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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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March 12, 2005

(Note: The following act was done before Mario's dismissal. Adjust expectations accordingly)
Gordon: What more do we have this week?
Chico: Well, we all like basketball, right?
Rob: No.
Chico: Shut up, Rob :)
Travis E: Right.
Jason B: Yes.
Rob: Kidding.
Travis E: WHOO! B-BALL1
Mike: Go Cavaliers!
Travis E: Go BOBCATS! MAC Finals tonight!
Jason B: Go Colonials
Chico: Go Heels! We all like brackets, right?
Gordon: Yes!
Rob: Sure.
Travis E: Why not.
Jason B: Yes.
Chico: Well, for this year's version of March Madness, we have... Idol March Madness.
Gordon: Joining us for this discussion is my Roundtable Idol counter part Anthony Rojas!
Group: Hi Anthony!
Anthony: Sup
Chico: Basically, we had the top 12...Threw in a couple of gag references to even it out to 16... because we can't afford a play-in game yet...But if we could, it would be Villanova vs. Florida State.
Gordon: Any questions?
Rob: Nope.
Jason B: None.
Anthony: None
Jason B: Ready to go here.
Rob: Or in Idol Case, William Hung Vs. Scooter Girl.
Chico: Alright. We have the first battle ...
Chico: Round 1... FIGHT!
Anthony: To the DEATH!

(1) Anwar Robinson vs. (16) William Hung

Gordon: I guess this is our version of a 16 never getting past a 1, eh?
Chico: Oh yeah.
Rob: She Bangs, She Bangs
Jason B: No upset here...Anwar advances.
Gordon: Bang out - vote for Anwar, of course
Chico: Anwar.
Rob: Sympathy vote here.
Rob: Anwar
Anthony: Willim.... cough Anwarrrrr
Gordon: Anwar advances, 5-0.
Chico: I thought you were going to disagree for the sake of disagreement again, Rob :)
Rob: Do you really think I would go for some half wit, monotone ditz...then again i liked Monopoly.
Gordon: Next!
Chico: Speaking of which...

(9) Constantine Maroulis vs. (8) Mikalah Gordon.

Anthony: haha
Jason B: oooh
Gordon: Tough one.
Rob: Gordon.
Gordon: I'll go with my namesake.
Anthony: Down with Gordon
Jason B: Mikalah. Constantine is not good enough.
Anthony: But Mikalah is better.
Chico: Mikalah. Again, agree with Jason.
Gordon: Mikalah gets the 5-0 swep again.
Anthony: KO 2-0.
Gordon: moving on...
Jason B: Next!

(5) Anthony Fedorov vs. (12) Amanda Avila

Gordon: If only Joe was here...
Rob: Federov.
Chico: Vote now!
Anthony: Federov.
Gordon: In the spirit of the not here Joe Van Ginkel, I vote for...Amanda. Ahhhhhh.
Jason B: Federov.
Gordon: Joe will spit on all of you when he reads that you are not voting for his hussy.
Chico: Well, my vote doesn't count in this case, but I would've voted for Amanda as well. Anthony Fedorov makes Latinos look bad.
Gordon: The 5 seed survives a scare from the 12 seed.
Anthony: Whoa.
Rob: And once again, the Avila clan is out of contention on another show.
Gordon: Next!

(13) Lindsey Cardinale vs. (4) Nadia Turner. Vote!

Travis E: 13.
Jason B: 13
Chico: 4.
Rob: Turner.
Gordon: I am the deciding vote, eh?
Anthony: Geez.
Chico: You and Anthony.
Anthony: Cough.
Gordon: I'd love to see an upset.... but It's not happening here - 4 Nadia
Anthony: 4.
Chico: Good call.
Gordon: Turner advances, 4-2. Next!

(2) Mario Vazquez vs. (15) Ashlee Simpson.

Anthony: MARIO.
Jason B: Mario in a big walk.
Chico: No brainer, but vote anyway.
Rob: It's-a me, Mario.
Anthony: No brainer is right
Gordon: I wanna make you Mario
Chico: Mario it is.

(7) Bo Bice vs. (10) Scott Savol.

Chico: Vote now!
Rob: Isn't Bo with the lisp?
Travis E: Erm.
Jason B: Scott Savol.
Rob: Upset time.
Anthony: BO.
Rob: Scott.
Anthony: lol
Gordon: I have to go with Bo.
Chico: Going with Rob and saying Scott.
Anthony: horrible
Gordon: Scott wins, 3-2
Jason B: YES!
Anthony: No way
Gordon: Boooo.
Anthony: You guys suck.
Chico: Alright!
Gordon: America - you have NOT made the right choice.
Chico: It was time for a shakeup... Just to keep the balance right.
Jason B: Sorry Gordon...Scott Savol is a damn good choice.
Gordon: Sure - when he's not alienating half of the audience.
Chico: Okay...

