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Labor (Union) Day
September 7

I hope everyone out there enjoyed their break - or the people who had the break. There's not much relaxation in the television world right now, with the new season days from really getting into high gear. There's also not much rest in the Labor Unions, as October 31st, the date where their agreements with the television studios expire, is only weeks away. Instead of making a laundry list of all of the stuff that has happened (as I'll be here all year if I did that), here is a list of what to expect both groups to do.

1. Expect the Labor Group to go after a show that is not Unionized. Last year, they went after Top Model. This year, they have already gone after Temptation, and I do not expect it to stop there.

2. Expect the shows attacked to accuse the Union of wanting a piece of their profit pie and of unfair negotiations.

3. Expect a LOT of trash talking in October, with both sides threatening action against the other. You remember the Baseball Player's Union Vs. Owners war of words in the media? Well, we're going to get the entertainment version of that in the trades, with both groups battling for the hearts of the people.

4. Expect this to get ugly, and expect this to be long. The Writer's Guild has over 12 million dollars stashed up for the striking Unioners to live off of, and they feel that it will be enough to get them through this - 'this' meaning that the studios will concede to the Union's demands when the ratings go down the toilet due to the audience's favorite programming going away.

5. Most importantly, if the strike happens, then many shows will stop production, so the networks will need to put something on the air. Said something? Cheap programming, which will probably be game shows. Expect the networks to stockpile shows not affected by the labor disagreement (which is game shows and reality shows) and expect super-sized episodes of shows on the way.

So as you are taking a break from labor, keep in mind that we at GSNN will be here to let you know when - or if - the labor unions will break.

Of course, we will never break from giving you hints on how to beat the games. Here's 3 more Price is Right pricing games...

Swap Meet - Try to find equivalents in terms of cost. If the item that you have looks inexpensive, then try to find the cheapest looking price. Conversely, if what you have looks nice, then try to find the most expensive thing there.

Switch? - Instead of worrying about if you should switch or not, try to figure out which item is more expensive. Is the more expensive price on what you believe is the most expensive item? If so, then leave it alone. If not, then switch them.

Switcheroo - Everyone tries to go for the car first. What you should really be doing is figuring out the small items first and then go for the car, If you can figure out which ones you know are right, then you can switch intelligently in your second chance instead of haphazardly placing the squares in the slots.

You can't spell "union" without Gordon Pepper... Okay, so you can, but he'd still like to hear from you at