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Previous Episodes (Season 33)
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Episode 33.5 - Murder
July 1

Chico: Didn't they make the Zom-Bachelor into a movie?
Gordon: They should have, if they haven't.
Chico: Zombie roaming an airport and falls in love with the living. Ought to Redbox that.
Gordon: Welcome back to the show.
Chico: Thanks for being a part of our week and allowing out week to be a part of you.
Gordon: Now we can do a Higher / Lower on the number of Zombies Chico has bedded, but I think we have more fun topics to discuss, don't we?
Chico: We do. The number by the way... still zero. First off...

Figure It Out is back. Over two million have seen it. That's a good thing. But is it good enough for a renewal? Higher or lower than 50%?

Gordon: Unfortunately, lower. The problem I have here is that if you pull it from the schedule and bring it back, that's not a good sign. Neither is it that NICK's ratings across the board are down and they may want the dreaded new direction on the shows.
Chico: That and it's clearly a summer show.
Gordon: Very much so
Chico: It did well in the summer. You put it in the fall and then pull it only to put it back on the summer and have it do well again. Just saying. Next?
Gordon: Next one...

It's Murrrderrrr on Whodunnit. 6 people have been accused of being the killer. What's the higher / lower on the number of people getting it right during the course of the show? Higher or lower than....5.

Chico: I'm going to go lower just a teensy bit. We're way too early in the who am I phase to be accusing anyone. If you remember week 1, the person who "pleased the Killer most" accused Adrianna. What happened week 2? Boom goes the dynamite. Literally. But these are smart people. They're going to figure it out eventually.
Gordon: I'm going lower by a lot, because I have 2 thoughts on who the killer is and neither of them have been picked by anyone.
Chico: You reckon they're flying under the radar?
Gordon: I think they are doing enough to help eliminate people. Who's your guess?
Chico: No one even suspects Cris. I would have to strongly suspect Cris if only for her resume. Former beauty queen... lives in Southern California within the 30 mile zone.
Gordon: Cris has been accused. I'm going with another blonde - Lindsay. Here's the one thing she has in common in both episodes - she was hanging out with Dontae (dead) and Adrianna (dead) when it came to the clue finding and neither of them survived the episode.
Chico: Muy interesante senor. Cant wait to see who drops dead next show. Next...

Of all the chefs on HK, Mary is... not a chef. She is a butcher. But she's playing like a chef. How far does she go. With round of 2 being high and round of 5 being low, go higher or lower than... 3.5

Gordon: Lower. I see her on...the chopping block.
Chico: I think this is where we'll agree to disagree here. Who's left... Susan. Jon. Ja'nel. Mary. And Cyndi. I think Susan and Cyndi go before she does. Higher by yea much. But were both in agreement. She doesn't go all the way.
Gordon: I don't think so. Next one...

We say this every season. Number of Million Dollar winners on the syndie shows. We got one this year. Are we getting another one next season? Higher or lower than..0.5

Chico: Higher. One. Jeopardy!. Probably.
Gordon: I'm going to go on the same track but a different train. How do you make a splash on Millionaire? Get a champion.
Chico: This is the real test of Cedric's hosting chops
Gordon: It is. next one?
Chico: Next...

Ninja Warrior is back. We know no one will finish the course. At least we think no one will finish. Who will see stage 4? Higher or lower than 0.5?

Gordon: Lower. Stage 4 is easy. No one's getting past the finger ledge.
Chico: Brent Steffensen called, he wants his pride back.
Gordon: (looks around) not here.
Chico: He did pass the Ultimate Cliffhanger last year. I think he finishes the job but doesn't climb up the tower. Higher
Gordon: Last one...

We are watching the family friendly episodes this week on LMAD and TPIR, What's the number of TV shows with 'Kids Only' episodes we're going to see next season? Higher or lower than...4.

Chico: Okay so those two. Then price and deal. And I think Feud sneaks one in there as well. So higher
Gordon: Price, Deal and Jep make 3. You need to get Feud or Millionaire or WOF to convert. I don't think they will, so lower.
Chico: So we're not counting Figure It Out and Family Game Night
Gordon: No
Chico: Oh so lower then.
Gordon: And that's higher / lower. We'll have more gaming fun for you after this!

(Brought to you by Back Nine Golf Carts. Makers of the safest, most reliable, most fool proof... *explosion* .. Uhh.... Never mind.)

Gordon: Adrianna can see her house from there.
Chico: And this just in, we've lost Back Nine Golf Carts as a sponsor.
Gordon: Aw.
Chico: But we do have Pass the Password, so.. There's something.
Gordon: It is. I'll start with this.

The Memory Game is coming July 15th. The Password is...

Chico: Garagiola. No...
Gordon: The Password is Geekery. You need to be a total and complete geek to get into this show. Which is why Chico will be glued to the set.
Chico: I will. The password is simple. No seriously. It's "simple" . Science looks like its keeping things as barebones as possible with its next project.
Gordon: Next one?
Chico: Next one

We see this every year. Big Brother contestants looking like the people that they aren't. Chalk it up to editing. People want to see more of the ugly. The password is...

