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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

July 2, 2007

Chico: My money's on the Repeating Memes.
Joe: This is worse than the Bai Ling quota
Chico: Accuracy. Which gets us to our next point.. It's time for Accuracy or Idiocy. We give you an instance, and you say whether it stands on merit (accuracy) or not (idiocy). Joining us is Ryan Vickers.
Ryan: Hello all!
Jason: Hey Ryan
Don: Hey, Ryan!
Chico: We'll start with an easy one.
Jason: Got it.
Don: Alright.

With "Let's Play Crosswords" and "Temptation" coming in the fall, and syndicated "Deal" next year, game shows are making a comeback. accuracy

Jason: Mild Accuracy.
Don: I'd say accuracy.
Chico: Explain yourself, J.
Joe: Short term accuracy. Long term........God I hope so.
Jason: The revolution is coming, but the fans need to watch. If both shows last one season...then no.
Gordon: Accuracy - but that only lasts if these new shows get the ratings.
Jason: Sounds familiar.
Chico: I'm concerned that the new guys on the block are being mired in the small two (CW & My Network TV), which are historically less watched than the other big four.
Gordon: Yes - but it will also give them a chance to foster a little bit
Jason: If they let them....Pyramid has better ratings than most of the shows that followed it.
Chico: Yep
Jason: had
Chico: hopefully stations will have learned from that.
Gordon: Next one...

We want to see more Mankira and Leonid than real acts that may not make the second round. idiocy

Chico: Idiocy! We want to see the resulting JUDGE FIGHTS! YAY!
Jason: For me personally, Idiocy.
Joe: Id-ee-oh-see
Don: Idiocy. I've seen more than enough of Leonid...
Jason: But as a whole, its ACCURACY. That is up to a point when the votes mean something. Why do you think Sanjaya lasted so damn long.
Chico: Because he has a killer fan base.
Joe: Sanjaya is a bit of an exception
Chico: He's young, he's likeable... he's Youtube fodder for a Youtube generation
Joe: We want to see the bad acts be bad acts and be treated as bad acts. Not elevate them past good acts.
Ryan: As long as they're not bad actors.
Chico: Been there, done that... Watching more of it. Next up...

There was nothing good on in June. idiocy

Jason: Idiocy. See Next Food Network Star.
Joe: Idiocy. Mythbusters, Ninja Warrior, Ani-Monday, et al :P
Jason: New stuff.
Joe: There was baseball And then there was the last week of Price
Don: Yeah, idiocy.
Ryan: Idiocy. Fort Boyard, new season, returned to my satellite dish.
Chico: ... Yeah, that was cool..
Gordon: Idiocy. There was only good stuff on cable.
Jason: Granted there was a ton of crap.
Gordon: Next one...

Out of all new shows, the one that will get the most attention is 'Without Prejudice' idiocy

Joe: I'm going to say minor idiocy. WP is definitely water cooler fodder, but GSN being more and more a third-tier cable station will probably get overrun by Big Brother
Chico: Idiocy, if only for the fact that it's on GSN, which, at a median age of 60ish, most people wouldn't give a crap about.
Ryan: Fence sitter... if only because it got a mention in my satellite guide and it NEVER mentions GSN stuff. Of course, they call it "Game show network"
Chico: Gordon and I are going to have to hound the TV Diva to get it mentioned in the local TV page.
Jason: The answer is Accuracy. It is THE show of the summer.
Chico: I can only hope so. It's on par to be the best original show GSN has ever put out. F Poker.. F Whammy...  F Russian Roulette... This is the new king.
Don: I definitely would like to see it be accuracy.
Joe: Agreed, and it's not like the folks at GSN aren't trying.
Chico: Okay, next up...

"The Next Best Thing" is the best show that we don't talk about. accuracy

Joe: Idiocy: we just talked about it. :P
Jason: I am going to say accuracy.
Joe: But truly accuracy
Don: I haven't seen it yet.
Chico: Watched it at work the other day. It's pretty good stuff... Picture the bad impersonations on Talent... only better.
Joe: It's great light entertainment that knows it's light entertainment.
Gordon: Idiocy. The best show we don't talk about is Top Chef 3.
Joe: But we've talked about it before. NBT didn't even make it to Push or Flush.
Chico: Yeah, you see, there are some shows that fly below the radar.
Gordon: I'm sorry. I don't find it good compelling TV. I hated it when it came in the form of 'Performing As'. I don't find it as bad, but it's definitely not the best show we don't talk about. Next one...
Chico: Point taken. But fun is fun, in all seriousness...

It's only time until Paris Hilton will HOST a Reality Game Show. accuracy

Jason: That, sadly, is a guaranteed accuracy. And it will be a hit.
Chico: Sad, but true.
Don: I don't find that idea hot at all. But unfortunately, these days, it wouldn't surprise me. Accuracy.
Joe: It is accuracy. It won't be soon, but give it 5 years and maybe.
Ryan: Please do not hold it against me that I own the first three The Simple Life seasons on DVD. I beg of you.
Jason: I don't.
Chico: Me neither.
Gordon: Kathy Hilton hosted one. Paris will be next. Ick.,
Chico: And then the second coming... We're all doomed. And that's the last time I make a comment on that, lest my connection be smote. Meanwhile, it's time for a break.
Gordon: Coming up next, a game that half of us will be playing anew. And that's accurate.
Chico: Don't be an idiot. Come on back.

(Brought to you by the New York Yankees of New York, the New Yorkiest New York-based baseball team in all of New York.... New York.)



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