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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

July 2, 2007

Chico: As opposed to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
Jason: We love you, JVG,
Chico: And the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles.
Joe: And the New York Football Giants of North Jersey
Chico: Sports is crazy.
Don: No kidding...
Chico: We are crazier. Welcome back.
Joe: Walk-off catcher's interference==huh?
Gordon: Sometimes you have to wonder what those teams were thinking. And now you get to answer the question. You can be nice...but I'm guessing you're not going to be.
Jason: The term walk off is well as the pitch count.
Gordon: Let's start with...

Dave Ryan, once he just spent over $19,000 to buy Bob Barker's microphone.

Chico: He's thinking... He who controls the mic... controls the Pricewatch.
Joe: Chicks
Chico: Actually, he's thinking what we're all thinking... Owning a piece of Bob Barker.
Joe: "Chicks dig long microphones"
Jason: And If I could do it...I would have done it too. He thinks he's cool...and he is.
Don: "Hey, the money is going to a good charity... And if it still works, that's a bonus!"
Gordon: 'Hey, Bob Barker had women trying to get at his long shaft, why can't it happen to me too?'
Jason: Hey-yo!
Chico: There goes our PG rating ... again
Gordon: Next up...

The man who dressed up like a Giant Hand on America's Got Talent, only to be called an 'Absurd Human Being' by Piers.

Joe: "Yay, I got attention!"
Ryan: "Hand's across America"
Chico: "I was called a human!"
Jason: "I am the ultimate hand job"
Joe: There goes our PG rating...again
Don: "If this doesn't get me to Vegas, I don't know what will!"
Chico: It's just me and ... well, me tonight.
Gordon: "Next year, I'll swivel my hips...hard."
Chico: NEXT!
Gordon: Thank you, Chico the Pink. Next one...

Stephanie Wombach, after leaving $500,000 on the table on 5th Grader.

Chico: "I played the violin. I should've known this... God my music teacher's going to kill me."
Joe: "What's half a mil between friends? ^^; "
Jason: "Everytime I hear Vivaldi, I am going to pull what little hair is left in my head." Besides, Beethoven is better anyway.
Chico: "Hmm.. Either walk with half a mill, or appear on a web-based radio show with a bald guy and the Gerber baby."
Don: "I can't believe I passed up a question that 5th-graders would know..."
Ryan: "I feel that everyone at this moment is playing the world's tiniest violin in my direction"
Gordon: I could take my violins at home and pull an ACDC and smash them all over the stage." Next one...

Tim Vincent, after his week of hosting on Millionaire

Joe: "better than talking about Paris Hilton 24 hours a day at my other job".
Chico: "I have that much more respect for Meredith as a journalist now."
Jason: I am better than BIlly Bush as a host. And I can kick his ass.
Gordon: "I wonder if this means that I;m eligible for the next edition of Game Show Marathon"
Ryan: "Sorry, why didn't I get the Chain Reaction job?"
Joe: "Chris Tarrant can kiss my a..."
Chico: There goes our PG rating ... again
Gordon: lol.
Don: "Dylan Lane can have Chain Reaction. I got to give away more money than that show could in a week!"
Chico: "Heh... I sat in the hot seat... Suck it, Lane."
Gordon: There goes our PG rating ... again
Chico: Apparently we like Tim more than the opening round let on.
Gordon: Next one...

As we watch the repeats of 1 vs. 100, we see Annie Duke, who has set a record that she probably don't want - she's the only person who's been on a game show at least 4 times who has won nothing. What's going through her mind?

Don: "Maybe I should stick with poker."
Joe: "I should stick to my day job........gambling"
Chico: "... God I hope Phil Hellmuth doesn't show up."
Jason: Who cares? I still play poker.
Ryan: Well, at least I'm not on a Fox Reality show.
Joe: "I still have more balls than Howard"
Chico: There goes our PG rating ... again
Gordon: "At Least I got paid for Annie Duke Vs. The World"
Joe: "Chris Rose needs to host one of these shows"
Gordon: Last one...

Leonid the Magnificent. He HAS to be in here. Have fun.

