chico:  Gut instinct?
Travis E:  I guess.
Chico:  Okay. That's Infiltration. One more game and then we get to go home. Stay there.

(This break has been brought to you by Nashville Stars 3 -  the toddler hour. We've decided to lower our age demographics even MORE next season and have nothing but 5 and 6 year olds compete. Besides, America loves children, right?)

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