Gordon: The Password is Transparency. It doesn't matter what the TV people do. The website is where we're getting this think and juicy into - and it could be the reason why this so far is the lowest rated Big Brother ever.
Chico: The password is sunshine. Nobody likes these cats. We have nothing to lose, nothing to gain, we might as well see everything.
Gordon: CBS has a lot to lose - which is me changing the channel.
Chico: You and everyone else. Honestly, No one is fit to shine Ian Terry's glasses.
Gordon: Too early to tell that yet. Ian Terry was almost the first person out the door last season.
Chico: But we all rallied behind him. He was one of us.
Gordon: Lots of the Summer left for this to play out, but not getting off on the right foot. Next one...

Eralyn's performance of Zombie Skin on America's Got Talent. The Password is...

Chico: Scary. Scary good. Scary loud. Scary.
Gordon: The Password is...enthralling. I want more of this. Or maybe it's just that I'm not in love with anything else on the show so far.
Chico: Put me down for one of each.
Gordon: Next one?
Chico: If she does Lithium by Nirvana, it's over. Next...

72 Hours and Race to the Scene are BOTH on the move. 72 Hours goes to Friday night. Race goes to Friday MORNING. The password is...

Gordon: The Password is...roadkill

Chico: The password is burnoff. Enough said.
Gordon: Tastes like chicken. Next one...

American Idol Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard is one of the contestants on The Biggest Loser. The Password is...

Chico: Needed. As in he needed to do this ten years ago. When we were all begging him to do it
Gordon: The Password is...Helarctos
Chico: Bless you
Gordon: That is the other name of the Sun Bear, which is the smallest species of bear in the world. Because the velvet teddy bear is going to get a lot smaller.
Chico: Very cool. At least get to Luther Vandross circa 1998 size. The smaller the better.
Gordon: See kids? You learn things on this show. Last one?
Chico: Last one

The Chase is on for a second season one month before the first one airs. The password is...

Gordon: The password is...gamble. They are really hoping the show doesn't tank like the ends of Pyramid or 1 vs. 100. I do think it will be as advertised though.
Chico: The password is Confidence. No show in GSN's history, I think it's 15 years now, has been given this vote of confidence or this much push. Not Baggage. Not Lingo. Not minute to Win It. The Newlywed Game was given a sweetheart deal of a two-season renewal but that was AFTER it established itself.
Gordon: Well it's a fantastic show - and it's one of our favorites. So let's hope they don't putz with it.
Chico: I'm hearing nothing but good things from those who were there. Now if only TV critics would follow in kind.
Gordon: And us, as well. We'll find out in August. Right now, here's a product you could buy in July.

(Brought to you by GSNN's GSAT's (Game Show Acceptance Tests) We give you standard game show entrance exams for you to test your knowledge when preparing for the real thing. Only $69 and available at your local Game Show Supply Shop.)

Chico: Look for the two cartoon caricatures of us on the cover.
Gordon: We also do Speed Rounds, which start...now! Murder - who's next?
Chico: The Blonde hanging around with the other two deceased. Shes BEGGING for it.
Gordon: If she's the killer, she's not going to have a problem. People in alliances will be safe. Don isn't in an alliance. I think he could be puppy chow next.
Chico: Munch munch. Big Brother. Failing a.meteor striking the house... who will have the dubious honor of sitting with Julie on the loser couch first?
Gordon: Elissa hangs out with Julie - though I wouldn't mind the killer sneaking into the Big Brother house. Or a meteor pulverizes the house. Could be fun TV. Chico: I'm rooting for the meteor.
Gordon: Heh. Hell's Kitchen - who's out?
Chico: Susan gets killed by the killer. The killer cooking, that is.
Gordon: The food is to die for
Chico: AGT... we've seen two potential finalists. Have we seen a third?
Gordon: Nope Did you see one?
Chico: Military Spouses Chorus and the Gospel dealie from the last week. The third is Eralyn. That's three. That's a yes from me.
Gordon: Eralyn bows out in Round 1. Jeopardy!: have we any hope of another streaker before the season ends?
Chico: No. Because I think Jeopardy contestants must have clothes. Any email?
Gordon: None here. But big ups to Jeff Sutphen for retweeting the FIO ratings we posted. Follow him on the YouTwitFace @thousand3eighty.
Chico: While you're there, follow US @wltiongsnn
Gordon: And thats it for the show. Special thanks to no one in parcitular, since it's just Chico and me this week,
Chico: ... so alone... so lonely... *snuffle* But I betcha if we ask real nice we'll find out if anyone will join us for the NEXT edition of We Love to Interrupt.
Gordon: We're not telling
Chico: You'll just have to tune in and see. Until then... for Gordon and everyone at GSNN ive been Chico Alexander. Game over and spread the love. Happy Birthday, America!
Gordon: (waves flag)