(6) Carrie Underwood vs. (11) Vonzell Solomon. Vote!

Travis E: 6.
Jason B: Carrie.
Anthony: Carrie.
Travis E: Can I vote six times?
Chico: Carrie, and no.
Rob: Underwood
Gordon: Carrie
Travis E: You suck, C. :)
Chico: Sweepers...And in the final round of the opener...

(3) Jessica Sierra vs. (14) The UNC Men's Glee Club... Because every bracket needs UNC in it somehow.

Gordon: Not here it doesn't.
Chico: I must recuse myself for voting because I am an alumnus.
Rob: The Glee...Sierra.
Travis E: I have a friend who is a Duke almunae; 3.
Chico: Your friend is a moron. :)
Travis E: Here, Chico, let me pull that knife out of your back. The one I put there.
Chico: Et tu, Travis.
Travis E: You KNEW it was coming...
Jason B: Jessica.
Anthony: Jess.
Chico: Gordon, save me here...
Gordon: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm........nope. Jessica.
Gordon: 6-0 Jessica sweep. Goodie.
Chico: Harpy. :)
Travis E: I think someone defecated in Chico's Froot Loops.
Chico: Okay, elite eight time. First up...

Anwar vs. Mikalah.

Travis E: Anwar.
Rob: Anwar
Chico: Anwar.
Anthony: Anwar
Jason B: Anwar
Gordon: Mikalah - so it's not a sweep.
Travis E: Gordon plays...spoiler? No, that's not right...
Chico: Sadly, it is.
Gordon: Gotta stick up for the Gordon, you know - Gordon's have to stick together.
Anthony: Oh geez.
Gordon: But Anwar wins, 5-1 - Next?

Anthony vs. Nadia

Jason B: Anthony Fedorov.
Rob: Nadia.
Anthony: Anthony.
Gordon: Nadia.
Chico: Anthony. Because I feel I owe him for the opening round comment.
Anthony: its all good in the hood.
Gordon: Screw you, hippie.
Chico: Make me.
Gordon: (Anthony Advances, 3-2)
Chico: He's this year's skinny geeky white boy.
Gordon: Next!
Anthony: Whoa.
Travis E: It's Jim Verarros v4.0.

Scott vs. Mario.

Anthony: Mario.
Travis E: Scott.
Rob: Mario.
Gordon: Mario.
Chico: Mario.
Jason B: Mario.
Chico: Super Mario.
Travis E: You all are a bunch of foogers, you know that?
Gordon: What's a fooger?
Travis E: Not something nice, I assure you.
Gordon: Mario takes it, 5-1.
Chico: Growing with the badassness :) And now, a match... for the ladies...

Carrie vs. Jessica

Jason B: Carrie
Travis E: Carrie.
Rob: Jessica.
Chico: Jessica.
Travis E: <blink>
Gordon: WLTI - Eliminating everyone's favorites since 2002
Travis E: <blink blink>
Anthony: carrie
Gordon: Jessica
Gordon: Ooh - a TIE!
Chico: Tie?!
Gordon: We settle this the way we have always settled it..... Heads or tails, Chico?
Chico: Tails.
Gordon: It's......heads. You lose - which sucks, because I voted the same way you did., Carrie advances on a coin flip.
Chico: Crap.
Travis E: Wait, so who won?
Chico: Carrie moves forward.
Rob: Damn
Travis E: That was BUSH, man.
Gordon: no, if it was Bush, we'd have a dimpled chad toss up.
Rob: Enter rimshot here.
Anthony: Oil? What oil.. Iraq has oil?
Rob: So does Ryan Seacrest's hair
Chico: Okay before this becomes Crossfire (and who wants that, really)?
Anthony: hehe
Gordon: ok - Semifinals time!
Chico: It's Final Four time! From the Insert Sponsor's Name and Money Here Arena!
Jason B: From the Coca-Cola and Cingular Arena.

Anwar vs. Anthony. Vote now!

Travis E: AnWAR!
Jason B: Anwar
Anthony: Anthony! hehe.
Gordon: Anwar.
Rob: Anwar.
Chico: Anwar.
Gordon: Rojas votes for his namesake. All of the other rational people vote for Anwar.
Travis E: Haw.
Gordon: And the other semi-final?

Carrie vs. Mario

Chico: Vote now!
Anthony: Mario
Travis E: Oh, no.
Travis E: Carrie.
Gordon: Mario.
Travis E: Carrie.
Chico: Mario.
Travis E: Carrie.
Rob: Super Mario wins the day.
Chico: Travis is on power dialer.
Travis E: What a dumb nickname.
Jason B: Mario.
Travis E: Vote early, and vote oftener than the other guy. I will NOT let that poser Mario win anything.
Gordon: Well, you didn't vote oftener enough. Mario advances to the finals.
Gordon: Phooey Beans?
Travis E: Phooey beans. Part of your balanced breakfast.
Chico: So it is as it should be... the final...