Joe: Wait, he thinks?
Chico: "HELLO EVERYBODY! I walk b(^_^)es!"
Jason: I want to Hassel the Hoff.
Don: "I don't care how many times I have to do this. I want that money, even if it means making a fool of myself many times!"
Joe: "I hope Piers is feeling better after last night"
Gordon: "Forget The Hoff. Who's that Man-kira guy and what's his number?"
Chico: Only in America, eh?
Joe : I thought I'd never see the day when both Man-kira and Man-Faye were both on my television.
Chico: He's not on the second season of Superhero, isn't he?
Joe: God, I hope not
Chico: Me, too.. Okay, that's a look inside six brains. Now a look in a crystal ball. Big Finish is next!

(Brought to you by Mark Consuelo's House of Pussy...cats. We have the finest in both cougars and kittens. Meow.)

Chico: Rrowr. Okay, programming notes. MTV has a new quiz show hoodFab debuting Monday. That same night, a double shot of Camouflage. The new word game on
GSN. Should be fun.
Jason: Roger Lodge back on the air...outside of Jim Rome.
Joe: He's decent on Rome
Chico: Roger Lodge... underrated.
Gordon: Roger, unfortunately, has been hurt by the shows. Hopefully, this will be solid.
Chico: Let's hope so.
Joe: Looks solid. Alex Davis likes it
Chico: Okay. Big finish time! Not much time left.... So... will any of June's show get better?
Joe: Uh, no
Jason: Nope.
Gordon: No. Fortunately July is...oh, it's here. Will we finally get a good show this Summer in July, or will we be waiting until August?
Jason: Without Prejudice. Mark MY words.  Said it months ago.
Joe: If Camouflage or Without Prejudice isn't good, we're all doomed
Chico: What Joe said.
Don: Indeed.
Chico: I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that Big Brother, which also premieres Thursday.. is cheesy garbage.
Jason: But it could be good cheese...and we could get hot monkey love.
Chico: If you have Showtime.
Gordon: I think World Series of Pop Culture 2 will also deliver the goods
Jason: I forgot about that one too.
Gordon: July 4th - Does Kobayashi finally fall to Joey Chestnut?
Chico: Yes.
Jason: Yes. His Jaw will not be 100%
Joe: The real question is will Kobayashi show up?
Chico: Jaw-thritis is a career killer. I don't think he's going to show up.
Jason: This is a legit injury.
Joe: I don't think I'm going to be able to give you the top three again, though
Gordon: Running out of time, we have a quick email from Andrew Elfe. Thanks Andrew!

From: Andrew Elfe

The media recently said that Drew Carey is in the running to be the new host for The Price is Right. I think J.D. Roth would make a great host even the media has not mentioned him as a contender. He's ten years younger than Drew Carey so if they want a younger host they should give it to J.D. Roth. What's your opinion?

Chico: I'll have to respectfully disagree.
Joe: JD Roth has his own production company, doesn't he?
Chico: 3Ball Productions. JD Roth seems a little more focused on being too cool for this world to relate to contestants several pegs lower than he is. Yep.
Gordon : I think J.D. is an excellent host. But in this show, you also need the improv skills, and JD doesn't have that.
Jason: His adult hosting was in Unanimous. Not good stuff.
Joe: Then this question is irrelevant because I don't think Fremantle will let someone with a rival company host
Chico: you forgot, and I can't believe I'm going to say this... SexWars. Fifty... Damn... Dollars.
Jason: Yeah...that's why I forgot it.
Joe: Also, neither JD or Carey are very qualified, imo.
Chico: I said it before. Drew Carey is qualified, but TPIR is a large job.
Gordon: I actually think Carey could do a very good job on it
Joe: I think Carey's name was thrown in because he's relevant for the time being
Chico: We'll see how relevant he is come August. Meanwhile it's time to call it a night. And we'll do so with an announcement.
Jason: Oh?
Chico: Now there are TWO ways you can get a hold of WLTI..
Don: Ooh!
Chico: First up, our e-mail address at You know that. ALSO... If you're on the MySpace... We now have our own small but growing portal there! Just head to
Gordon: yay!
Joe: Looks like we're getting a hang of this internet stuff
Don: Cool!
Chico: Please be our friend.
Jason: I am a friend.
Joe: Next thing you know, we'll have those podcast doohickeys
Chico: On there, you'll find quick hits and all the stuff a bit too cheesy to fit into our regular shows.
Gordon: ooooh
Chico: And with that, I'm taking these guys out for some quesadillas. Big thanks to Don Harpwood, Jason Block, Joe Mello, and Ryan Vickers...
Joe: make mine chicken
Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, wishing everyone to Spread the Love!
Jason: and GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chico: And happy (respective day of independence here). Keep it true... Keep it safe... Stay classy.


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