Travis E: AnWAR!
Rob: Super Mario.
Chico: Anwar!
Anthony: Mario.
Travis E: I steal Rob's vote, cross it out and vote Anwar.
Gordon: Make love, not Anwar - Mario.
Jason B: Anwar
Travis E: Dammit...
Chico: My gosh. In a portent of things to come... Another tie.
Gordon: Wouldn't it be fun if we just called this a draw?
Travis E: Not a chance.
Gordon: My turn to call it.
Chico: Okey smokey. Heads or tails.
Anthony: You said Mario already.
Gordon: Heads.
Chico: It's..... Tails!
Gordon: Anwar wins!
Rob: booooooooooooooooo
Chico: *applause*
Travis E: Hooray?
Anthony: Bronx loses again.
Rob: booooooooooooooooooo.
Jason B: Nice.
Gordon: BY the way - in the coin flips, we have had 8 of them. Me and Chico have correctly of them right.
Chico: While we all count our wounds, we're going to take a break...
Rob: Sets up anwar punching bag.
Chico: Gordon, please take us to break.

(Brought to you by Kentucky Fried Tar Heels. You've got a right to Tar Heels done right, as they get fried by Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament. Yay!)

Jason B: OH man...
Chico: Says you, hater.
Gordon: 3 Guesses who created the ad =)
Mike: Also don't forget to control the SNL alum population--get your David Spade neutered.
Rob: Maybe it will be the Return of one of the best Weekend Update bits ever.
Chico: Well, before we berate each other further, a preview of coming attractions. Next week, more on GSC4 and taping info - but not the taping you may be thinking...
Gordon: So with that, we go to THE BIG FINISH! Survivor - I asked this before - is there ANY way that Ulong wins something?
Travis E: Nope.
Chico: Nope.
Rob: After this week, only a miracle.
Travis E: No chance at all. It's "The Koror Show"
Mike: The Rocky Koror Picture Show?
Travis E: Sure.
Chico: *rimshot*
Gordon: It's looking like a horror show for Ulong.
Chico: There has to be a switch somewhere.
Travis E: Not yet, still too many players.
Chico: Either switch or two people get voted.
Jason E: They have to restructure somehow.,
Chico: Anyway, Amazing Race. One of the two buddy-buddy teams (Megan/Heidi)... gone. Is the other (Brian/Greg) next?
Travis E: Don't know.
Mike: They barely won this week. They slipped from like 4th to 9th in a week. They're next on the chopping block.
Rob: Brian/Greg will be gone.
Chico: Right. Already said that Constantine was going this week, so with that, we've got all the bases covered. Nothing left but... MAIL!
Travis E: MAIL TIME!
Rob: Sweet mail.
Mike: Mail call!
Rob: Bring out the box.
Jason B: Alright...the creepy mailbox!
Chico: Gordon's found something!
Rob: Yay.
Chico: Mail coming from Sherry Mills. Thanks for writing!




Hi Guys -- This is SHERRY, the middle-aged female from Austin, Texas, that won "the South" on "UFF". I want you to know that the producers wanted me to say that I loved OLIVER STONE, and I refused, so we compromised on TOM CRUISE so that I could use my "really was born on the 4th of July" line. I wanted to say that I got all my movie knowledge by spending so much time during my teenage years at the drive-in, but they thought that wouldn't be very meaningful to the audience! I was so shocked being in the finals that I'm surprised I remembered any titles. Regards, Sherry Mills

The second UFF letter in as many shows!
Jason B:  Nice job Sherry and thanks.
Gordon: Sherry also has a website. If you want to know more about her experinces, go to
Jason B:  Well we need more letters at
Mike: If you want to send e-mail to WLTI, forget it!  Or just send it to
Chico:  Thank you, Rod! Nothing left but to thank Travis Schario for hanging out one more time! Price is Right home game... In store now. Buy!
Rob: Buy 2.
Chico:  Buy 2.
Gordon: And...Joe just signed on.
Jason B:  No way...
Travis E:  There he is.
Mike: Invite him in.  Let him say goodbye. Now the party has started
Chico:  Welcome to the party, Joe... Now say goodbye :).  Anywho, once again, thanks to the regulars, Rob, Travis, Jason, Jason, Anthony, Mike, and Joe. For Gordon, I'm Chico, and I work. Until next time...
Gordon: Game Over and out.
Jason B:  Game over!
Mike: Game over, but hopefully not for Eddie!
Chico:  Peace out!
Joe: Did I miss much?
Gordon: Just a whole show.

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